That Moment

He watched her from the moment
He first saw her
Wishing, hoping
If his love would always
Be unrequited
And when she kissed him shyly
With grace of a dancer
He poured all of his heart into that moment

In Love

She's the Juliet
He's the Romeo
They say opposites attract
But there's nowhere else to go
She runs
She hides
To get away
From the boy she once loved
He hits
She screams
In terrifying agony
And her Romeo comes to the rescue
She's safe in his arms
The fire melting his icy walls
The intensity
The passion
Of lovers
In love

A/N: Just a few poems I wrote ages ago and thought to post here to see if you all like it. I think you can pretty much tell the ship I'm trying to describe, eh? )

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Sigh.