Chapter 1 The Murder and the Escape

At this day and age where every Child's mind was no longer innocent. And no one thought right and all you heard about was death, and the world seemed gray to most. They're the times that a young girl by the name of Sakura lived in, she didn't know of how bad it was because she was protected from all of the odd bad things that went on around her. Her wealthy father was the main source of this unusual protection, bodyguards, alarms, and lasers, traps set.

Sakura-chan looked out of her window at the beautiful sight ahead; she could never tire of this view. It was the only thing that held her beautiful sea-foam green eyes gaze for a long time; she admired the garden in front of her home. The flowers were all different metallic colors and she thought it to be the most beautiful of sights.

She rested her chin on the palm of her hand, and sighed, she was missing something…

Uchiha Sasuke, the leader of the infamous gang, Ikatsui. The Ikatsui gang was a gang that didn't care if they spilled innocent blood. They were bloodthirsty and could careless for what happened to the people around them.

"Uchiha-sama…The Ketsueki gang killed Goro (name means fifth child, yes I randomly searched it XD) Sasuke turned to the man looking at him with cold, onyx eyes, he didn't seem to care at all.

The man backed away from his glare, with fear that he might kill him for interrupting what was going on in his head. Sasuke saw his fear and smirked, his fear was funny to him, the man thought sickeningly. Sasuke pulled his gun on the man before him (yes a gun . ) and aimed it at his heart. The man closed his eyes waiting his unnecessary death.

Sasuke put his finger on the trigger delicately, and right before he pushed down on it he muttered "Pathetic…"and there was a loud crack, as the man fell face forward on the ground.

A blonde stepped in the room and grimaced at the sight of the corpse on the ground. Other than the smell of blood the blonde didn't seem too fazed at all by the fact that his friend had killed someone. He stepped over the body carelessly and went over to his friend.

"Sasuke…don't you think you over did it a bit?" Sasuke turned to him smirking, "not at all, Naruto" The blonde grimaced at the blood again, "you could have done it cleaner, you know?"

Sakura had been planning her escape for weeks and weeks, and now she had the chance to do it! Her father was on a business trip and her mother…well to make it short…she had no mother. Sakura was so surprised that her father had left her alone, he had never left her for a long time and she almost jumped for joy when he told her. "Tonight…Haruno Sakura has her freedom!" "YES! FREE AT LAST!" Inner Sakura beamed.

She got to work making an escape, her plan was to make a rope out of her sheets and climb out her window. She wanted to avoid the guards. She finished making her makeshift (can you call it that?) of sheets and threw it out the window.

When she got halfway down the rope, she slipped and fell to the ground on her ass. "Well that wasn't graceful…Oh no the guards!" She got up and started sprinting towards the woods just outside her house.

"Yeah...? Oh well, he's dead now isn't he?" Naruto looked down at the body, "So…who was that before you mutilated him?" Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and blew at the smoke coming out his 42 (I think that's a gun name, gun people don't be mad at me, if I got that name wrong . ) "So what village are we going to torment today, Sasuke?"

Sasuke looked at the letter on his table, they were supposed to catch some bitch named Sakura. He looked at the pretty photo of her; she was very pretty he thought to himself. Her hair was an unusual color, a light pink, and all the things he saw intrigued him. But her eyes were what caught his gaze. They were a sea-foam green and the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

The blonde waved his hand in front of Sasuke's face, trying to bring him out of his trance. Sasuke looked up and glared at his friend, "When you stop staring at that picture of that girl, can you tell me what the plan is so we can get her." Naruto smirked at his friend. Sasuke for a second blushed and turned to Naruto, "she lives in some mansion outside of town, and her father is some rich bastard. So were're going to kidnap her and get a ransom from him, most likely after we are going to kill her." 'To bad' Naruto thought to himself looking at the young girl in the picture.

"How are we going to get her, doesn't her father protect her with guards and shit, it's a death trap." Naruto looked worried which was unusual to Sasuke. "Were're going to sneak in through the woods…the guards wont know what hit them. And as for the traps and shit, I have it covered." He grinned mysteriously.

Sakura ran until she reached a clearing in the woods, she stopped and took a deep breath.

"And who is this?" She heard a feminine voice say behind her, Sakura turned around and saw nothing, then just as she was about to walk away an arrow was shot at her. She surprised herself and jumped out of the way before it hit her, she looked at the arrow at her feet. "Who is there?" She called out in a not to steady voice.

Naruhiko watched as the girl called Sakura ran away, he smiled to himself and didn't tell anyone who asked where she had gone. He was in the gang known as Ikatsui; he was a spy and someone to turn off the traps for when they came to snatch the girl. It looked like they didn't need that anymore, the dumb girl had taken off making it much easier to get her.

When the coast was clear he made his way to the gang's hideout, to let his boss know what happened. This would be good news for them.