Chapter 3


" Haruno Sakura?" Sasuke stood behind the two girls; a blonde was with him. (I'm ending Taisuki; no one liked that uh…part) A chill raced up Ino's spine, she knew that voice…the leader of the Ikatsui! What did they want with Sakura-Chan? She didn't want to wait to find out. "Sakura-Chan! Hide!" Sakura looked at her friend, wondering what the big deal was. She ran out of the clearing, and hid in the woods behind some trees.

Sakura peeked out at the group, (yes I know she couldn't have possibly chose a worse place to hide) Ino stared at the pair confidently. "What do you want with Sakura-Chan!" She said bravely, but you could still see that she was afraid. Ino stuck up her fists, getting ready to fight.

"Ah…our ex-member Yamanaka Ino." Sasuke smirked at her; she had the biggest crush on him when she had joined the gang. Then she quit because she found someone else, even though she was one of their best fighters. Ino to Sakura, looked fierce.

Ino charged at them, Naruto smirked and went at her. Ino punched him in the face, to start it off, before he could do anything. Naruto swung up his fist and hit her in the stomach. She hit him back in the jaw; she smirked when she saw blood trickle down his chin. "Naruto! Stop playing around and finish her." In an instant, Ino was dodging and taking swings from Naruto, getting smacked around. Ino tried her best to dodge and get hits in. (I hope this sounds somewhat like a fight…heheheh)

Ino had enough of the brutal beating and landed on the ground, bruises and cuts all over her body. Someone, not mentioning whom, pulled a knife (it's a certain guy with blonde hair) during the fight.

Naruto was breathing hard, a knife still held loosely in his hand. He turned and waited for further instruction from Sasuke. "Now to get Haruno-Chan…" Sasuke said softly.

Sakura saw Ino on the ground, that guy had taken her down so easily. She saw as Sasuke headed in her direction; not wanting to stay around, Sakura started to make a sprint for her house. At least she thought to herself she would be safe there.

Itachi watched all of this from a tree, the shadow from the braches kept him hidden from veiw. His brother wanted that Haruno girl, he watched as she ran back to her home, he wanted her too; whatever he wanted he got.

He jumped from tree to tree, easily following the girl.

Sasuke and Naruto followed her, Sasuke smirked when they got close enough that they could touch her. Right before Naruto made a grab at her; the leader of the rival gang grabbed her. "Itachi…" Sasuke said in a low, dark voice as he pulled out his gun. "Little brother, so nice to see you." Itachi smirked. Sasuke shot at Itachi missing, as Itachi dodged jumping from tree to tree making his escape.

Sasuke chased after him, shooting at him whenever he caught sight of him. Sasuke's gun ran out of bullets soon, and Sasuke tossed it aside still chasing Itachi. It wasn't long after that when Sasuke lost him. He stopped and looked around, Itachi was gone.

Sasuke growled angry with his brother for taking his target. He swore secretly that he would get the cherry blossom back soon.

That was Itachi's plan; it was to get Sasuke to take his challenge. He looked down at the squirming girl in his arms. Her features were unique to him, her pink hair and her emerald eyes. They had taken him aback at first, but he thought now that everything about her beautiful and unique.

He put her down, turning her around facing him. He cupped her chin with his for finger and thumb, and stared into her beautiful eyes. He smirked at the surprised look in her eyes; she pulled her chin from him and backed away.

He walked towards her calmly. "Back off Itachi! Don't put your hands on her bastard!" Said an all to familiar voice, Sasuke jumped out of a tree and stood in front of Sakura 'what's up with these people and trees!' shouted inner Sakura. Sakura backed away from him and ran the other way. She ran into Naruto, who smirked and held her there till his boss was done with his brother.

Sakura tried to fight off Naruto; she kicked and squealed, trying to make him let go of her. "God dammit, girl." He frowned down at her. He pulled out a cloth and put some stuff on it and he it held over her nose and mouth. She chocked and tried to get it away from her, for all she knew he was trying to kill her. She passed out soon after; he picked her up and carried her bridle style.

(Yeah sorry this is short too, but I think it is a little better than my last chapter. There's more action I think, and they have her now. )

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