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A dark figure floated in glass tube, surrounded by greenish liquid. The eyes of the figure were closed as many scientists were swarming around it. Many voices were heard as each scientist made comments and remarks about their discovery. They had found the fourth experiment of Professor Gerald Robotnik. One that no one but he and his staff knew about. No one, until a group of scientists found the capsule on the beach. But now, in a ship that drifted around Earth, even though the figure was in suspended animation, it somehow heard the bits of conversations in its dreams.


"... Might make a perfect specimen to study."

Specimen? Who is that of which they speak? I can only see blurs and dark images. Who are they? Who am I?

"A great project the Professor made." "Yes true true!"

Who are these voices? Why can't I move?

"She will make a good weapon for the new Professor."

Weapon... WEAPON? I. Am. No. WEAPON! Not to anyone!


The lights flickered on and off rapidly as the voices ceased. The scientists muttered nervously and one of them hit the switch bring the figure out of suspended animation. He backed away just in time to see the capsule exploded, sending glass everywhere. The scientists protected themselves the best they could do as they were showered on by glass. The green liquid splashed onto the floor, splattering their feet.

"It's awake!" a scientist cried as they all stared at the form that was now standing on the remains of the shattered capsule. Their eyes met those of ruby.

"Who am I?" the form asked, its voice cold and threatening. It glared daggers at the scientists. The lead scientist, one with brown hair and blue eyes, stepped forward.

"Your name is... Nightshade." the scientist said with a broad grin.


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