"When Evil Loves Stupidity."

Disclaimer: I am not Maxwell Atoms; you dig? But I do own this cruddy poem so read and enjoy.

Love is sorrow.

Love is pain.

Love is something that I never wished to gain.

I want to hate again...

I want to feel nothing but hatred.

To be cold, unfeeling.

That's route for me to feel nothing.

To be alone.

That's impossible now.

You see when evil loves stupidity...

Things start to go insane.

When you're the evil one and he's stupidity-

Nothing will ever be the same.

"Nothing will ever be the same, again." Mandy told herself, as she was looking up at the sparkling night sky, lost in thoughts. Just thoughts and emotions filled her mind She may never tell him the truth; she knows that. Life as she knows it, will never be the same.

'I want to feel emptiness that's all I want to feel.' Her thoughts are going to be this way for a while until she tells him, and who knows in what way he would react to this. So for now and just for now she will be alone with the way she feels.

The End.

A/N: I hate this! The poem was lousy! The emotional details sucked on ice! I am in a bad mood if you can't tell. I have had no sleep in three days and it's driving me nuts! I still think this story/poem sucks so flame me for all I care. I am going to sleep I hope, oh yea if you're reading do me a favor and review. And happy 2006!

-The Night Writer.