Abby's jelusy

This story starts in the Oakey Oaks school. They were in the Gym, playing Dodgeball again. Soon a girl moved and she was meeting the teachers. The day she goes to school is Tomorow which is Wednesday.Chicken Little, Runt, and Fish didn't noticed her but Abby did.

Abby:That new girl looks fimilar

chicken Little:What new girl?

Abby: That new girl.

Chicken Little:oh yeah. Bye.

Abby: (stares at chicken Little)

Chicken Little:what?

Abby:Do you know she could be popular and join Foxy and Goosey.

Chicken Little:What makes you think that?

Abby:She looks popular.

Chicken Little:It doesn't mean she is popular.

Abby:your right.

chicken Little: Are you just gonn stand there and look at her.

Abby: no.

Chicken Little: Then come on.


They started to play some more.Then its time to go home.

Abby:(stoped and look at the girl)

Chicken Little:Abby she's not popular.

Abby:How do you know?

Chicken Little: Cause i found her file.

Abby:what did it say?

Runt:Hi guys.


Abby and Chicken Little:Hi.

Runt:Whats that?

Chicken Little: that new girl's file.

Runt: that sweet girl.

Chicken Little: yes...huh?

Runt:I met her during class.

Abby:What did she do?

Runt:She gave me her money for lunch when i ran out of money.

Chicken Little:see?

Abby:Your right.

To be continued