Chapter 2 Kerri

Chicken Little, Abby, Runt, and fish saw Kerri walking.

Abby:there she is.

Chicken Little:yeah (flirting)

Abby:hey i'm the girl for you. Get over here!

Chicken Little:huh? Oh right.( goes where Runt, Fish, and Abby is)

Then Kerri disappered.

Abby:Where did she go.

Runt:She went home.

Abby:How do you know that?

Runt:there she is (point at Kerri which she is walking on the sidewalk.)

Kerri is this awsome cat that is black but she is not a bad luck cat. she wears and awsome pink dress. and pink shoes.She wears a pony tail.

With Kerri

Her mom Lily:Kerri dear whats wrong (kerri looks sad to her)

Kerri:nothing. I'm nervise about school what if everyone hates me.

Her mom Lily:you don't know that. You could have friends.

Her dad Tuck:I'm home.


Her dad Tuck:Hey Kare bear.

Kerri: (lol)

Her dad Tuck:Are you excited going to school tomorrow.


Her dad Tuck:Well go to bed its past your bed time.


Her dad Tuck:yes

Kerri:ok. (sleeps)

To be continued