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Note: Demons and the such do exist in this Fic.

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A Dark Past

Chapter One: This is my Life


Prison; that's what this place is called - an insane asylum center; a home for those weirdoes, the crazies.

He wasn't crazy.

People said he was, but that only showed how much they knew, now didn't it?

He really couldn't blame people for assuming he had lost his mind. No one knew what happened to him those few months ago. Nor would they ever know.

No one would ever know of his past, either, or why he changed so much from the person that he once was. No one ever would. It wasn't their business, and it would never be.

The silver-haired boy looked out the window that was in his room – the only window that was in his room. It was the only thing he had that allowed him to peak out into the world. In a way, it was a false sign of freedom.

He could see that the sun was pretty high up. It was probably around nine or something. Soon those buffoons would come and try to help' him.

'Keh!' If he wanted help' wouldn't he have just come out and told them so?

'Don't answer that,' he told himself.

The boy sighed. Trying to find something to entertain himself until his morning meal came, he examined his claws - the thing that had turned all the girls on years ago.

Yes, he had stalkers. Crazy girls - very crazy. They belonged in here, not him. He wasn't half as crazy as them. Scratch that, he wasn't at all crazy compared to them.

His ears twitched as they picked up a sound. Someone was coming. He sniffed curiously, wondering who it could be.

It was just Miroku, his personal nurse.

There was a clinking of shuffling keys before Inuyasha heard a click' and the door slowly creaked open.

"Good morning, InuYasha! How was your night? Sleep well?"

'Keh!' How can he be so cheerful at such a gloomy place so early in the morning?

The hanyou rolled his eyes. "It was fine, Miroku." The answer held no emotions. It was gruffly said; half-heartedly.

"Oh." The black-haired boy deflated for a few seconds, due to the disappointment of the gloomy answer. But he didn't stay that way. As quickly as it happened, it vanished, replaced with a bigger smile then before.

"That's good. And guess what?"

The hanyou made no move to reply.

"This morning is pancakes! We apparently have a new chef who would like everyone to have a better breakfast then warm cereal!" The boy chuckled at his attempt at a joke.

When InuYasha still remained unmoved there was an awkward silence that lasted several long seconds. When it became nearly unbearable, Miroku cleared his throat.

"So, do you wish to go to the cafeteria and eat or stay here?"

"Cafeteria," came the nonchalant reply. Where do I always choose?'

Anything to get out of the small, cramped cell - it was a cage. Hanyous and cages did not mix.

He was supposed to be home with what the public considered his family. They weren't much – his mother, Izayoi; his father, InuTaisho; his brother, Sesshoumaru; and his almost-sister-in-law, Rin.

His mother was a model. His father was an actor. His brother was an author. Rin was a sweet girl who fell in love with that annoying excuse of a youkai, Sesshoumaru.

"Okay. Come on, we'll go together," Miroku said cheerfully.

"Keh! Like I could walk down there by myself!" the hanyou snapped in an irritated fashion.

Miroku totally ignored this comment and gestures with a small toss of his head - since his hands were full with Inuyasha's breakfast - that he should follow.

With a final roll of his bright amber eyes and an irritated sigh, he complied.

There was a five second pause as Miroku slammed the cell door shut before they both headed down the cement hall.

Miroku, being so optimistic, decided to have a conversation. "So, how've you been?"

What a stupid question; Miroku was InuYasha personal baby-sitter' because of who he once was a few short months ago and his relationship with the lecher.

"You should know!"

"So I take it you're all right?" the monk continued, pretending the hanyou answered with a "Yeah! It's been fine!" or "Few bumps here or there, but mostly okay."

Inuyasha ground his teeth in frustration, deciding to just go along with it, rather then receive a headache from arguing.

"Yes," Inuyasha gritted through clenched teeth.

Miroku nodded. "I hear we're receiving a new nurse. They say she's a damn sexy one, too."

"You are a hentai," Inuyasha ground out in absolute irritation.

Miroku chuckled nervously. "Yeah, but it's the way I was born. It came through the bloodlines."

". . . Right."

"You know, Inuyasha, this could be your chance."

"Chance at what?" The monk was so tiring.

"Love," Miroku slid his ID card through the door that separated the hall from the cafeteria before opening it for himself and the patient.

The hanyou snorted. "Yeah, right!"

"I'm serious. She's your age."

"Then she must have just graduated from college. Early, too"

"I guess so."

InuYasha shrugged. "Not interested."

Since they arrived at the dining area, the patient snatched his food from the monk and walked briskly away before the perverted one could question any further.

He found a table and sat down next to his friends, Naraku and Kouga.

"Didja hear about the new nurse yet?" Kouga drilled the second the silver-haired teen sat down.

He sighed.

It was going to be a long day.

"Yeah! I heard about her. Did you, Inu?" Naraku seemed to enjoy tormenting the hanyou like this.

He shrugged in nonchalance. "Don't really care."

Naraku and Kouga's eyes appeared to bug out some.

"You can't be serious!" they both chorused.


"Well, she's. . . " Naraku started.

"I wanna tell him!" Kouga whined.

Naraku rolled his eyes, "Fine, be my guest."

"She's pretty! With raven hair and stormy blue-grey eyes, slender legs, perfectly tanned skin, and all the right things in all the right places," Kouga informed in a slightly sing-song voice.

"And how do you know all this?" Inuyasha's eyebrows rose.

"Er. . . I. . . uh. . . might of hacked into the system and downloaded her picture. Oh, and I printed it out!" He shuffled with his baggy jean pockets before proudly displaying a fairly large picture of a girl.

"She's so-o-o-o pretty," the hanyou drawled, voice oozing with sarcasm.

"Isn't she?" Kouga purred.

"She's starting tomorrow morning, if you want to meet her," Naraku said to Kouga.

As soon as those words left his mouth, Kouga grabbed Naraku's shirt collar and stood up, ripping Naraku out of his chair and up with him.

"She is?! Why didn't you tell me this?! It's valuable information! What time?! Who's she baby-sitting'?!"

"Ca- - -n't bre- - -eathe," Naraku barely managed to say, his face started to turn an unnatural color of light blue.

Kouga released him, chuckling nervously, "Right, sorry. But you really should have told me all this. Now, spill your guts."

Naraku rolled his eyes. "Didn't you hack into the database? You should already know this. Besides, there are rumors flying everywhere, surely you heard?"

"Mistress Kaede almost walked in on me, when I was finished printing the picture, I was saved by my youkai senses, but I didn't have enough of time to get much info. And, no, I didn't hear about it; now spill." Kouga said it as thought this happened every day - which it might, actually, with him.

"Alright already, sheesh. Her name is Kagome Higurashi, she's eighteen, graduated college really early as you can tell by her age, about five foot seven, RN nurse with an associate's degree. . . um, that's about it," he concluded lamely.

Kouga nodded. "Kagome Higurashi. What a wonderful name."

"You're gonna make me barf," Inuyasha warned.

"You're just jealous that she probably won't be looking after you."

"Right. You do know she probably won't be looking after you, either. And if she does, by some magical unknown force, watch you I can reassure you she ain't gonna fall for you."

"But I can fall for her!" Kouga sighed dreamily.

The hanyou sighed in exasperation.

Yes, it was gonna be a very long day.


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