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A/N: The epilogue is short, like I told you. At the bottom, my final notes rest which would be nice for you to read. And below that is a little FAQ section for those questions that kept popping into your head, like: 'WHY IS EVERYONE SO BLOODY YOUNG?!' that you can skim through only if you had asked one of the questions. X3
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InuYasha: 19
Kagome: 18
Kouga: 19
Naraku: 19
Miroku: 19
Sango: 18
Kaede: 65

A Dark Past

Epilogue: A Dark Past


Tacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktack- - -

The keys of a well-worn keyboard make a lullaby to the ears of those who are constantly using it. With time comes skill of the keys, and soon, the joints in fingers become more nimble and can fly across- - -

"Um. . ." The keyboard's song came to an abrupt halt. Kagome froze, fingers dramatically poised above the keys in stiff claws. An already sore nibble of her inner lip slipped back into its place between two of her canines and she started drilling into it with her teeth, a nervous habit she had developed over the months. Idly, her one hand drifted away from its place above her keyboard and snuggled on her lap in the nettles of her knit-sweater. As her mind wandered, her thumb gently drew circles on the material over her stomach.

And suddenly, her eyes brightened and a wicked grin busted out across her face. She shifted, settling deeper into her chair, and resumed her lullaby.

Tacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktacktack- - -

And then, as suddenly as she had stopped the last time, her hands stopped working after one last tack-THUNK of the spacebar as it was overzealously hit for the final time – the final, drawn-out note in her symphony.

Dramatically, she didn't move for a second. But then, she released a sigh and melted back into her plush computer chair. "There," she murmured, grinning stupidly. "It's- - -"

Her moment of bliss, however, was abruptly interrupted when the door opened and a semi-annoyed and exasperated "Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" came from her mate, her husband, her hanyou, her Inuyasha.

Kagome, still as content as a purring kitten, swiveled her chair in his direction, grinning maniacally.

Inuyasha made a face at the apparently offending gold, glittery card he had pinched between two fingers at arms length, keeping it as far as possible. "It even smells perverted," he whined pathetically to Kagome.

"What is it?" Another grin stretch across Kagome's face as she asked.

"An invitation to hell. As if it's bad enough we were forced to touch this. . . this monstrosity, it's frilly and covered in glitter." Inuyasha shuddered at the thought. "Not manly at all."

"Sango probably helped!" Kagome cheered, clapping excitedly. "She's so happy now that her and Miroku are getting married!"

"But it's for Miroku's bachelor party," her mate grumbled. "He shouldn't be lowered to such. . . such barbaric- - -"

Kagome laughed at him. "He's also extremely happy these days with her by his side. He probably agreed to have glitter and frill, no questions asked and love the first thing in his mind."

Inuyasha stopped and eyed her. "You're acting even chipper than usual – and perish that thought. What the hell did you do lately?"

Kagome wriggled in place and squealed. "It's done, Inuyasha! It's done!" She squealed again.

He smirked at her and crossed his arms, the damnable card actually touching him – blasphemy against his very morale – in his moment of distraction, glitter, frill, gooey love, and all. "Are you actually going to tell me what's it's about now, wench?"

Kagome nodded enthusiastically, shifted deeper into her chair again, and rattled out the tangled web of her story. "It's about this guy who's been betrayed by people he trusts and so he winds up in this asylum of a sort. Weird, right? And so months pass and the guy only grows more and more bitter until a charming, beautiful woman comes along and works with him to get him out. In the process of healing him, however, they fall into a forbidden love. When the guy gets out and goes home, the woman is left heartbroken, but due to a present he left her, she finds the courage to go to his home and visit him where a toad-man separated her from her love. Once she had infiltrated the humungous house, she met the man who shall hereby be known as the Fluffinator and- - -"

At first, Inuyasha had frowned, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, at the familiarity of the tale. But then he rolled his eyes. "Oi, that's my story, wench."

Kagome beamed at him. "Oh, I knew you'd love it!"

Inuyasha continued to stare at her, unfazed. "And what, pray tell, are you going to call this epic novel? It's sounds kinda stupid to me. Is it going to be something like- - -"

"A Dark Past," Kagome informed him, cutting him off before he could list off some sarcastic titles.

Inuyasha's mouth closed slowly and he stared at her for several seconds. "Say that again?"

"A Dark Past," his mate repeated.

". . . What's wrong with you?" he dryly asked.

"Well, I'm married to you, for one thing," Kagome chipped in happily.

He gaped. "You're taking my story and giving that crappy name and then insulting me? I'm suing you, wench! There's no way- - -"

Kagome pouted and he melted slightly. "Well, we thought it was a good name. We thought about it for a long time, believe you me," she assured him.

" 'We'?" Inuyasha uncertainly echoed. "I don't think I ever talked about that with you. Hell, you wouldn't even tell me what the damn thing was about- - -"

"Not you." Kagome rolled her eyes.

Inuyasha paused. "Um, shit. . . Okay, Kagome, I know that voices may seem like a normal thing – especially when Rin is around, but- - -"

"Idiot," Kagome laughed. "That's also not what I meant. Ever wonder what the happy ending to our story was?"

Inuyasha crossed his arms huffily. "We're gonna burn that place of doom and destruction that I was forced to stay at?"

His mate was unfazed. "I'm pregnant," she breathed.

Inuyasha opened his mouth to let out a witty retort only to snap it shut and blink. For a while, all either of them could 'say' was: ". . ."

But then Inuyasha broke the silence. "Say that again?" His cocky voice wasn't so cocky anymore.

And Kagome rolled her eyes once more at her awe-struck mate. "Baby. In tummy" – she pointed at her still-flat belly – "And it's gonna make me into a humanoid rubber ball soon." She made an exaggerated circular motion in front of her in demonstration.

Inuyasha stared for a few seconds, his lips tugging upward at the thoughts that the word "baby" brought into his mind. He was going to have his own family, apart from his parents, the bastard, and Rin- - -

Inuyasha froze, and the motion made Kagome freeze. "Something wrong?" she demanded, wondering if he didn't want a child. Well, oopsie if he didn't – it was already in the oven. . .

"Rin," he started slowly, his eyes slinking to the door, "is not allowed to know."


Told ya it was short. XD It was just to wrap up what Kagome was going to do as a job from then on and about her dream to be an author and all that jazz. But NOW my tale is told and I'm both happy and sad that it's over. I'm happy since I despise this Fic since my writing style is so much better these days but I'm sad since this right here was my first Fic ever. I started it four years ago and posted it on here when I finally got the courage to.

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The final bit below is just some frequently asked questions. Look over them if you had a question of your own—it might be down there. XP

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::: ::: ::: ::: FAQ ::: ::: ::: :::

Why is everyone so young?
ANS: Keep in mind that I started writing this four years ago. I was the tender age of eleven at the start of this and at that foolish age, I didn't want to make the characters older than they were in the anime/manga (or older than they appeared, anyway). Also, since I wanted Inuyasha in an asylum-like center for under aged children, Inuyasha couldn't really be older than 18 or he would legally be allowed to leave. Since he's still under his parent's watch, though, he could be considered "under aged" at 18 still. And so, Kagome couldn't be older than him because my eleven-year-old-mind didn't like the idea of an older Kagome. Thus, everyone was young—Miroku, Sango, and Kikyou as well.

If Kagome's so young, how can she be graduated from school and already employed?
ANS: First and foremost, check out the answer above. But as well as that, I DID do research. My grandmother is an RN nurse and she explained the basics to me. I had Kagome a genius, and thus she skipped a few grades in elementary school so she was ahead of the game and since she was so smart, the moment she got her first degree, she got the job under supervision of Kaede. It was kinda like a training thing, which isn't very professional, I know, but I didn't think so when I was younger, so please just nod and pretend. I'll be editing this like I said, so yeah… things will get more practical. Also, this is FanFiction and I don't think EVERYthing needs to be 100 percent accurate. XD

If Sango's so young, how can she already be employed as a psychiatrist/therapist?
ANS: The same with Kagome, I knew the basics and had her a bit of a genius as well. But as you can see, Sango wasn't perfect at her job. She was interning as an apprentice to Mr. Dai and thus when he was gone, she was just taking over for a few days (not very professional, but when I was younger, I thought it was perfectly fine). So in short, she's not quite "professional" yet. She just acted like she was.

Why was Sango allowed to work with the kids if she obviously didn't know what she was doing and diagnosed everyone as "depressed"?
ANS: When I started this, I was making a point with the "depression," thing, even if no one could tell. Everyone I knew was saying "oh, Sayo's starting that teenage depression phase; just ignore her moods," and I was SICK and TIRED of everyone assuming that teenagers always acted like they did purely because of depression, because that's not always true. The same goes for everyone in the facility with Inuyasha who were mostly teens. Sango diagnosed them all as "depressed" because that's what's wrong with teenagers in society's mind. That, and their attitude—which is the result of this infamous "depression."

Why is Miroku able to be employed as a nurse?
ANS: Miroku is there solely for Inuyasha. He's there to help Inuyasha open up since they're best friends. He's a monk technically—with the Buddhist background and all that—but he was enrolled as a "nurse" to be there for his friend. He doesn't do anything else but act as Inuyasha's personal "nurse." He doesn't have a degree or anything in any medical field, which ONCE AGAIN isn't very professional, but oh, well. That's how I made my fic—to be unprofessional. XD

Why is Rin so crazy? I don't like when she's such a crackhead.
ANS: I am the person who randomly stands up in the mall and yells "YOUR PENIS IS NEAR MY VAGINA!" before sitting back down and continuing to eat my cheesy fries like nothing happened. When a good song plays, I am the person who jumps up on the table and starts to sing and dance, pulling others up with me so they can stop for a second and live. I am the person who takes an hour and a half to walk into a hotel because the entrance doors rotate and I HAVE to spin in them because it's so much fun. I am the person who doesn't care what others think. I am Rin in this story. I decided taking Rin's personality as a child and maturing it was too much work (and there were so many possibilities) that I just made her me. I didn't go out and read other Fics, see that Rin was always crazy, and do the same. Everything that Rin does, I have done at some point in my life. It's exactly how I would react to everything. I'm sorry if you don't like my personality… but I also don't care because it's what makes me me! 3 There is no one on Earth more hyper than me. ^_^

Why is everyone getting married so young (at 18)?
ANS: Some people find their soul mate at a young age, some find their soul mate when they turn 30, some find their soul mate when they turn 70, and some just never find their soul mate. If you find that special person at a young age, then get married. You're gonna do it anyway, whether it's now or in forty years. And as well as that, in "real life" people DO get married young. My one friend is 19 and his one-year anniversary just came up last month and he never for a day regrets marrying his wife. I also have another 19-year-old friend who has been engaged with his fiancée for a few months now and is getting married soon, when he turns 20. Getting married because of children is foolish, I agree. Getting married because of love—pure love, not lust or delusions—no matter how young, is not. And those type of marriages last, too. My great-aunt married my great-uncle when they were 18 and they've been married 48 years and have no plans of divorce. It CAN happen, ya know. It's just hard to find that "soul mate" with the delusions of lust, money, and life.

So Kagome and Inuyasha's soul fit together like a "puzzle"? Then when Kikyou "gained" part of Kagome's soul, wouldn't the "puzzle" be ruined?
ANS: Once the puzzle is together, if you want to take some pieces off, it's extremely hard to take a random piece out of the middle, isn't it? The entire thing is pulled apart and you have to pat it back down. However, if you take the outline pieces off, you still have the puzzle, just not the edges. Make sense? Imagine the puzzle being half red (Inuyasha) and half blue (Kagome) and someone taking off five or six pieces from the blue. Puzzle's still there, just not the edges. I hope that made sense to y'all. XD If not and you really wanna know, PM me and I'll try and give a clearer explanation.

Are you going to write more Inuyasha fics?
ANS: Uh… not right away. I might rewrite the first three chapters I have posted of Eternity's Wake and work on writing it in a little while. But if I write another IY fic, I'm going to wait to write most of it before posting it. It's SO MUCH easier that way. XD Also, right now, with Christmas and my personal issues (and I have a lot right now to deal with), I don't have a lot of time to write, so when I do, it's to finish already posted Fics. When I get some chapters for my other fictions written (and a plot bunny strikes), I'll think about it. But for now, it's just A Dark Past. If you like Samurai Deeper Kyo or Death Note then check out my other stories, but other than that… don't hold your breath for a while. XD

I really liked this story! Are you doing a sequel?
ANS: Hahahahahahahaha!! You funny. XDD No, I'm not going to and will never do one. One: I'd be dragging out a plot that's done and dead and dragging out a story that's completely over. Two: I don't think I'd be able to tolerate writing this anymore. Four years, forty-five chapters, 150,000 words, over five hundred pages… It's done. Complete. Finis. :D

My tale has been told.
Time to go write your own.