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A/N: Happy New Year! Okay I have a l t of notes to put down so first I'm going to give you some info about two OCs that are in this fic.

Usa: The ditzy assistant chef of the Straw Hats (let's face it, cooking for Luffy should no, lack of smarts and can eat a ton. fighting wise she is a master of the Gi style of Martial arts and master of Ki maturation though the last part is a complete mystery why she can do that however there's a side effect ot her Ki manipulation is that she glow pink when angry. Unlike Luffy she's can be a little shy at times (She won't tell any one her dream for the future and a story what happen to her in past because she's embarrassed by it) and she's a Vegetarian (Luffy has no idea what one is (it's not a joke on his stupidity but a joke on how much meat he eats)).While moose of the time she's not very smart when ever she's get a brilliant idea she's a temporary genius... on the opposite when ever someone asked why she doesn't hate pirate she temporally becomes... well stupider, she babbles incoherently until she falls down. She's a former prate thief known as The Rabbit. Her mother is from the Gi clan and also at the Rabbit Rabbit devil fruit, so she had rabbit ears and a tail, her father isthe pirate Sansom Gen who came up with a perverted plan involving her mother, Ko is her younger half sister by a day on her father's side and she also had an older halfbrother on her mother's side named Trent. She loves pink andalways wears an out fit with pink on, most of thetime she wears sundresses (the only time she's doesn't wear them are on Winter Islands).Robin refers to as "Miss Rabbit".

Ko: The Singer/Battle Stagiest for the Straw Hats, she's a bit of a prankster and also very sarcastic. When she first joined the Straw Hats she gave everyone childish nicknames, after a while she dropped Zoro and Nami's (who she's the closet to other than her sister), after she, Luffy and Usa defeated SansomGen she started calling everyone else by their names... except for Sanji whom she refers to as "Perv Master S" in fact Zoro sometimes calls him by that name. Even though Ko is nicer to the Straw Hats than when she first joined she still makes sarcastic comments about them and even pulls the occasional prank. She is a master of the Kone Style of Weapons though she prefers rapier and throwing weapons (a mix of Throwing knives, Kunai and shrunken) (though so far she has also used a broad sward and a chainscythe)and alsoa 3rd degree master of the other dimension (which is just a fancy way of saying she's good with pocket space).She's a tactical genius and can come up with a plan in less than a minutes when it comes to battle strategy... ironically she prefers title of "Singer" before "Battle Stagiest" She's a former prate thief known as The Cat. Her mother is a member of Kone clan and ate the Kitten Kitten devil fruit so she has cat ears and tail, her father is the Pirate Gen Sansom who came up with a perverted plan involving her mother, Usa is her older half sister by a day on her father's side. Shedreams of becoming a pop idol one day.Robin refers ot her as "Miss Cat"

Shared Info: They are very close even though they despise their father and also refer to him as "The Bastard". In order to hide their ears while in public they wear hats ( Usa white hat with a ribbon around it, Ko blue base cap). Before they joined the Straw Hats they were the duo "The Rabbit and The Cat", pirate thieves who give the spoils to the poor. Both hate perverts due to the stereotype about rabbit girls and cat girls (that they are sex pots), which is why Ko treats Sanji lower than dirt while Usa is tolerant of him (Important to the story). And that's all I can think about them. These two may seem like they might take over the show for the first couple chapters but by the 4th chapter they will defiantly not be the stars (I'm not even sure if Usa will even get more than one line in the 3rd chapter).

I don't see this as a Crossover per se but more of a traditional "forcing the main characters of a series inspring of drowned girl" fanfic (see them all the time, I once read one with Ash from Pokemon). Also this has nothing to do with my Ranma One Piece cross over "Merger of Cursed Worlds" (which I recommend reading), this is complete different universe than what happened in that fanfic. Also Ranma, Genma, Shampoo and the Jusenkyo appear in the first chapter, none of by their names (though the Jusenkyo guide is referred as the guide and Ranma as the pigtailed girl).There's also a small mention of Ryoga. Though there will be mini-stories based on jokes from Ranma and also a chapter or two based on episodes from the anime.

Just to be clear, Luffy is the only who falls in, Zoro dived in after him and Sanji gets pushed in... but I won't say who. (laughs evilly)

Straw Hats One Half

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Very Bad if You Fall in.

It was a quiet and peaceful day on the Merry Go. Luffy sat on the ram's head, Zoro slept peacefully, Nami looked over maps, Usopp told Chopper one of his stories, Robin read, Sanji and Usa cooked lunch and Ko laid on her perch (The post that holds the sails), she sighed to herself "Today's the day…", she was of course refereeing to her sister's anger. Usa since the fact that she was a rabbit girl had been angry with Sanji for obvious reasons. Ko was afraid that Usa may do something drastic, sure unlike Ko who called him Perv Master S, pinned him to the deck at least once a week and threatened him twice a month Usa tried to not let out her anger except for the fact that she glowed pink, that was thing she couldn't hide. In the galley both were preparing lunch.

"Usa, can you see if we have…." Said Sanji who turned around to find a glowing Usa.

"See if we have what?" asked Usa in a fake happy tone.

"Uh… milk" said Sanji.

"Sure thing…" said Usa still using the fake happy tone, she checked the fridge and got the milk.

"What has gotten you angry?" asked Sanji.

"Nothing I'm not angry." said Usa, lying, Sanji knew she was lying and Usa knew he knew.

"Well can you tell everyone lunch is ready." said Sanji.

"Okay" said Usa.

The angry glow subsided and she went to the deck.

"Lunch's ready…" said Usa.

"Yay! Meat!" cheered Luffy.

The meal went as usual, Zoro and Sanji fought, Ko glared at Sanji, Luffy asked Usa why she wasn't eating meat, just a normal meal. When everyone was done Usa volunteered to wash the dishes, everyone left but her sister.

"Sis, your angry with Perv Master S, admit it" said Ko.

"I'm not angry." said Usa who began to glow again.

Ko sighed, Usa was a bad liar when it came to her anger, mainly because her Ki always showed up. Ko got an idea to get her sister to admit she's angry, as well try an experiment that she's wanted to do for the longest time. She went to the fridge and went to the box labeled "Ko's fish, touch or you get pinned to the deck" She pulled out a fish and took out a cabob skewer from pocket space. She put the fish on the skewer placed in her sister angry Ki aura, lo and behold it began to cook. Usa realized what was happening after a few minutes. She turned around just as the fish was done.

"Were… were you cooking a fish on my anger?" she asked with a sweat drop.

Ko took a bite, "You know this is pretty sweet, I thought it would taste bitter but I guess since you angry at Perv Master S I guess that's what makes it sweet" said Ko jokingly.

"Who said I was angry?" asked Usa.

"You already admitted you were angry!" yelled Ko.

"I did?" said Usa who was finished wit the dishes.

"Yes you did!" said Ko taking another bite form the fish.

"I don't remember" said Usa who walked out of the room.

Ko sighed, she had no idea if Usa was telling the truth or not, it was like her to forget something she said a few minutes ago but she might also be lying.

Ko fallowed her out on deck to find there were approaching an island.

"What's the island?" asked Luffy.

Nami check her maps, "I think this is Jusenkyo Island…" said Nami, "I don't know anything."

Everyone anime fell, "Some navigator you are!" said Ko.

"Sorry... does anyone else know about the island." said Nami.

Everyone but Usa and Ko shook their head.

"Well we do…" said Ko.

"It's not exactly a place to restock." said Usa.

"Why not? asked Luffy.

"Well I'll tell you" said Ko giving a scary face, which was caused by Usa standing right besides her holding a flashlight up to her face. "Um… Usa this is not the time." said Ko.

"Sorry but it creates feeling to the story." said Usa.

"Maybe if the island is haunted but not this!" said Ko she sighed at her sister's stupidity and continued with the story "The Island's only village is an Amazon village. The way of life is fighting and will challenge outsiders… however if you win… the Amazon with hunt you down to ends of the world and kill you!" said Ko.

Usopp screamed while everyone else gasped. Ko looked at her sister and gave a nodded. Usa yelled out "Hey Luffy, want me to give the combination to the meat locker's lock?"

"Really!" said Luffy.

Usa nodded, "Hey wait a second…" said Sanji, Usa might be a pretty girl but he's not letting Usa give the meat supply like that. An interesting argument broke out while Luffy was saying let her do it. The other Straw Hats watched in confusion thinking that Usa had reached a whole new level of stupidity, that is until Ko said very quietly "That's not the whole story…"

"What?" said Zoro.

"Shh, the truth is that that only applies to women, when men beat an Amazon they must get married, that's the reason why we know, a male member of the Gi clan beat one and she told us sorties about the village, I don't want Perv Master S to find out because, well he might try to marry one and I don't want Luffy to find because he might blab, Usa feels the same way." said Ko quietly.

The other Straw Hats nodded, then Ko cleared her voice "There's also something else about the island that is a complete mystery. The Springs of the island." said Ko.

Luffy wanted know and got distracted from the fight, apparently the only the thing that could drag him from meat was a mysterious adventure, the fight between Sanji and Usa ended and Usa stood beside her sister.

"We know nothing about the springs only that they are dangerous…" said Ko.

"My relative never told us about the springs out guess is that she assumed that we would stay off the island entirely." said Usa.

"Then how do you know about the spring then?" asked Zoro.

"Well it happened like this…" said Ko.


About a year and half before hand Usa and Ko were eating at a ramen stand while the entire town celebrated… celebrated the appearance of The Rabbit and The Cat. Since they were out in public they wore their hats to hide their ears. They were the only ones at the stand, until a girl with bright red hair tied into a pigtail and panda joined.

The panda held up a wooden sign that "Two bowls of Ramen please and a kettle full of hot water."

Both Usa and Ko stared at the sight of a panda, "Um… how is that Panda able to read and write?" asked Usa.

The Panda took out another sign saying "Um… er… … … …" it then flipped it over that read "I'm Panda Man!"

"Your not Panda Man… that's one thing is for sure." said Ko as a man who was very muscular wearing a panda mask ran past the ramen stand.

"You dolt." Said the pig tailed girl.

The panda took out another sign that read "Heh heh heh…"

"Fine I mind as well tell you, have you heard of Jusenkyo Island?" asked the Pig tailed girl.

"You mean about the Amazon village law? Yeah, I know about that." said Ko.

"A member of my clan told us about that." said Usa.

The pig-tailed girl stared at them "Why couldn't I be a member of your clan…" the girl mumbled.

"What?" asked Usa and Ko.

"Nothing…" said the pig tailed girl, "I was saying Jusenkyo island has another secret… have you heard of the Springs there?" asked the girl.

The sisters shook their heads no.

"Well…" said the pig tailed but before she could say anything else a girl with purple hair holding bon-boris came seemly out nowhere.

"Oh no!" shouted the girl while the panda held up a sign that said the same thing.

"I kill you" said the girl. The pigtailed girl and the panda ran off while the girl chased them.

"I could have sworn that girl said Why couldn't I be a member of your clan…" said Ko.

"No wonder." said Usa.

(End of Flashback)

The others stared at the sisters mainly because that story sounded pretty unbelievable, Luffy believed it though.

"We suspect that the girl must have beaten an Amazon." said Ko.

"Well any ways…" said Usa and she and Luffy said at the exact same time "I want to see the springs!"

"I should have seen that one coming…" thought Ko.

"Do you guys know how long the log pose sets?" asked Nami.

"That I do know, it takes less than a half hour, I say we all check out the springs, it might be hot springs or something plus who would attack in less than an hour?" said Ko.

Everyone else knew she was probably right. Later they landed on the island. They managed to find the springs in 10 minutes. The springs were not hot springs much to both Nami and Ko's disappointment.

"It appears to be martial artist training ground." said Usa looking a the bamboo poles sticking out from the springs.

Suddenly a fat man wearing what appeared to be some sort of militarily uniform popped out of nowhere.

"So come to visit the legendary training ground? But you must listen to story…" said the man who the guide and began to tell the history of the springs though possibly only Robin was interested.

"I'm going to see if you can the ship from those poles!" said Luffy.

"Sir is very bad if you fall." said the guide.

"You should listen to him." said Robin.

Luffy Gum Gum Rocketed to the nearest pole.

"Sir is very bad if you fall in" repeated the guide.

"How did you know he can't swim in fresh water?" asked Ko, since the Devil Fruit curse only works with sea water, Luffy never bothered to try learn to swim in fresh water.

"…" replied the guide.

Luffy looked around the island on the pole.

"Sir get down now!" said the guide.

Suddenly Luffy lost his grip on the pole and fell into the spring. For some reason he felt himself go though some strange changes in the water, very strange changes, as he held his breath.

"That idiot!" said Zoro jumping into the spring as well. Much like Luffy the moment he went into the water he felt himself go thought changes as well but he didn't care. He needed to find that idiot captain so that everyone can hit him on the head. He saw a hand and grabbed it, he could help to wonder why such a spring can be so deep.

The Straw Hats watched in horror, except for Robin who was curious what would resurface, the Guide was scared, scared that he would get yet another death threat… particularly from that swords man.

Two people resurfaced, however they were both girls, one had waist long dark brown hair the other had forest green hair, cut down to her ear and was very tan… the weird thing was that girl with dark brown hair was wearing Luffy's clothes and treasured straw hat and the girl with forest green hair had Zoro's clothes on an appeared to have Zoro's swords as well.

Zoro looked at the other Straw Hats, their faces were of confusion.

"What's wrong?" asked Zoro, his voice was much higher and sounded like a girl. He looked towards Luffy who was conscious… he wasn't holding Luffy it was a girl with waist long hair dark brown hair, but she the same clothes as Luffy.

Luffy was glad that he didn't drown and he was rescued in time, but when he surfaced the faces of his crew were of confusion. He heard a girl say "What's wrong?". Luffy turned ot look at a girl holding onto him, she was tan and had forest green hair.

"Oh no!" yelled the guide.

"They fell in the girl spring?" asked Robin who was only crew member who wasn't confused.

"That's right, they fall into spring of drown girl, very tragic story about young girl who drowned in spring 1500 years ago."

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes then both Luffy and Zoro looked at their chests… both had breasts.

"Luffy and…" said Usa.

"Zoro are girls?" said Ko finishing her sister's sentence.

Sanji burst in laughter, Nami began to get a headache, Usopp and Ko suppressed their laughs, Chopper went a round screaming something about finding a cure and Usa looked sympathetic. Sanji walked over and began to laugh even more.

"I can't believe the dumb swordsman is now a girl!" he laughed and began to laugh even more.

Usa began to get angry, very angry, extremely angry. So angry she glow so bright she could light an extremely dark cave. Both Ko and Usopp noticed this.

"Usa…" said Ko, while Usopp hid behind her.

USA began to walk over to Sanji.

Zoro had enough of the cook laughter, he or should I say she was about to pull him in when someone pushed him in. Zoro was surprised, at first he thought it was Ko but Ko didn't glow… and according to Usa if she did glow it wouldn't be pink.

"You… jerk… this is not time to laugh! I'm going back to the ship." said Usa adjusting her hats so that no one would see her eyes.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, extremely surprised, even Ko was surprised.

Sanji surfaced, surprised that Usa pushed him (now a her) in, she now had platinum blonde hair that reached right below her shoulders.

"What just happened?" asked Sanji.

"My sister went nuts and pushed you in." said Ko.

After the awkwardness Zoro managed to get out and glared at the guide, who was shaking, he got death threats at least once a week but usually it wasn't someone on the wanted list.

"Before you kill, let me show you something" said the quivering guide.

Not too long later all the Straw Hats were in the guide's hut. The guide was boiling water and two out three of the newly made girls looked pretty angry.

"Why couldn't he just tell us about the springs." said Zoro.

"Well none of you were actually paying attention to his story…" said Robin.

"She has a point" said Nami.

Sanji also looked pretty angry, Ko said with an evil smile "Perv Master S can't pick up chicks and that's why he's angry."

Sanji didn't know what to say but she was right.

"It's ready." said the Jusenkyo guide.

"And tea is going to help how?" asked Zoro.

The guide poured the hot water on Zoro, who was once again a guy.

"So I'm back ot normal" he asked as the guide poured hot water on Luffy and Sanji both returned to normal… well their usual selves any ways.

"Not quite" said the guide.

Everyone stared at the guide who then splashed Luffy the one who's the least angry about becoming a girl (quite possibly the only one who didn't mind) with cold water.

"Is how curse works, cold you change, hot water reverse." said the guide, "If you wish to kill me do it now."

Everyone began to sweat drop, "Do you get a lot of death treats?" asked Zoro.

"Yes, I do most of them are usually their faults though no one ever listens to the story… except for that one time where I almost accidentally eat this guy who changes into a pig." said the guide.

There was an awkward silence, then Robin broke by saying "It is true none of you listened to his story."

"She has a point, if any of us listened to the story then Luffy pro…" said Ko who stopped in mid sentence realized something then started over "Then instead of Zoro going in to save Luffy it have might have been one of the girl's who saved him."

"Hey what about me?" said Sanji.

"After you made fun of Zoro it was inevitable that you would have fallen in…" said Ko, if Usa hadn't pushed him she was planning to the same thing.

"She's right" said Zoro, knowing that if Usa hadn't pushed him in he would have done it.

Nami looked at the Log Pose, "The Log Pose is set, she should head back." said Nami.

So the Straw Hats left, with three of the members now cursed by Jusenkyo, about 10 minutes after they left the guide said to himself "I forgot to tell them about Spring of Drowned Man… oh well"

Next Time: Usa's still angry with "Perv Master S" so it's up to Sanji and Ko to calm her down lest the food supply of the Straw Hats become tainted. Also the three cursed one deals with becoming girls when splashed with cold water... and Luffy doesn't mind? Oookay. Contains mini-story taken directly form a joke form the Ranma 1/2 anime.