Chapter 10: Let the battle begin.

It has been a week since Gen brought the deal. Usopp who was in the crows nest saw the pink elephant in the distance. All three of the Straw Hats who were cursed by the spring of Jusenkyo as well as Usa were anxious for their arrival. The Pink Elephant had arrived.

"So Usa have you come to a decision?" said Gen.

"I'm not going, you see, I realized that if I didn't push Sanji chances are that he would have fallen in anyways." said Usa.

"Damn… time for plan B!" said Gen, "I change you to a fight! You get the water if you win two out of three battles, if we win I get Usa!"

"Sparkly Pink Heart Beam!" yelled Usa launching her signature attack on her father, which it dead

"Okay I'll get all of your treasure!" said Gen.

Nami began to angry, Gen noticed her and changed his mind about the treasure.

"Okay then, all your coffee." said Gen.

"Why our Coffee?" asked Zoro.

"They don't call us the drunken pirates for nothing!" yelled one of the crew member who was clearly drunk… who then vomited.

"Oh I see, it's for their hangovers." said Robin.

"Now, for the rules. One thing is that the three who need the water will be ones to fight and that's it." said Gen.

"No other rules?" said Usa honestly surprised.

"Oh yeah we can splash you if we to that's all." said Gen.

"We agree!" said Luffy.

"The good thing they forgot a major rule…" whispered Usa to the other tow fighters.

"Huh?" said Zoro.

"Remember the bastard was there when Ko explained Ki Sharing, he know about it but forgot to mention, if you need it I can help you." said Usa.

"Okay it's time for the fight!" yelled the naughty nurse.

The first fight, Zoro VS the drunken Pirates Sharpshooter Larry.

"He's the most sober of the group?" asked Zoro.

"Yesh, come one and fight!" said Larry.

"Well Nancy is more sober but I don't want her getting injured." said Gen.

Larry vomited and passed out, Zoro won by default.

"That was odd, yet easy." said Nami.

"I didn't' have to unsheathe my swords." said Zoro with his twitching.

The second fight, Sanji VS. the Gen's assiant, Pete.

"So this fight has to be interesting." said Pete who wasn't drunk at all.

Pete took out a few daggers, "But first I want to make things interesting…" he said with a smirk he took out a bucket of cold water and splashed Sanji.

"Hey!" yelled Sanji-Chan.

"Let the fight begin!" yelled Pete.

Pete was incredibly fast, Sanji-Chan had a hard dodging him let along get in a good kick.

"Sanji isn't as good as fighting in his female form like Luffy or Zoro…" said Usa.

"Your right." said Zoro.

"Hey Sanji!" yelled Usa.

Sanji-Chan turned around, but Pet managed to slash her side. After screaming in pain Sanji-Chan yelled out "What!"

"I'm going to help you, 'kay!" said Usa.

Sanji-Chan nodded knowing what she meant.

Usa kneeled down on the deck she put her hand together and began to glow.

"Please… please… whatever gave me these powers… let me lend them to someone important… SANJI!" thought Usa.

Sanji-Chan began to glow blue.

"Thanks Usa…" thought Sanji.

Sanji remembered how Usa does a Ki Beam… however Pete saw what she was doing. He threw a few dagger at Usa… missing her on purpose. Usa broke concentration because of it and Sanji-Chan stopped glowing.

"If you do that again I won't miss." said Pete with an evil grin.

Usa gulped.

"Damn…" said Sanji-Chan.

"Since your distracted, triple slash attack!" yelled Pete.

Sanji was defeated, Usa managed to drag her back to where the others were waiting.

"Sorry." said Usa.

"That's okay it wasn't your fault…" said Sanji who wasn't that hurt.

Usa gave a smile.

"My turn and I'm going to preserve my reputation and become King of the Pirates!" said Luffy.

"Fine, I've been waiting to have a strait battle with you!" said Gen.

The two competitors were sizing each other up. Gen took out his rather large broad sword. Then the fight started.

"I should you know that I studied Kone style broad sword." Said Gen, he slammed it agaisnt Luffy, sending him flying a few feet. "Not only is this style used to cut but slam."

Ko woke up with a yawn, "I know I should get out fo of bed… but I have a feeling I should check up what's going on." thought Ko.

She got a blanket and put it over her shoulders and walked up to the deck. She saw Luffy fighting Gen… who was using the Kone Style Broad sword.

"He knew I was sick" thought Ko.

"Now for some fun…" said Gen he took out some water and splashed it on Luffy. Turning him to his girl form. Then he knocked Luffy-Chan a few feet.

Ko joined the rest.

"Ko you should be resting…" said Chopper.

"I know but… I need to this fight." said Ko.

Chopper looked at the cat girl and nodded.

"You think it would be okay to yell out something." asked Ko.

"Huh?" said Chopper confused.

"I'll take that as a yes…" said Ko, "Luffy!"

Luffy-Chan turned around and saw Ko. "What, shouldn't you be in bed?" said Luffy.

"Fine then... don't let me give you advice on how to beat in a legitimate way so that you can get cured." said Ko using reverse psychology.

"You know a way?" said Luffy-Chan.

"Attack from behind, that's the weakness of the Kone style broad sward." said Ko.

"Shit…" said Gen.

"I have it! Gum Gum Rocket!" yelled Luffy-Chan she grabbed the mast and launched herself into the air.

She then landed behind Gen and used a Gum Gum pistol on his back. Gen fell to his knees, his back was in pain, he used the sword as a cane.

"I give up!" said Gen who was breathing heavily.

"Maybe you shouldn't use a broad sword." said Ko. She then fainted with anime swirl eyes.

"Yep she's still sick." said Chopper.

Gen took out three flasks and tossed them to the Straw Hats who were cursed.

"Time to go Drunken Pirates!" yelled Gen.

"Ya… Warf!" shouted the drunken pirates.

"Gross!" whined Nancy.

And so the Pink Elephant sailed away.

All three used the flasks and splashed themselves, Sanji and Luffy who were still girl changed back to guys.

"Looks like your cured!" said Usopp.

"I should take a look at you wounds Sanji." Said Chopper in his larger form holding and unconscious Ko.

"Right!" said Sanji following Chopper.

"Well alls well that ends well." said Luffy.

Meanwhile on an island far away from them, a young man with black hair tied in a pig tail got a shiver, a girl with short dark blue hair noticed this.

"What is it?" asked the girl.

"I just got this weird feeling that more than one person who was cursed by Spring of Drowned Girl after were just cured" said the young man.

"Oh Ranma, what are the chances of that?" said the girl.

The End.

A/N: Well that's it. For those who enjoyed the character Usa and Ko they will be in The Gem of the Moon and Every Cliché un the Sun, the former premiering alter today. I hope you enjoyed this story.