Fan Fiction: "Dating for Dummies"

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Tip 12: Tenten


Only female on Team Gai (That poor child…), Konoha's very own Weapon's Mistress (PMS chicks with pointy objects…What is the world coming to?), eighteen years old with a tom-boyish attitude (Scary lady…)


"OH MY GOD!! THE H-oh…ohhhh…Hello, Kakashi-san."

Teammates include Neji (Girly-emo-boy) and Lee (Happy-freakish-eyebrow-boy), trains mostly with Hyuga (Emo-ness is contagious…), likes sharp pointy objects (I hope she only uses those on OTHER people…you know…EMO-AGE)

"I'm not suicidal, Kakashi-san. I'm perfectly stable with my life."



Her role model is Tsunade (BOOBIES!!), aspires to be the best kunoichi (MORE BOOBIES!!), hates dresses (Shame really. Dresses are God's gift to women. I mean the emphasize on the legs and maybe some boo-)

"What. Did. You. Just. Say?"

Dot. Dot. Dot.

Running-like-a-scared-little-pansy Jutsu!


"Tsk, tsk. I never miss a target…"

OH #$!

Rule number 12 in Kakashi's awesome book of awesome things for the awesome-y challenged:

Jealousy Rant! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Tenten could sense there was something REALLY wrong with Neji today. Like REALLY, REALLY wrong.

It bubbled and churned in her stomach uncomfortably.

And NO! She's not constipated!

Nor the fact that Neji was seriously mutilating that tree…

Or the other fifty already-mutilated trees surrounding them…


Not a single doubt that Neji was off-his-rocker. If he even owned a rocker…GRANNY NEJI!!

Cough. Cough.



Another tree was reduced to toothpicks. Tenten felt a shiver run down her spine. I mean she saw trees fall down and be ripped from the ground. She did train with Sakura when Neji went on missions. But to see a LARGE, THICK, MASSIVE plant be reduced to itty bitty shreds of paper now that was scary as hell…

Which reminded Tenten of her other slightly insane teammate…


Um…Right…SLIGHTLY insane…


If it was possible Tenten's eyeballs popped out of their sockets. WHOA!! Neji spoke.

He hasn't spoken since the whole Kiba-dating conversation. Will wonders ever cease?

"SQUIRREL-SAMA!!!! Bestow your youthful rays to hinder Neji's fiery attack!!!"

Guess not.

Orochi-Squirrel pounded his fist into his hand, "ONWARD MY SQUIRREL SERVANT!!"

Kabu-Squirrel pointed to himself.


"Yes YOUUU!"


Kabuto watched another tree crash onto the ground.

"Sorry, I rather keep the percentage of me being able to reproduce above 50 percent than being six feet underground. Thank you very much."


Neji slammed another palm into the bark.

He wasn't mad.

'Like HELL you aren't!'

'Your words are unheeded…'




'…I'm not "gun-ho"…'

'Let me rephrase…Making Konoha into another Sand Village is NOT training!!'

'It is training."

'Listen I know you're jealous-'

'Not. Jealous.'

'Like hell you aren't! Are you forgetting I'm you?'

'For the last time, I'm not-"


"FEEL MY FUZZY MAGICAL POWERS OF DOOOOOMM!! My AMAZING tail will calm your raging hormones!!" Orochimaru rubbed his tail in Neji's face.

Uh oh…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…



"Did you hear that, teme?" Naruto whipped around to face the Hokage Mountain.

"What are you babbling about now, dobe?" Sasuke wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Not a dobe!!!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and slipped the pink sweatshirt off, "Could have fooled me…"

Dot. Dot. Dot.

"What are you looking at, dobe?"

"…Sasuke...Are those…KITTENS on your shirt?" Naruto pointed at Sasuke's chest.

Oh crap.

And indeed there were two little fluffy kittens frolicking and playing in the grass on Sasuke's shirt.


You may now laugh at Sasuke's expense for the next five minutes…






Naruto stopped his insane laughter to take a much needed gulp of air.

"So…Teme likes kitty cats?"

Sasuke glared, "Yeah, I like to eat them."





"…Stupid shirt…stupid gag gift from Kakashi…stupid birthday…stupid kittens…stupid Naruto…"

Meanwhile with our matchmaking Jounin-

"Who Miss Narrator-Lady-Person?" a random audience member piqued.


Erm…Back to Kakashi!!!



Tsunade quickly pushed seat back to avoid the human bullet that is Anko.


Said purple-haired scary lady- I mean…jounin extraordinaire perched on the desk, "Yes, Tsunade-sama!!"

"You…broke my…window…again."

Everyone turned to see the shattered remains of a perfectly good window. Poor, poor Windom-chan...We hardly knew you.

Anko tapped a finger to her chin, "So it seems…ANYWHO! I find grand entrances to be very entertaining!!"
Kakashi coughed into his hand, "I think everyone, and I mean everyone who has not lost several years off their lives and a pair of very dry clean pants, would appreciate it if you don't."

"…SOOOOOO KA-KA-SHI!!! I hear you need a date, is it true?!"

Kakashi pushed himself into his seat, "Um…well you see…-"

Suddenly an angel burst through the heavens to…Welllll actually…She just walked through the door but if you want to get technical…

"Story, please?"

OH right, where were we…

Shizune stumbled in, face buried in several scrolls, "Tsunade-sama, I just received a letter from Kazekage-san that he would gladly attend-"

"I'm going with Shizune."

"Eh?!" Shizune blinked at Kakashi.


"Just say yes."


Kakashi clapped his hands, "Perfect!! Sorry, Anko. Why don't you ask Iruka if he has a date?"

Anko placed her chin in her hand in deep thought, "Hmmm…OK!"



Window-kun was smashed to itty bitty pieces…

Tsunade sipped her sake, "I really need to get anti-Anko windows…"

Meanwhile Kakashi was doing his little victory dance.

"Am I a genius or what?"

"You know…You just sentenced Iruka to the terror that is Anko, right?"


"He deserves it for making fun of my ducky socks…"

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, "…You have ducky socks?"



Dot. Dot. Dot.

"I told you it was bad idea." Kabuto slowly super-glued the tail…or what was the rest of it, back to Orochimaru's behind.


"How was I supposed to know he would go gun-ho-"

"NOT GUN-HO!!" a shout reverberated through the forest.

Dot. Dot. Dot.

Damn Hyuga super senses!

"Maybe we should leave. Who knows when that jealous Hyuga will come back…"


"Not…Jealous…" Neji cracked his knuckles threateningly.

"Quick, Kabuto!! Go to Plan Snake-Ade-Number-2154327891!!!" Orochimaru pushed Kabu-Squirrel towards the Hyuga.


"Sing, goddamnit, SING!!"


Kabuto shook his head, "I can't believe I'm doing this…"



"The things I do for evil…"


Kabuto cleared his throat and closed his eyes. Neji tensed, these two were, after all, S-class criminals. Who knows what horrors they'd unleash…?

"…I feel…pretty…Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and GAYYYYYY-"

What. The. Hell.

Orochimaru whipped out a megaphone, "Use some girl power, SISTAH!"

"That's IT!" Kabuto threw his squirrel to the ground, "I'm sick and tired of this nonsense! I'm LEAVING!"

"NOOOO! KABUTO!!! Who will plot evil diabolical schemes and eat bon-bons and watch sappy teenage dramas with me?! I NEEEEDZ JOO!!"



Dramatic Close-Up…

Kabuto looked to his feet, "I'm sorry, Orochimaru-sama. I…I just can't take this. All this running around…It's like I don't even know you anymore…"

"OH Rick! I swear it wasn't me! He just came out of nowhere! The passion was just too much…"

Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.



Orochimaru flipped through some pages, "We're on page 70, right? It says so right here…'In a random act of passion, Marsha is caught by Rick while Josh is waiting in the foyer.'"

"That's not right. Are you sure you have the right script?"

"…OOPSY-DAISY! Wrong script! Can we do the scene again? Because I got it-"

During this entire travesty, our Hyuga watched in horror. This is even worse than the time Lee and Gai tried to do their versions of a wet-tee-shirt contest. And that my friends, was saying something…

Neji punched a nearby tree (Buh bye, Tree-san…), "NO! We will not re-do the scene. In fact, why am I listening to this crap?!"

The two conversing villains watched Neji, "Dude…Anger management, much?"



It seems that our once stoic member of the Hyuga clan has finally snapped…

Orochimaru hugged Kabuto's tail, "B-but I'm a cute fluffy squirrel!"

"No. You're an old guy lusting over a seventeen year old boy and need to get your brain examined for possible insanity. Actually, screw it! You. Are. Insane."


"WAH! So mean! I'm not insane! I'm just slightly bonkers…"

Neji uncharacteristically snorted, "Hn…Says a guy who wears glittery purple eyeshadow…"

"I'll have you know, glittery purple eyeshadow is very manly."

Neji raised an eyebrow, "Oh…Then why isn't your little minion wearing it?"

Orochimaru opened his mouth then closed it before turning to Kabuto, "Good point. Why aren't you wearing your lovely eyeshadow Ka-bu-to-channn?"

Meanwhile with our number one knuckle-headed ninja…

"DOBE! Stop making a scene. You're overreacting…" Sasuke gripped Naruto's collar.

"Me?! I'M making a scene? HELLO! I'm not the one who devours kittens."

"…Wow, big word. Tell me did Hyuga teach you that?"

"Shut it, Mister I-eat-kittens-and-look-like-I'm-constipated-all-the-time." Naruto wrenched himself out of Sasuke's grasp.

"I. Do. NOT. Eat. Kittens."

Naruto crossed his arms, "Really?"


"Ok…Is that 'no, I don't eat kittens' or 'yes, I eat kittens and suck their cuteness through a straw because I lack the awesome-ness of Naruto'?"

Sasuke gave him a disgusted look, "Neither."

"You can't be 'neither'! It's either yes or no!"


"Translation, please?"

"It means 'hn'."

"That's NOT a word!!!" Naruto flailed his arms like a lunatic.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "It is in my vocabulary."

"If that's the case, you have the vocabulary of a two year old!!"

"Dobe, shouldn't you be worried about Hyuga…"


"Teme, shouldn't you be worried about Sakura?"

The Uchiha gave Naruto a withering look, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Naruto casually shrugged his shoulders, "Welllllll the dance is in three days, I wouldn't be surprised if Sakura's fan boys swarmed her by now…"



Naruto waved his hand nonchalantly, "Oh yeah, didn't you know? Almost all the guys here want to hook up with her."

Twitchity twitch, twitch…


'You idiot.'


'Shut. Up. It's the Kyuubi, you numbskull!'


Mental slap.

'Keep it up, see what happens.'

'Heyyy…Wait a minute…I'M NOT AN IDIOT!'

'Congratulations, you have reached a new level of stupidity.'

'Well my idea is GENEUS!!'

'God…You can't even SPELL right in your mind…'


'You do realize you sentenced most of the male population to death with your little "geneus" idea.'

'Nu uh! Now Sasuke will realize his hidden affections for Sakura-chan!'

'Riight…You are well-aware he's not there anymore?'


'Soooooooo…Where are we going again?' Inner Sasuke leaned back in his imaginary chair.

'…Find Sakura…'

'Oh right. Why?'


'Because why?'

'Are you teasing me?'

'Maybe…It's rude to answer a question with a question.'

'Does it look like I care?'

'Well…No. But we do know what you care about the most!' Inner Sasuke sang in a sing-song voice.

'Itachi's demise?'

'Nope, my little emo princess. I'll give you a hint though. It begins with S and ends in A.'

'I don't care about Sakura.'

'Oh and the reason we're insanely jealous is because…what?'

Sasuke could feel his teeth grind, 'Not jealous.'

'Uh huh…Thus why you beaten up several MALE passer-bys for no good reasons…Yup. Makes total sense.'

'They were in my way.'

'To Sakura-chan if I recall.'


'Ha! I win!'



'Nice. Now everyone thinks your unstable…not that they didn't think that before.'

'Shut up, just shut up.'


"This is completely unfair…" Sakura mumbled under her breath as she left the Godaime's office.

That stupid, drunk, old, granny Godaime…refusing to give her missions like that…

Who does she think she is?

Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves?

Oh wait…


Sakura let out a frustrated groan and shook her pink tresses. There really was no way out of this.

She tapped a finger to her chin. Well, I suppose she could go…In fact, it could be loads of fun. But…


She really didn't want to see Sasuke. Even since their little get-together…NOT a date, she really couldn't count eating cold chicken on the ground in awkward silence a date. But really, ever since that day, Sasuke has been acting weird. Well…weirder than usual.

Seriously, the boy needed a mood ring bad…

He's so…ARGH!




"Can we please return to our original story?"


Fine. Be that way…but when evil I'm-gonna-take-over-the-world-and-you-can't-stop-me-HA-HA-HA squirrels attack you, don't come crying to me…

Sakura was so caught up in her thoughts she failed to see the bulky human-ish road block in her path.




Tenten honestly couldn't understand why Neji was being so difficult. I mean, SERIOUSLY, it wasn't such a big deal. She assumed that Neji already had a date and took the first person who asked her. That first person being Kiba.

Tenten sighed dejectedly. It really wasn't fair. Why did she have to like some emotionally-retarded guy? OH yes, she'll admit it. Tenten likes Neji. Dun, dun, dun! The horror.

Everyone knew…it wasn't like some big secret. Konoha's Weapons Mistress has a thing for the Hyuga Prodigy. She stuck out her tongue. Stupid gossip…

I mean the way he's acting, it's almost like he's-


A shiny light bulb flashed above Tenten's head. How could she be so stupid?!

"I gotta find Neji!"

Kabuto glared at Neji. Stupid Hyuga, stupid make-up, stupid EVERYTHING!


Orochimaru placed his hands on his hips, "Because what?"

"It's PINK!"

"SO! Only real men wear pink!"

Neji scoff after finally calming down, "I don't wear pink and I'm a man."

"Well, that just proves you're in denial and, in reality, a girly-girly man." Orochimaru said rather matter-of-factly.


Orochimaru tapped a finger to his chin, "Now…where was I? OH YES! Wear your eyeshadow, Kabuto!"

"B-but it gets into my eyes. IT BURNZZ US!!"

"I don't care, WEAR. IT."

Hyuga Power-up! Go, go POWER RANGERS-erm…Hyuga Neji!

"Prepare to meet my Hyuga fist of judgment!!"



Top Five Things That Scare Haruno Sakura:

5. Naruto's apartment. (Evil lurks behind those walls. EVIL, I SAY!)

4. Bugs. (Because seriously what girl isn't?)

3. Kakashi's Giggle Fest. (What's scarier than your aloof COOL teacher breaking down into school girl giggles-galore?)

2. Sasuke's PMS Stage. (Because the boy is in serious need of a mood ring…SERIOUSLY.)

And number one reason…Impersonator Sasuke. Aka: Rock-Lee-Pretending-AND-Dressing-Like-Our-Little-Emo-Princess.

And that is why Sakura is currently huddled into a little ball in a box in front of the currently brooding Rock-erm Sasuke.

"Hn." Sasu-Lee glared before straightening his blue shirt. Which might I add has an Uchiha fan drawn quite badly on the back…

"Um…Lee…Why are you dressed as Sasuke…?"

Sasu-Lee stuck his hands into the pockets of his white shorts, "Aa."

Suddenly he gripped her shoulders, "Sakura…Will you-"

Neji stopped his fist within inches from the two squirrel impersonators, "T-Tenten?"

Tenten let out a sigh of relief, "Thank God, I found you! I was looking for you for forever!"


'Maybe she came to say sorry…'

"I'm SO sorry, Neji!"

Inner Neji punched a fist through the air, 'Hell YEAH! I'm flipping PSYCHIC!'

'Shhh. Listen to her.'

'Maybe she's gonna ask us out!'

'Shut. Up."

Tenten looked up with big brown doe-like eyes, "How can I have been so stupid? It was so obvious! I didn't think about your feelings at all. I mean, I should have noticed right away that you liked Kiba-"

'Wait a second…'


Tenten cocked a slim eyebrow up, "Well, judging by your reaction when I told you, I thought it was clear that well…You're-"

"PFFT!! HA, HA!! She thought you were GAY!!!" Orochimaru burst out into giggles.

Neji slapped a hand to his face. As Shikamaru would say, 'Too troublesome…'

"Wait…You're NOT gay, Neji…?"

Neji glanced beneath his hand, "What do you think?"

Tenten blushed darkly, "O-oh…W-well…"


Tenten squeaked, "Uh…yeah?"

"Are you…still going with Kiba?"

"Well…I don't know really-"

Suddenly Neji gripped her wrist and started to drag her away, "Good, because you're going with me."

Tenten shook herself out of her daze, "Wait…What? Hey Neji, wait! WAIT!"

Sasuke cursed softly under his breath. He had been running for a good forty-five minutes before he finally locked onto her chakra signature.

Honestly, shouldn't a pink-haired girl be I don't know…EASY to find?

The Uchiha leapt from the building he was dashing across to the street. All he had to do was turn the corner and-

"Will you go out with me, Sakura?"

Sakura blinked uncontrollably before pointing to herself, "Me?"

Sasu-Lee nodded very un-Sasuke-like, "Yes, Sakura-chan."



Green eyes whipped around to meet an onyx pair. Sasuke stepped around the corner, sweat dripping down his face and a determine look flashing before her eyes.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She had two choices. Which one, which one…To say yes and finally move on, or to say no and face possible rejection again…

Suddenly, emerald eyes opened, she wouldn't be played as the fool anymore.

"Lee, I-"

Day 12 finished.

Operation J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y reaching to the CLIMAX!

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