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It was a dreary night in Bayville, and the black clouds that had been looming in the grey sky were threatening to rain all day. Pietro pulled the hood of his black sweater over his head as icy raindrops fell to the ground all around him, starting of softly, but getting stronger until the roads were slick with water. Slightly shivering with a face set as stone Pietro continued his walk down the dark alleyway. Soon enough, the familiar smell of seawater greeted him as he neared the Acolyte base. Placed conveniently on the Bayville docks, the base was disguised as a rundown warehouse. Pietro sighed, gazing up at the boarded up windows, trying to convince himself what he was doing here. Magneto's calls were always as unexpected as they were unwelcome to Pietro, usually leading to stupid plans for the Brotherhood to beat the X-Men, which always failed. This time Magneto had asked to speak with Pietro personally, face-to-face, which was rare. He had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach considering the only other time he had been called here was when Wanda escaped the mental asylum.

'Oh yeah, this is gonna be great,' he thought sarcastically to himself approaching the secret entrance of the hideout with some difficulty. It was a side door, blocked off by empty crates. After moving two of them and bending over to pick up a third, a screen popped out of a section of the wall that slid open right next to his face. He fell over backwards in shock onto the wet ground that soaked through the back of his jeans.

"What the hell!" he shouted angrily picking uphis thoroughly wet self. The screen blinked on, and Pyro's demonic face grinned back at him.

"Hello there! You could just knock you know," he said.

"How could I knock? The door was blocked!" Pietro asked as rudely as possible.

"Well, sooorry! We always come through the roof, and besides you're an hour late. Magneto thought you were a no-show," Pyro said frowning.

"Whatever, just let me in," Pietro said, eager to get out of the rain.

"Fine, just a sec…" Pietro heard a deep rumbling sound and the planks that the crates were over slid open and all the crates fell into the opening. Once they all dropped through, the section closed up and a metal door was revealed on the wall the crates had been blocking.

"Now just go to the end of the hall and knock on the door. One of 'em should answer," Pyro drawled with the tone of a bored receptionist. The screen blinked of and slid back into the wall. It was dark outside, but not half as dark as the hallway Pietro had just entered. He shut the door behind him and groped his way down the hallway, his jeans making a squishing sound as he walked. Finally he reached the door Pyro had mentioned and knocked loudly. After a moment of waiting in the darkness the door was opened and Pietro found himself face to face with Colossus who towered at least two feet above him, regarding him with suspicion.