This is just an AU of what could have happened if the end of the movie had gone differently.

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"When the light turns, I'm going for it." Dom said, and then turned his head, and watched for the light to change.

Brian swallowed, and nodded, also turning towards the light. He got ready, and when the light changed, he pressed the gas pedal down. He stared straight ahead, but out of the corner of his eye, he could see Dom's car lift up on it's back wheels, and then hit the ground. They were neck and neck, and then Dom pulled ahead.

Afraid to lose him, Brian pushed one of the NOS buttons, and felt the speed propel him forward, pumping adrenaline through his system. He pulled up beside Dom, and they were side by side again. Brian looked up, and saw that the crossing was getting nearer and nearer. There was a loud whistle, and he turned his head to see a train barreling down the tracks.

He swallowed again, and just before they reached the tracks, Brian's car slowed down to it's normal speed, and Dom pulled out ahead of him. Brian hit the other NOS button, and nothing happened, but it was too late to stop, and he closed his eyes, afraid.

He heard the screech of brakes and Dom yelling for him, as the back end of the Supra was crashed into by the train. The Supra spun around, and hit the side of the train, and then flipped. Brian cried out as the car impacted with the ground, and his arm was crushed against the door, and the seat.

The car rolled again, and Brian's head smacked against the window. When the Supra finally stopped rolling, Brian looked around, dazed. He could see his vision darkening. The darkness was pulling at him, and he was tempted to let it take over.

He could hear the breaking of glass, and then his seatbelt was undone. Strong arms pulled him out of the Supra, and laid him on the ground. He looked up, and saw Dom staring back at him with wide concerned eyes.

"C'mon Bri, stay with me, I can't lose you too." The big man said, and Brian remembered Jesse and Vince dying just minutes earlier. He tried to nod, but it hurt too much to move.

"NOS didn't work." He said, and Dom nodded.

"Figured that when you pulled back. Thought you were going to die right then and there." Dom said, and pressed on Brian's stomach. Brian hissed in pain.

"Not... the...only one." Brian said between gasps of pain. He was still afraid of dying. He knew there was something really wrong when all the pain started to fade, and everything started to numb.

He looked up and saw Dom had a phone, and wondered where the man had gotten a phone, but his thoughts didn't linger on that fact for long. He heard the sirens of approaching police cars, and an ambulance.

"Run." Brian said, and when Dom looked at him quizzically. "You won't go back, right?" He asked, and Dom nodded. "Then don't, just... go." Brian said.

"What about you Bri?" Dom asked.

"Doesn't hurt anymore." Brian said, and Dom expression went to one of absolute fear. Brian knew that he wasn't going to last long. "I owe you, just go before they get here." All those years as a cop didn't leave him with nothing. He knew that the reason everything was numb and that the pain was gone was because of blood lose and shock. He knew he was dying.

"Brian," Dom said, turning to look at the Charger, and then back to Brian. His look was uneasy as if he didn't know what to do.

"Go, I'll be fine." He said, and everything faded away. He head lolled to the side, and his eyes rolled back.

"Brian! Brian!" Dom yelled, taking the mans head in his hands, and turning it. He checked for a pulse, and found a faint one. Brian was still breathing, but he was struggling to. Dom lifted Brian's shirt, and saw blood all over his torso. The blood hadn't really shown when the shirt was on because he was wearing a black tee.

Dom cursed himself when he saw the rib sticking up just out of the skin, and knew there must be one puncturing Brian's lung too. There was nothing he could do to help, but he wasn't going to leave Brian alone, not like Vince, not like Jesse. He couldn't lose Brian too.

No matter what the kid had done, he didn't deserve this. What the hell was he talking about when he said that he had owed Dom? That was bullshit, if anything Dom owed Brian. Brian had tried his hardest to save Vince, and he could see that some of the bruising was from jumping onto that truck. Then he had risked his life to avenge Jesse.

The only thing Dom could blame Brian for was betraying him, but really he didn't. The kid was just doing his job, and he had even let that go when he had shot Tran, and when he had told Dom to go. If anyone really thought about it, Brian had given up everything for Dom and the team, and what did he get for it? He got a car crash, and a rib to the lung. It looked as if the kid's arm was broken too. There was a large gash on his

Dom was brought out of his reverie when Brian coughed. The kid's face was scrunched in pain, and he was still unconscious. Dom put his hand on Brian's chest, just lightly, and put the other on Brian's back, lifted him into a sitting position, to help him breathe better, and make sure that he didn't choke on the blood that was now running down his chin.

Dammit, where were the paramedics? Brian was dying!

As if on queue an ambulance rounded the corner, and came straight at them. Dom was laying Brian back down now, and the ambulance stopped in front of them. Two men jumped out, and a woman got out of the back. Dom was moved away from Brian so that they could have room to work.

Brian's labored breathing stopped as they moved him away, and he had to fight the urge to go back to him. A breath mask was placed over Brian's mouth and nose, and CPR was started. There were pumps and blows, and Dom found himself hoping that Brian would breathe back.

About a minute later, Brian took a shallow breath on his own, and Dom almost jumped for joy. Brian was strapped to a stretcher, and loaded into an ambulance. Dom could see them putting a tube down Brian's throat, but then the doors closed, and his view was blocked.

He started back to his Charger when his hands were suddenly pulled behind his back, and a man spoke; "Dominic Toretto, you are under arrest for the heisting of twelve eighteen wheel trucks." The man went through the list of Dom's rights, but Dom tuned him out, and didn't fight as he was led to an unmarked police car.

Dom was quiet the whole ride, but his attention snapped back to the present when the police car pulled up at the local hospital. He looked at the man who was driving curiously. "Why?" Was the only thing that Dom asked.

"Because for some odd reason Brian feels safe with you, so when he wakes up, I want you to be there for him. Besides the only way that we have a case against you is if Brian testifies against you, and I don't think that is going to happen." When Dom looked at him as if he were crazy, the man continued. "None of the truck drivers came forward, and we can't seem to find any of the stolen property to use as evidence, so I guess that I have to let you go. We were holding you under suspicion anyways, so there is no way for us to hold you any longer without evidence." The man said, and got out. He opened Dom's door, and uncuffed him. Dom almost ran straight to the ER, but he held back, and asked, "Who are you?"

"The name is Nick Tanner, and I was Brian's superior officer." The man said, and Dom took a good look at him. The man was short with a wayward beard and reddish blond hair. His eyes were covered with gawky sunglasses. He didn't look much like an officer, but then again wasn't that the point of undercover?

Dom just nodded, and took off towards the doors of the hospital. He went straight to the desk, and asked about Brian. He was led down the hall to a surgery waiting room. He had been told that Brian would be in surgery for a while yet, and that he should probably get some rest and get changed, but he didn't want to leave the hospital, so the nurses were getting him some scrubs and were going to let him use the showers at the hospital.

He had thanked them as they handed him the clothes, and then a young nurse led him to the shower room. He thanked her quietly, and almost mechanically. He took a short shower, and got changed, throwing his other clothes in the trash as he walked back to the surgery waiting room.

Getting comfortable in one of the plush chairs, Dom closed his eyes briefly before he remembered Mia, and was on his feet again in a flash. He went to the desk, and asked to use the phone. He dialed her number, having memorized the numbers and the pad, he did it without looking.

She picked up on the second ring, and sounded out of breath when she said, "Hello?"

"Mia, it's Dom." Dom said, answering her question.

"Dom!" She squealed, and he had to hold the phone away from his ear so that he didn't lose his hearing. "Where are you?" She asked, her voice more reserved this time.

"I'm at the hospital." He said, and could hear the sharp intake of breath she took over the phone.

"Are you okay? What happened?" She asked in quick succession.

"I'm okay. It's Brian," he said, and then added, "Mia, there's been an accident, Brian's hurt real bad." He said, his voice low.

"Is he, is he going to make it?" She asked, her voice catching, and he could tell that she was crying.

"I don't know, Mia, I just don't know." He said, and his voice betrayed the turmoil that he was feeling inside.

"I'll be there in a few minutes." She said, and he nodded before he remembered that she couldn't see him.

"I'll be waiting for you." He said, and he heard her phone click, then put down his own. "Thank you." He said to the nurse at the desk who nodded, and gave him a sympathetic look, before turning back to her work.

Dom walked back down the hall, and took the seat that he had been sitting in before calling Mia. He settled in it, and closed his eyes, leaning his head back. He fell into a light sleep, but the images of the train crashing into the Supra, and the way Brian looked at him when he pulled the blond man out of the orange car.

He was startled awake by a gentle hand on his shoulder. He looked up to find himself staring into the eyes of his sister, and there were tears there in the dark brown orbs. He stood up, and took her in his arms.

"I can't lose another person." She whispered, and he nodded, telling her that he felt the same as she did. She stayed in his arms until she stopped shaking, and looked up at him with glistening eyes. "What happened?" She asked, her voice shaky.

"Up near the old train tracks, Brian and I were racing, and he said that the NOS didn't work, and all the sudden there was a train, and it hit the back of Brian's Supra. He looked so scared as the car flew through the air, Mia; he tried to let me go even when he might be dying." He said and looked at her, she could see even though he wouldn't show it that he wanted to break down.

"After all that happened, he still tried to let me go." He said, and then a small smile appeared on his face. "Turns out that the police didn't even have enough evidence to hold me, so he went through all that trouble for nothing. He tried his hardest to save Vince, and he avenged Jesse; he might even face charges for that, but I doubt it; dammit Mia! He was willing to give up his job, and his life just so I wouldn't go back to jail." Dom said, and had to sit down as the full impact of what happened that day finally let itself be known to him. It felt as if his chest was being pressed in, and his head was pounding.

"Hey, it will be alright, you'll see." Mia cooed, and took him in her arms. He wouldn't allow himself to cry, but he did hug her back, leaning into her embrace. They stayed like that for about two hours until the doors opened, and a doctor removing his protective mask walked out, and stopped in front of them.

"Family of Brian O'Connor?" He asked, and they nodded as Tanner came in. "It was touch and go for a while, we lost him twice on the table. He has three broken ribs, and one had punctured his right lung making it hard for him to breathe, so we repaired the ribs and his lung, and we had to remove his spleen. It had been too badly bruised in the crash to save.

"We are still watching his left kidney, he may lose it yet from the impact it took. He had a concussion from hitting his head on the window and the steering wheel. The last of the injuries that we had to deal with was a fractured wrist, and forearm. He will need to undergo physical therapy for it, but he should regain the full use of his wrist in time." The doctor stopped and took a breath.

"Can we see him?" Mia asked before the doctor could finish.

"He is in recovery right now, but when he is moved to a room in ICU you can." The doctor said, and noting their questioning looks, he added, "He has been put on a respirator, and we have to keep him in a drug induced coma until some of his injuries can heal better, so he doesn't move and reopen some of them." When they nodded, he continued. "We also found something during surgery. Has Mr. O'Connor ever mentioned any heart problems to you before?"

"No, and there is nothing about it in his police report either." Tanner said.

"Well then either it's new or no one has ever caught it before, but Mr. O'Connor has HCM, a heart disease that can make him have a heart attack from too much exertion, or stress." The doctor said, and everyone looked at him startled and afraid at the news. "We almost lost him on the table because of it, and even though it's rare, Mr. O'Connor had a heart attack during surgery. Luckily it didn't do too much damage, but he will have to go on medication for it, and if it gets to be a bigger problem, we may need to operate." The doctor finished and the three nodded.

"Can he still be a cop?" Tanner asked.

"Only on desk duty." The doctor said, and Tanner shook his head.

"Brian won't do that. It's just not the way he is." Dom nodded in agreement while Mia just looked like she wanted to cry.

"When will he be moved to his room?" She asked, her voice small and afraid for the blond cop that had been taken into all of their hearts.

The doctor looked at his watch, and said; "Actually, they should be moving him right about now." They nodded, and the doctor added, "I'll show you to his room, but just so you are warned, don't be afraid of all the tubes, and wires attached to him." They all nodded, and got up to follow him.

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