Leon, Letty, Mia, Dom, Sean, Matt and Brian arrived at the cemetery for Jesse's and Vince's funerals; with Matt pushing Brian in a wheelchair. The air was quiet, the day, dark. It was a solemn occasion, and all the occupants of the cemetery treated it that way, as they each paid their individual respects to both Jesse and Vince. Matt and Sean hung in the background, knowing this ceremony was important to everyone there, and that each person needed their space as they thought about the two men; two of their family members; who had died.

Brian was pale, but he seemed to be getting better; though the funeral and thoughts about what had happened to the two men being buried today made him lose some of his cool. The blond man looked close to tears as he said what he wanted to say, what he needed to say to each man. He looked a lot older than his twenty eight years as he spoke softly to the casket that held Jesse, and it was all Sean and Matt could do not to go and be with their brother.

As Dom said what he needed, stroking the smooth mahogany of the coffins; the man looked near tears. It was understandable and perfectly fine for the tears that shown in the big Italian's eyes as he said his final good-bye to his two brothers.

Mia was crying as she laid a blood red rose on each of the caskets, tears seeping into the ground as she said her goodbyes. Her heart had been broken, losing two men that had been brothers, and one maybe more, in such tragic ways. Jesse had only been twenty three and Vince mere six years older; when both their lives had been cut short. Neither man deserved the fate they had been dealt, though there was nothing that could be done about what had happened, the consequences set in stone; leaving a family broken.

Leon and Letty each spent their time with their family. They said and did what needed to be, each adding their own personal touch to their dead friends. Letty left a note and white rose to each man; while Leon just talked in hushed tones to each fallen brother for a long time; getting out what he needed to say.

As the new family walked out of the cemetery to face what was to come, they knew that thought they had lost two brothers, they had gained two more with Matt and Sean. They would protect that which was theirs or their family, with a ferocity that the world had yet to see, having dealt with too much pain in their lives already.


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