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Chapter One: In Which Complicated Paper Airplanes Find Purpose

Brooke stared at her computer for the longest time trying to figure out how the hell she could end her story. She couldn't choose how to answer The Ultimate Question best this time and was being conflicted between two choices. 'Purgatory or Dream?' she thought to herself. 'If it's Purgatory, that sucks. But if it's a dream, then Sawyer doesn't exist,' it was a hard decision to make. Purgatory wasn't quite a popular answer with her, but the thought of Sawyer not actually existing wasn't very welcome, either.

Eventually, she decided to go with the widely popular (in other places) Purgatory theory. That way, she-that is, her character- and Sawyer could live happily together somewhere in heaven. It was perfect, it was sappy, but (most of all) it was easy.

Brooke yawned, stretched, and looked up at the clock. It was nearly midnight! 'Oh crap!' she thought. The rather unfortunate day school would be tomorrow played through her head as she quickly dressed in her pj's and threw the covers over her head, quickly shutting her eyes and trying to fall asleep. She would have succeeded too, if not for a little noise that she heard at the window.

She tried blaming it on the 'stupid, old house,' but it was less of a creaking noise and more of a soft 'tap, tap, tap' (which was becoming more and more impatient by the second).

"Go away!" Brooke mumbled, covering her head with her pillow. She didn't care is a mass murderer was taping at her window right now, she was far to tired.

Curiosity, though, eventually got the best of her. She threw off her covers and angrily stormed toward the window. When she opened it to yell at whoever was throwing rocks at this ungodly hour of the night, a little paper airplane flew in, went in a circle around her room, and eventually crashed on her desk.

Brooke stared at the little, complicated paper airplane for a minute before finally slowly walking over to her desk. It had unfolded itself to revel what looked like an application form. Brooke stared at it, and then shrugged; What could be the harm in filling it out? She picked up her pen and began to answer the questions:

Name: Brooke Fox

Country: America

Race: Non-Island Human

Age: 16

Lust Object: Sawyer/James/whatever name he's going by this week

Favorite Character: Sawyer

Least Favorite Character: Kate

Favorite Pairing: Sawyer/me

I have seen: All of the episodes/most of the episodes/a couple of the episodes/read the episode descriptions/read the fanfictions

Have you ever written a Mary-Sue? Yes/No(Brooke didn't know what a Mary-Sue was, so she choose the safe answer (or so she thought). All she knew was that a lot of her favorite authors had said something about their writing being Sueish.)

Have you ever written slash? Yes/No

Have you ever written a songfic? Yes/No

If so, which song(s) did you use? Time of Your Life (At the moment, Brooke couldn't remember who had written it.)

Are you a part of a Lost community? Yes/No

If Yes, explain the nature of the community:

I am afraid of: Ethan/Locke/Polar Bears/Boars/Unseen Monsters/planes/heights/numbers/dead people who won't stay dead/other (please specify)

I will not blame the Official Fanfiction University of the Island (OFUI) for any harm I may sustain during my attendance at the University. Anything that may happen to me is the result of my own stupidity, and I take full responsibility.

Signed: Brooke Fox

Yawning, she set the paper down and crashed on her bed, not noticing the paper then re-assemble itself into a plane and fly out the open window.

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