Disclaimer: same as always…

Disclaimer: same as always…

A/N I hope you liked this story. The ending isn't quite as shippy as I would like it to be but I think it's true to the characters and the show as we know them. Sorry if you hate it but I have to follow my muse.

Anyway I haven't completely pulled them apart – just given them somewhat of a setback. I only hope the DA writers for S2 are as gentle to us shippers this year!


Lydecker sat back and contemplated the events of the last week. All in all things had not worked out too badly. Renfro was gone, killed in his raid and Manticore was firmly back in his hands. All he had had to do was show the committee some information about her plans for the killer hoverdrone and they had been back in his corner 100%. After all he had single handedly saved them from her planned coup'd'tat.

No matter that said coup had never really existed. They believed it had. So now he was the man of the hour.

On the negative side he had lost an X5. Brin had killed Tinga in the raid. Deck hated to see anything happen to one of his kids. Brin had been strongly disciplined for using deadly force but that wouldn't bring back the dead X5.

Max and Zack were still out there but he had his information on Eyes Only. For now he was willing to give him, and Max, some rope but the day would come when he would make use of both of them. In a way having Max out there was a plus. With the leverage Eyes Only would give him on her he could envision possible future uses for her. She was the key. Zack and the others would fall into her lead

No it hadn't worked out badly for him. Smiling to himself Deck closed his files and turned off his light locking his office door behind him as he left.