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The night was bright, a full moon shed light over the forest. Everything was emerald green, and full of an enchanted life. He stepped quietly over the mossy ground and into the clearing by the pool. The ancient stone sculptures, consisting of a lion, three saints, four maidens, an angel, and a great dragon, looked down from their places that surrounded the clearing. The trees filtered the light, allowing only a bluish glow to enter this sacred place. Stone columns rose from near the pool, vines creeping up them. Leaning against one, tossing flower petals into the pool, was a young woman.

She had come...her cream gown glistened as she turned to him. It was fitted and fell softly about her curves, enhancing her features. Silver accented the dress, which reflected the light that fell upon her. Her curly brown hair was caught up and the silver tiara upon her head only added to her flawless form.

He ran to her and caught her in his arms, lifting her slightly in and embrace. She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his forehead softly. Her eyes were dark also, and they stared right into his, happiness glittering from within. He leaned down and their lips met, passion wrapping itself around them. Much too soon, she pulled away, at the distant sound of a bell tolling. It was midnight, and with each toll, she grew farther away from him. Louder and louder the tolling came, and the scenery faded from around him...

Van Helsing awoke suddenly, and surveyed his surroundings. Carl was banging pots and pans by the fire, attempting to cook breakfast for the two of them. The forest around them was dreary, but it was nothing compared to the trials he'd been put through recently. That dream...Van Helsing thought, remembering the soft kisses...Anna. It was the first dream he'd had since Transylvania, since he'd lost Anna. He could still see her, in that white gown, with the sparkling tiara on her head. Sighing, he rubbed his eyes and lifted himself from the ground.

"Good morning Carl. What's it going to be this morning?" He asked Carl, who was muttering something about the pans.

Without looking up, Carl replied "Good day to you too. As soon as I can find the right...AH-HA!" he paused, holding up a circular frying pan, "we'll be having the same as any other morning, salt pork with some of that tasty bread from Transylvania." He finished, pulling some of the salt pork out of his pack and plopping it in the pan.

Ten minutes and a few curses later, breakfast was served. The meat was only slightly burned, and the bread was just a tad bit stale. Carl sat by the fire, sucking on his burned hand, while Van Helsing worked to pack the bags and get the horses ready.

"Come on Carl, it wasn't even that bad." Van Helsing said, knowing that Carl tended to over-react to things like this. He pulled Carl up and shoved a small bucket into his hands. "You should put that fire out; it would be dangerous to keep it going." He grinned as Carl walked over to the stream they were camped by and filled the bucket. He trudged over to the fire and splashed the water clumsily over the burning wood, cursing under his breath.

Only a short time after that, Van Helsing and Carl had everything packed up and were ready to go. They set off at a steady trot, and moved farther into the forest. For a long while they rode in silence, watching the surroundings for any sign of civilization. Finally Carl broke the silence "So where are we going then?" he questioned, not really knowing why they had left the comfortable inn at Transylvania. "I wasn't aware of any more instruction, I thought we were done for a while!" he continued in his usual whine.

"Have you ever had a feeling in your gut that tells you to go somewhere?" Van Helsing asked, without looking at Carl.

"I think I'm getting one now...it's telling me we shouldn't have left in the first place!" Carl returned, remembering the feathery soft mattresses and fluffy pillows of the inn.

"Shut up Carl" Van Helsing replied, and kicked his horse into a canter. Where are we going...Van Helsing thought...Why are we here...He didn't know the answer and didn't want Carl to know he was unsure. Carl, in the meantime, had brought his horse up to speed, and was mumbling and cursing under his breath.

Before noon they spotted a castle surrounded by a village in the distance. It was perched on a hill so that it stuck up past the tallest trees of the forest. Everything was green...with an emerald hue. Anna in a cream dress...looking every bit the princess she was...Van Helsing remembered the dream. Slowing to a walk, he took in all of the sights and sounds, almost nervous by the familiarity of it. As soon as the feeling came, it left, and he once again felt his normal self.

"At least you've chosen a beautiful place to come to" Carl said, sighing with the beauty of the place. "Please tell me we're going to stay here, Van Helsing" he said this as more of a question than a statement, and looked at Van Helsing for an answer.

"You'll see, Carl." Van Helsing replied, knowing in his mind that this is where he was meant to be led. Nothing more was said between the two and they focused more on the scenery. Up ahead a clearing could be seen, though nothing else about it was clear enough to see. As they got closer, Van Helsing felt his heart skip a beat. The clearing had ten stone statues placed around the edges of it, with a pool of water to one side of the path. Everything was exactly as it was in the dream...including Anna.

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