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Lady Eli

"Van Helsing!" Carl cried out, instantly pulling all thoughts of the princess away from Van Helsing's mind. Upon opening his eyes, he could see nothing wrong, but he knew Carl's knack for getting into trouble so he wasted no time in dressing and throwing open the small door to his room. Once again Carl called out to him, and as he descended the stairs, he let his hand move down to his sword.

"What's going on" Van Helsing commanded as he walked calmly from the staircase into the cottage's main room. Carl was sitting at the table they had eaten at the night before, some sort of food placed before him. Princess Elena, who was standing in front of him, had a dagger pointed at his throat.

"You…" She cried as she saw Van Helsing. She gave a threatening look to Carl before turning to face Van Helsing. "…Leave this place! Go! You are either liars or demons, and either are bad luck in these lands!" She continued, her voice shaking.

"Van Helsing! I don't want to die! You remember how we talked about feelings? Mine are telling me we need to leave!" Carl threw in quickly before a look from Elena made him hut his mouth.

"Princess…put down the dagger and let me explain!" Van Helsing said in a gentle but strong voice. He instantly knew that they would have to trust this girl, or else they had already fallen in too deep of a trap. It was obvious to tell that Carl had told her their story.

"I've done nothing to merit this torture! Leave! I've done all that's been commanded of me! You are truly evil!" Elena screamed as Van Helsing took a step towards her. She pushed the dagger closer to Carl, who instantly started reciting every prayer of mercy he had ever learned.

"Princess, our story is odd, but entirely true. I am Gabriel Van Helsing. I am part of a war against all that is evil, and I have just recently rid the world of a werewolf and four vampires. I assure you, we are not of the devil…quite the opposite." He said in a slow voice, hoping that Elena would feel the truth through his tone. He watched as her grip on the dagger relaxed. She let the dagger fall on the floor and slid down as if the energy had been drained from her body. She looked at Van Helsing, and tears ran down her cheeks.

"Forgive me, Gabriel! Forgive me for not knowing it was you!" She said as she stayed knelt down. Van Helsing didn't know what she was talking about, but was relieved that she finally accepted their story.

"Wait a moment…you're telling me you know him?" Carl asked in a confused, but also relieved voice. He was still sitting at the table, but had a hand around his neck as if he was trying to assure himself that it was still there.

"Yes…I am Princess Elena, you know that, but there haven't been any more members of the royal family since Ginney, my dearest sister, was imprisoned. I have been doomed to stay here, banished from the castle but bound to my sister's resting place. I am to kill anyone who wishes to free her, but long ago I learned that the Sorceress couldn't watch my every move. I have been waiting for you, and so has my sister…as well as everyone else in the land." Elena said as she dried her face. Joy shone in her eyes, and for once Van Helsing felt a ray of hope in his heart…something he hadn't felt since he had left Transylvania.