Camp Horror

By: Meru Organa

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Hi, my name is Atilea, my sister Izzaliza and I are fourteen, and we like some of the same things. For instance Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and to write. I have dark short brown hair and green eyes, Izzaliza has blonde hair and red highlights, along with blue eyes. However, this summer many things were going to change. It began on the last day of school; Izzaliza and I were sitting on the bus talking when our younger cousins, Tyler and Shana, sat in the seat behind us all happy and weird. Shana had almost black eyes and black hair, Tyler, short blonde hair, and light blue eyes.

"Hi Ty… what's up?" Izzaliza asked.

"We…um…" he said.

"Spit it out already!" I said.

"We gotta go to camp, tomorrow, we're staying at your place tonight." Tyler said hoping that we would not scream.

"What? YES!" Izzaliza and I said in unison.

"That's our stop, come on guys." said ten-year-old Shana.

We hopped off the bus and walked into our small house. After setting up Shana's bed and Tyler's we started to pack our duffel bags and gather our important things. By the time it was time for dinner, we had everything set. However, at bedtime, I couldn't sleep.

"Izzaliza, are you worried?" I asked.

"Nah, try to get some sleep."

The next morning when we finally got off the bus, a tall girl with red hair, and red shorts with a white tee was standing there. She had a nametag that said "Lana" written in cursive.

"Hiya! Welcome to Camp Werecat! I'm Lana! Now, you must be Atilea, Izzaliza, Tyler, and Shana." she said.

"Yes, we need our uniforms and our cabin numbers please." said Izzaliza shifting her feet.

"Okay, Izzaliza, Atilea, you're in Cabin Eleven, Tyler, Cabin Twenty, and Shana, you're in Cabin Eight. Lunch is at noon, Dinner is at six, and breakfast is from seven to eight." said Lana.

"Thanks see ya!" said Tyler as he headed for the boys side of the camp.

"Bye!" said Shana leaving us and heading towards her cabin.

"Come on, Cabin Elevens by the lake." Izzaliza said to me.

We walked towards the white cabin silently, when we reached the lake we saw a group of boys swimming, one of them had light brown hair and brown eyes, he was trying to get a boy about Izzaliza's height with light blue hair into the water.

"Come on Si! It's just water!" said the taller boy.

"No Jaden! I can't swim!" said the blue haired boy.

The dude called Jaden saw me and waved, I felt a little bit embarrassed, Izzaliza giggled and I pushed her inside the cabin. A set of bunk beds were there along with two other girls. One of them had pink hair and gold eyes; she was reading a magazine upside down. The other girl was Asian.

"Hey, I'm Izzaliza and this is my sister Atilea." Izzaliza said.

"Hey, I'm Rosaline, and this is Julie." said the pink haired girl.

"Nice to meetcha." I said as I shook Julie's hand.

"Me too." said Rosaline.

"I found our Uniforms!" Izzaliza said waving a couple of purple shorts and white tees with a picture of a half girl, half cat on the back and the words "Camp Werecat" in Rainbow letters on the front.

"Did you see that cute Jaden Yuki?" asked Julie as we changed into swimsuits.

"Yes, he's hott!" said Rosaline sitting up.

I suddenly felt jealous, and I did not know why.

"He waved to Atilea." said Izzaliza.

"Shut it!" I said.

"Oooo!" said Julie pulling on her swimsuit.

"Let's go, free swim starts in five minutes." Rosaline said opening the cabin door and walking outside.

The boys from earlier were sitting on the pier, the one called Jaden got up and walked over towards us, immediately Rosaline and Julie began to giggle.

"Hey! I'm Jaden Yuki, and you are?" Jaden asked me holding out his hand.

"Atilea…" I said shyly.

"Nice to meetcha!" he said as I shook his hand, it was cold and wet.

A tall person of about seventeen came over; he had dark hair and blue eyes.

"Hiya, Izzaliza, Atilea, I'm the counselor for the boys, my name's Akron. All right, let free swim begin!" he said and blew his whistle.

The boys immediately lunged into the water and started to play Shark. I laughed as Izzaliza sat down and Julie pushed her in.

"Julie! I'll get you for that!" said Izzaliza swimming after Julie.

I walked at to the edge of the pier and looked into the deep clear water. I felt someone behind as they pushed me into the deep water! In addition, I could not swim! I felt water in my lungs as I fell deeper into the water; no one noticed that I was drowning, a faint figure was swimming towards me, and then everything went dark…


"Atilea!" Jaden cried as somebody pushed me into the deep water.

"She can't swim!" Izzaliza screamed.

"I'll get her!" Jaden said diving into the water swimming towards me, grabbing my arms he pulled me out of the water and onto the shore.

"She needs CPR!" Rosaline said.

"Jaden! Pinch her nose and breathe into her mouth!" Sirus said.

"What!" Jaden said taken aback.

"Tilt her head back!" Sirus said and Jaden tilted my head back.

Pinching my nose shut Jaden took a deep breathe and he breathed into my mouth, after doing this several times I woke up coughing.

"Hack! Hack!" I coughed choking up water.

"Thank god!" said Julie hugging me.

"Sis! You're okay!" Izzaliza said.

"You saved her Jaden!" said Izzaliza standing on her toes kissing Jaden twice on the cheek.

"I had to!" Jaden said turning red.

"You helped too!" Izzaliza said grabbing Sirus and kissing him twice on each cheek.

I could not tell who was blushing more out of Sirus and Jaden.

"Thanks…" I replied after a fit of coughing.

"No problem…" Jaden said helping me to my feet.

"What happened?" I asked confused.

"Some jerk pushed you into the water, Jaden jumped in and saved you, I told him how to do CPR." Sirus explained.

"CPR!" I exclaimed and looked at Jaden, then back to Sirus.

Feeling embarrassed I ran back to my cabin and changed into the purple uniform, thinking. Someone purposely pushed me, but why? Why did they want me dead? I grabbed my hairbrush and pulled my hair back.

"Knock, knock." said someone knocking on the cabin door.

"What?" I said irritated.

"Can I come in?" asked a boys voice.

"Sure…" I said grabbing my hairbrush and holding it tight.

The door creaked open and Jaden walked in.

"You okay?" Jaden asked.

Shrugging I sat down on my bunk quietly.

"Listen, I know that it's embarrassing to be fourteen and not know how to swim, but you're going to be okay." Jaden said sitting next to me.

"I trust you… and thank you for saving me." I replied, Jaden looked surprised.

"I have a question, why are we in different colored uniforms?" I asked.

"It depends on age and gender, the ten-year-olds are pink and green, eleven, blue and orange, twelve, yellow and grey, thirteen, white and gold, and the last group, which is us, is purple and black. Counselors are red." Jaden explained.

"That's cool, what's next on our schedule." I asked.

"Treasure hunt." Jaden replied.


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