Camp Horror

By: Meru Organa a.k.a Atilea

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As I left Atilea alone, I knew what Jaden was up to. He was finally going to ask my sister out. In addition, maybe she will learn to trust more people. I thought of this as Sirus and I walked behind a tree near a grotto that Jaden had steered Atilea to. They were talking in hushed voices when we had arrived. I laughed silently as Atilea blushed when Jaden finally asked her to be his girlfriend. The new couple, even though they have always been one, walked back to camp holding hands. Kissing Sirus goodnight I followed them, and then I realized something.

"Tomorrow's our last day! Oh no!" I cried running into the dark cabin.

Atilea was changing into her purple silk Japanese style pajamas when I walked in. Rosaline was already asleep, but Julie was talking on her cell phone quietly to someone. Atilea looked up as I pulled on my matching pajamas too; the only difference was my set was white. Atilea climbed into her bed quietly, but then she patted the edge next to her. She wanted me to sit down. I did and she bursted out with the new news.

"He asked me out… and thank you Izzaliza." she said grinning.

"He told me he was going to." I said, "For what?"

"Telling me the truth about our 'problem'." Atilea admitted.

"I think I know who's trying to kill us. I think it's…" I said.

"Who?" Atilea asked sitting up.

"My real mother… not our adoptive mother." I replied.

"You mean… Andrasa…" Atilea chocked out.

Andrasa is my biological mother. She got pregnant with me at fifteen. When I was born, she put me in foster care after about five years. My father did not step up to adopt me. Atilea's mother died when she was born, and her father did not want the responsibility of taking care of her. Atilea and I shared a room at the orphanage. In addition, we became eternal sisters. After another three years, a man and his caring wife wanted to adopt me. However, I would not leave without Atilea; we were so much similar in many ways. Therefore, they adopted us both. When Atilea and I were eleven Atilea was bitten by a werecat. I had already been a Halfa all my life. I was born with these powers. However, I did not tell Atilea any of this until today. I have been wondering who our father's were for over a year now.

"Yes, my mother… what was your mother's name Atilea?" I asked.

"Rayne." Atilea replied.

"Do you know who your father is?" I asked.

"No… but I need to know who the bastard is." Atilea muttered.

"Atilea!" I said she apologized. She knows I hate swear words.

"We can find out, instead of going home we can go to the orphanage…" I suggested.

"No… I know were 'they' are. Our fathers. Daddy told me." Atilea said.

"What-?" I said.

"'They' live not far from here. In fact, 'they' built this camp." Atilea said.

"So, what do we do?" I asked.

"Leave, tomorrow, but instead of boarding the bus, we go towards a small village near here. Memoriam." Atilea said in a whisper, Julie had finally fallen asleep; I clicked off the lights and turned on a flashlight.

"Okay… maybe we can ask Jay and Si to come along?" I suggested quietly.

"No… Hayley will." Atilea said in the same whisper.

"Who-?" I asked.

"My sister, my half sister I should say." Atilea replied and she clicked of the flashlight.

"Night sis." I said climbing in my bunk and falling asleep.

The next morning Atilea and I packed our stuff. Tyler and Shana boarded the bus before us. Sirus and Jaden were waiting by the entrance before the bus took off; we had told them our plan at breakfast. Si seemed devastated, but Jaden just nodded his head. We walked up the path a little bit so we could say good-bye in private. I gave Sirus a kiss and hug and he boarded the bus. I turned to Atilea. She and Jaden were in a lip-lock (or for those of you who are HP fanatics, I will call it a snogging session). I waited for a couple of seconds, took out my notebook, and whacked them on their heads.

"Hey!" They cried in unison.

"Sorry…" I said giggling uncontrollably.

"Izzaliza! Amscray!" Atilea said.

"We gotta go troops!" came Akron's voice.

"Bye Atilea." Jaden said kissing her softly and running up the path.

"That's the last of 'em." Lana cried a few seconds later. We heard them board and then the bus pulled away…



"Atilea! My feet hurt! So do my legs, and arms, and torso, and-" Izzaliza moaned twenty minutes later.

"Were almost at Hayley's house!" I cried running up the road and cutting her off.

A small white cottage appeared. A girl of sixteen was sitting on the porch looking worried. Her chocolate brown hair was pulled back. With hazel eyes that sparkled, she spotted Izzaliza and me. We panted as we reached the porch.

"How's my little sis?" Hayley asked.

"Great, how's your dad?" I asked.

"Awesome… I miss mom though." Hayley said.

Rayne is Hayley's and my mother; she died when she gave birth to me. We have different fathers though. Hayley's father's name is Ryan. I have no clue who my father is, but I do know where he is. I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that my father is Izzaliza's father too. That we are half-sisters. However, I am not completely sure it is just a hunch. Therefore, I am not about to give that information out just yet. It is bad enough he abandoned us. Hayley let us use her bathroom, eat some ice cream, grab her car key's and she started up her jeep. Climbing in the backseat Izzaliza and I were silent as Hayley drove down the road. Soon we reached Memoriam, the village that he lived in. We stopped in front of a run-downed building.

"Are 'they' here?" Izzaliza asked.

"Someone's here, that's for sure." I muttered.

Hayley nodded in agreement, as she locked up her jeep. We walked to the door, Izzaliza knocked. A twenty-nine year old woman with blonde hair and brown eyes answered.

"Andrasa!" Hayley cried pulling us back from her grasp.

"So the little bitch has returned hasn't she?" Andrasa said.

"Leave Atilea alone!" Hayley screamed protecting me.

"Who is my father?" Izzaliza cried.

"Oh! You mean the man that went and had another child with that whore. Rayne was it?" Andrasa asked.

"What-?" Izzaliza gasped.

"That proves my theory! You are technically my half-sister Izza!" I said fighting back tears.

"Andrasa let us talk. Atilea and Izzaliza need to know the truth." Hayley suggested.

Andrasa thought for a minute, and then nodded her head. She immediately softened up.

"Alright, come in here, I'll explain everything." Andrasa replied and she opened the door all the way.

We walked inside, despite the outside; Izzaliza's mother's house was pretty. She led us into a quaint living room. We sat down on the couch, Andrasa in an armchair facing us.

"Your father's name is Nitex. He was a handsome man. He was pure evil though. The reason why I gave you up Izzaliza is because, you were the result of something terrible, and I could not look at you without horrible memories flashing in my head. That bastard of a father raped me when I was fifteen. Causing me to become pregnant with you. I had to give you up… I am terribly sorry. I found out about Atilea, how Nitex had raped Rayne. Rayne was a happy woman. She was married, had a beautiful daughter, and a wonderful husband. Nitex came to Rayne's house when you were two Hayley, you and Ryan were out of town. He came in acting all upset and everything, luring Rayne towards Ryan and Rayne's bedroom. He pushed her onto the bed, forcing himself onto her. Raping her brutally, she became impregnated. When Hayley and Ryan returned Ryan could not believe what happened. He did not want to look at another man's baby. He asked Rayne to put you up for adoption after you were born. Rayne agreed. While giving birth she lost too much blood, she died during childbirth. You were put up for adoption when you were two Atilea." Andrasa explained.

"So Hayley was four then… that's why I met Atilea when we were five. Not knowing we were half-sisters." Izzaliza said.

"Yes… I came back for you Izzaliza, once I had gotten therapy and I knew I wanted to see you. I came back to the orphanage to find out you and Atilea were adopted. I hated myself for not keeping you. I built Camp Werecat with my cousin Sondra. To feel better. Then I found out Nitex had returned. He has been stalking the children he created, trying to kill you, but not himself, he is having his brother's son do it. Something Princeton I think." Andrasa said.

"Chaz! Oh, I am so stupid! Jaden goes to school with him!" I said standing up.

Izzaliza was taking deep breathes and holding her chest. She became transparent, but she became back to normal.

"Your Halfa powers huh?" Andrasa said, Izzaliza nodded.

"You got those from me…," she continued.

"Mother and Daddy must be worried." I said.

"I'll take you home… It's only an hour from here." Hayley said.

Andrasa embraced her daughter. I looked at my two half-sisters feeling guilty. If only my father would die. He raped two innocent woman. Moreover, he created two bastard children. I hated myself for it. Climbing in the jeep Izzaliza and I cried softly, finally knowing the truth about our damn past. Hayley looked at us from time to time. Maybe next year will be better. Izzaliza and I will be CIT's. I will see Jaden… and Maybe, Life will be better…

The End….

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