It was a nice beautiful day outside and Amy couldn't wait to get out of her oh-so-boring job. I mean working at the movie theater gets pretty old.'10 seconds till I get off of work' Amy thought counting the seconds.

" Bye " Amy waved to her co-workers, nearly running out of the door. Passing by a video store she saw an ad for Sonic's new movie. Amy had one of the advantages that she worked in Hollywood and the theater usually had premiers and stuff like that. 'I have to see that movie' Amy thought as she walked down the street.

" Hey Amy . What are you doing?" Shadow asked.

"Oh nothing just waiting to get off work. What are you doing here?" Amy asked.

"Oh I just have the day off , I thought you would have your lunch break by now. But I'll wait until your lunch break. " Shadow said.

Shadow and Amy knew each other since grade school. Amy started having feeling for him in 9th grade, but he didn't have feeling for her. After that Sonic rescued her Amy when one of Eggman's robot was after her. Since then Amy had been Sonic's #1 fan. Shadow had been waiting years for Amy to get over her schoolgirl crush ,but soon he gave up . He eventually knew he would never have her affections.So he had to settle with being her friend.

"You don't have to wait. Nobody's here so I guess I'll eat now." Amy said walking over to a table to eat.

"So how is everything at Sports Authority?"Amy asked.

Shadow worked at Sports Authority , not really his dream job but close enough . His true passion was snowboarding. He had saved enough to go to the slopes, and he wanted Amy to come.

"Same old same old. Listen for the holidays I'm going to the slopes would you like to come?" Shadow asked.

"Sure ! I'd love to , I don't have anything else to do!" Amy said excitely.

'Now maybe I take her off of Sonic and have her for myself' Shadow thought inwardly. He wanted to be more than friends with Amy and he was going to tell her at the lodge.

But little did he know that his plan would backfire!

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