It was very late in the night and Shadow was getting sleepy. He saw a sign coming up , 50 miles to Lake Tahoe. He was happy to see that he didn't have to drive that long . He glanced over the sleeping form next to him. She hadn't been sleeping that long but it seemed like she did.

Amy felt his gaze on her. "What are you looking at?" she asked.

Shadow looked amused " Nothing just wondering how long I would have to get some peace and quiet."he winked.

"Well you shouldn't look at me , you should be looking at the road." Amy turned serious, looking out the window.

It was silent for a while. Then Amy said ,"Remember when we went camping on a school fieldtrip? I wanted to go but you didn't , and the reason why you went was because your mom made you go."

" Yeah , but it wasn't so bad. I haven't been swimming much since then. "He said remembering the old days.

"Hey , theres a lake coming up, why don't we go?"she said.

"I don't know we're almost there, maybe we can go when we come back."

"Okay " she said

Shadow could hear the disappointment in her voice. So he pulled over. " You know I think we have enough time, we can't start until 10:00."

When he said that Amy was off and out of the car. " Meet you at the lake!" was the last thing she said.

"Amy!Amy!Amy! " but all he could hear was were the crickets and forest murmur in the air.

Then he entered forest not knowing where he was going.

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