Summary: Kagome used to be the popular and happy girl in school. Everyone loved her, until summer break. Now, returning to high school, no one regognizes her. Will someone be able to find out why she's vanished? Inuyasha's POV.

Rated M for the following: Cutting, mention of suicide, adult situations (Miroku's fault this had to be put in), and foul language... If these bother you, then suck it up and read, or leave.

The title of this chapter was, originally, Big News. Then I altered it to be Big News Combo, since I am SOOOO hungry right now. That's all I have to say.

Wait, no it's not. This is the last chapter. I have a preview for a sequal I may write. So, you can all look forward to it, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to typing it. I am trying my best to pass classes and keep out of depression while I do these stories...

Heart of Pain
Chapter Seventeen: Big News Combo

No one knows where Kagome is. There are three people who do, though. My dad does, since he's her lawyer and all. Miroku and Sango know where she is, too. Having people around me know doesn't bother me. Them not telling me bothers me. So, if they won't tell me where Kagome's gone off to, it's bad news. That's the only reasonfor them not to tell me...

Right? Do they think that keeping the news away from me will help me from worrying?

- - -

There's no mystery to it. Girls like to worry their men. They like the special feeling that comes when the man is freaking out and trying to baby them. Sango is one of these girls.

She's been telling Miroku the same thing for ages now. We've got two more classes, then we all graduate. Naturally, this is the time to relax, kick back, and ditch school. But, Sango called both Miroku and I, telling us that she has big news.

So, the past three days we actually came to school. I wasn't going to until Sango almost started crying over it. Rather than try to make up a reason not to come, I came.

It's a good thing that none of my classes are teaching things. Every class has been throwing parties. Every one of them, well, the ones for the seniors are. I'm sure the freshman are still getting homework. Suckers.

"So, is Sango here?" I ask Miroku. He looks at me and shrugs.

"I don't know. First she said she wasn't going to eat, since she doesn't feel good. Then she told me that she was starving and went to the lunch line." Miroku says.

"Wow... Maybe the smell of food settled her stomach." I suggest.

"She said that's what got her sick." He says. I watch as he pulls out a bottle of pills and I imediately back away. I don't get along with any form of pills.

"Relax. These are Vitamin B6 tablets. Sango has started asking me to get them for her. Rather than have her beat me over the head, I bought her a lot. I don't know what the stuff is for." He says.

"Let's see. Vitamin B6 helps the brain, helps you process fat, keeps pregnant women from throwing up, and keeps people from getting diabetes." I tell him. He raises an eyebrow at me then groans.

"Sango's been complaining that she's getting fat recently. I'll bet that she's trying to get the stuff to keep the weight off." Miroku says. I look at Sango as she comes over. My eyes bug out of my head as I slam my can of soda on the table. The soda I had been drinking goes across the table, getting some random kids' white jacket ruined.

"Now I know why she needs help to get the fat to process faster. I mean, with all that food, I would need help too!" I comment. Sango sets down a large plate of food, leaving both of us to stare at it.

"Sango, don't you think that's a little much?" Miroku asks. I nod my head in agreement, but she doesn't seem to notice. I set the tablets down next to her and she grabs two of the pills instantly.

"Thanks. I read that these will help." She says between bites. She takes the pills then continues digging into her food.

"Sango, what's the big deal?" Miroku asks. She glares at him, then looks at me.

"Hey, Inuaysha! Anything new with you?" She asks. I blink, wondering why she's suddenly so interested in my life. She's never like this. She's never so... happy. I mean, she's content all the time, but she's overly happy...

"Not really. My father started moving girl's boxes into our house..." I trail off. She smiles her I-know-exactly-what's-going-on smile then looks at Miroku.

"How's your job going? I heard that your parents were going to buy you a house for graduation." She says. Miroku nods, seeming proud of this fact.

"They already did. I've been moving in and stayed there last night. It's pretty nice." He says. She smiles, and the glint in her eyes is beginning to intimidate me.

"You'll have to show me after school." She says.

"Of course, my dear Sango." He says. I watch his hand inch it's way towards her ass. Sango eats the food, hardly even taking notice to his hand. When he does begin to stroke her butt, she only looks at him.

"Not in public." She says tiredly. She goes back to eating, leaving both Miroku and I stunned. This is the woman who yells at him for trying, and beats him for succeeding. He just succeeded, and she said not in public! What!

"What's going on?" I ask the two of them. Miroku shrugs, and Sango ignores me. She must be really hungry. I grab a fry from her over-flowing heap of food and shove it in my mouth before she notices.

"Inuyasha, you mentioned your father taking girl's boxes in one of the rooms of your house..." Miroku says. I look at him, knowing he's trying to break the un-easy silence.

"Oh yeah. He won't tell me who they belong to. He's saying that they're being stored in the Room of Mystery." I tell him.

"Room of Mystery?" Sango echos. Amazing how she can talk with all that food in her mouth.

"Yah. It's completely empty and gets some junk put in it when we run out of other places. Sounds better than the Junk Room." I tell them.

"Hmm. Sango, what were you going to tell us, anyway?" Miroku asks. I look at Sango, noting how her cheeks just flushed a strong shade of pink.

"Yah. I've come to school for three unneeded days and haven't heard." I say. She opens her mouth to speak, but stops short. She looks behind me, making me wonder what distraction she's going to use this time. She gives us excuses each time she starts to say it. This is just another of her stupid ideas.

"Mind if you move a bit so I can sit down?" Some girl asks. I turn around, hoping that it'll be Kagome. Rather than seeing her, I see one of those popular girls. Looks like one of the ones she hung out with, but I'm not so sure.

"Why?" I ask her sharply.

"Well, because I still love you." She says. I stare at her for a while. She smells like Kikyou, and I hate that girl.

"Sorry, I already have a girlfriend." I tell her as I turn around once again.

"You mean this girl?" She asks me. I turn around to see that she's pointing at Sango. I begin to laugh then shake my head.

"No. My girlfriend won't eat that much. She's Miroku's girlfriend." I say. The girl narrows her eyes at me and I instantly get uneasy.

"What's your name?" I ask suddenly. "If it's Kikyou, then leave."

"Kagome's my name. I'm amazed that your sense of smell sucks." She says. I get really close to her, taking in more of her scent than before. It is Kagome!

"I'm sorry! I could only smell Sango's food!" I say. I hug her tightly, and she hugs me back.

"I was worried for a moment. She says. I sit down, leaving some space next to me for her to sit. She sits down right next to me, being very close to me. At first, I'm uneasy. Then I remind myself that this is Kagome. My girlfriend that I've been missing for so long. Why am I reminding myself?

"Well, Sango... What's the news you want to tell us?" I ask once more. Kagome's eyes light up as she waits. She has that I-know-everything smile, and it scares me. Girls can communicate with each other through telepathy, I swear.

"Well..." Sango turns to Miroku. Her plate is empty now, making it easier for her to stay in my view. Miroku keeps looking at her, wondering what the big deal is. She's looking at him in such a way that I'm about to get nervous. And I'm not even being looked at!

"Your pickup line is worthless." She says.

"His pickup line?" I question. Kagome gets very quiet before something clicks in her head.

"He always asks would you like to bear... my... child..." She trails off, her words becoming nearly inaudible.

"You're pregnant?" I ask. She nods her head then hugs Miroku tightly. I smile at him, and his eyes are wide.

"How long have you known!" He asks. She pauses for a while before deciding the length of time she's had to hide it.

"I've known for a little over a month. Kagome told me something that she was going to say to Inuyasha, so I was waiting for her. When you two said you'd ditch, I was trying to get you to come to school. She wouldn't be able to say it so well if you didn't come." Sango says. I look over to Kagome, wondering if she's pregnant too. She smells like Kagome, so I don't think so. Sango has a hint of another scent on her, and that'd be the baby's scent. I can't believe I didn't pick up on it sooner.

"You pregnant too?" I ask Kagome jokingly.

"Uh. No. I'm still a virgin." She says. I inwardly sigh in relief. I know damn well we haven't done anything in the four or five months we've been dating. That would mean she was raped by her father or just found out he impregnated her. If he did, I'd put him through my own version of the death penalty.

"Then, what's the news?" I ask eagerly.

"Well, we won the trial. My guardian will be in prison for the rest of his life. A hard-ass prison." She says. I can't believe she just used a foul word, but I don't mind. It's nice to know she's not a goody-two-shoes kind of girl. I knew that before, but now that she's resumed her popular look, I'm afraid she'll suddenly be that way.

"That's good. But we all knew it was coming." Miroku says. Sango seems to know what's going on, and I wish one of them would spill the news out already.

"That's not the big news that I have for you. I asked Inuyasha's dad, my lawyer, about where I'll stay. I'm 18, but I can't stay with Kaede after I graduate. He bought his son a house with his money..." She says. She looks at me, and I nod. Sure, my dad got me a house and I have to move into it before some time line he won't tell me.

"Well, the good news is that I'll be living there too. He said that he didn't mind us being in the same house." She says proudly. My face brightens up then I hug her. My father has always been strict on the marriage rules. If I'm not married, I can't be with a girl. He must've guessed that I'd protect Kagome properly.

"Then, are those your boxes that are going in our Room of Mystery?" I question. She nods, then the bell rings.

"I'm ditching." I tell them all. I stand up, my arms around Kagome's waist protectively. She's back for good now, and there's no way in hell I'm letting go of her.

"We are too. I'm going to Miroku's house and gonna help him move." Sango says. Miroku glances at her, shaking his head firmly.

"She'll watch. I'm not having her do any work with my baby in her." He says. I smile at the bickering that has just started. They'll make a great couple, since they're so good together now. As Kagome and I walk to my car, she hugs my arm. Just that makes me proud that I'm with her. I'm going to protect her no matter what. But, what is there to protect her from?

"Hey, Inuyasha?" She asks as we get in my car.


"Well, I was thinking... I was wondering if you'd like to have our own little ones someday." She says quietly. She must be nervous about bringing it up. A lot of high school relationships don't pan out, and expecting marriage is usually expecting too much. But I think we're both on the same page about this.

"I'd love to. Let's go to the house and we'll start setting things up for our house." I tell her. Before I drive away, I give Kagome a small box.

"I love you." I whisper in her ear. She gasps upon opening it, then looks at me.

"I love you too." She says. There are stars in her eyes from the idea of us starting a real family. She slips the ring on her finger as I drive to my house. I'm going to tell dad. He knew this would happen, I'm sure of it. He's been taunting me with the idea of marrying Kagome and having our family for months.

He knew that we'd be together, and he was encouraging me. He knew I'd break down under spur-of-the-moment conversations about a family of my own. He was helping us... I owe him for that. I owe him a lot more than just no fighting with Sesshoumaru.

-Heart of Perserverance-
Sure, you hear about the happily-ever-after endings. Naturally, that's what Inuyasha assumed would happen after Kagome was safe. There's only one small detail he missed. Helping the troubled doesn't make their problems leave. If anything, Kagome's problems will only elevate. Why is everything going wrong at the same time? Inuyasha's POV.

There. The story is finished. I hope ya'll like it... The sequal... I don't know when I'll have it out, or if I'll have it out. Depends on how much ya'll like the idea of it. So, let me know. I'm working on a lot of different ideas right now, so I don't know how soon I can work on it.

Oh, Miroku's parents aren't loaded like you think. Miroku was working during high school. They took all his money, claiming that they were charging him rent. They used the money to buy him a house, so he technically bought it. And yes, Inuyasha's father is loaded. Sesshoumaru and him make a lot of money off of being lawyers (sesshy's in training or somethin), so they can buy a lot of things...

- Lonely Bird