West Side Adolecence Counciling

Once outside, Olivia helped Heather find the ambulence which had come mainly for the suspect's gunshot wound. After she made sure that Heather was comfortable, she made her way over to her own squad.

"Olivia!" the captain yelled, in what seemed to be a relieved tone. "You alright?"

Benson met up to him. "Yeah, cap. I'll be fine. Hey, do you know where Ashley is?"

"You mean the girl who was arrested? She was taken back to the station. Why?"

"I just want to talk to her." she replied.

"Go ahead, they said they had some waiting time. You could probibly still get there with time to spare."

"Thanks" the detective nodded, and was on her way.

Station House

"Hi, can you tell me where I can find Ashley Waters?" Benson asked at the front desk.

"Sure, room 10." the lady replied.

Olivia walked to room 10, knocked, and then opened the door. Ashley sat frowning with her arms crossed in the metal chair. Fin was with her.

"Oh great, another cop." the girl said sarcasticly. "What do you want? Or are you actualy going to cuff me?"

"No." Olivia answered calmly, shutting the door. "I just want to know why."

"Why what?" Ashley seemed oblivious of the situation.

"Why you killed Jamie."

The teen sat there silent, thinking over the question for the perfect reply. Benson waited patiently. After a few moments, the troubled girl spilled her motive.

"She had just been raped." She paused, waiting for a reaction, but both detectives remained quiet, so she continued. "She came to tell me. Like, she thought I wanted to listen to her vent. Said she was going to tell her parents. I couldn't let her."

"Why?" Liv asked gently, a puzzled look on her face.

Ashley paused, and blinked a few times. She choked on a small sob before she responded. "Because if word got out this...this - this pervert - was doing something illegal, the therapy group would stop and my mom would send me to the stupid new school!" she took a deep breath, anger in her eyes. "I did everything my mom told me to. But she said if I couldn't finish this therapy, she'd send me there." Her anger grew. "I was so close, but of coarse this sicko had to come and ruin my chances." tears were streaming down her face. Olivia was nodding with her understanding. She sympathised for this girl, but at the same time, she knew that Ashley had murdered someone, and that was wrong. But what she hated, was that John Bailey was really responsible. Though it would never pass in court, she knew that Ashley was right. If he hadn't raped and molested this group, she would not have killed Jamie.

But, she decided to say something different to the teen crying in front of her. "Ashley, do you really think that jail is better than that school?" This made Ashley begin to sob. At that, the detective decided she'd better leave the arrestment to Fin, and walked out of the room.

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