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The Whole summary:

It's a funny thing when History is repeated. Unfortunately for the Elric brothers it isn't a good thing. Al only wants to find his older brother but things are easier said than done. He must retrace his footsteps and find the clues left behind by what has been done with only his brother's journal for company and his disturbing dreams of the past four years. And Ed only wanted to go home but things are never as easy as it seems as he finds that dying is a lot more complicated than he had thought. He has to survive World War II to finally find the gate home.

Siren's Gate


"Where is it?" Alphonse muttered angrily to himself.

He was stomping through the streets and he had no idea where he was. He didn't care if he was causing a disturbance. This was beginning to irritate him. He had been trying to find this house for three hours!!! He knew the house was around here somewhere. He'd been there a thousand times! He had even helped her move in the stupid thing! How could he not know where it was!!! He knew he hadn't visited Rose in a while, but he didn't think it had been that long. He didn't even know where he was going. Sure everything looked vaguely familiar but not that familiar!

Turning around another corner, he slowed significantly to look at a suspiciously familiar white house. How can three houses look exactly a like? They either needed a new decorator or he had passed the same house three times.

He was going for the later of the two.

Wait! There it was! Finally after three grueling hours he had finally found it! He was going to ask someone for directions next time.

Or call a cab.

"This is it."

He slowly climbed the stairs to the door of a light blue house. He was nervous. Okay scratch the he was really nervous. How was he supposed to ask her about his brother? Last time she had seen Ed he was bleeding to death in a chapel or something rather. He took a deep breath and knocked twice before he realized what he was doing.

"Just a minute." A feminine voice called out from inside.

He held his breath at that. What was he doing here? His hands unconsciously grabbing at the ends of the red cloak his brother had worn for years. Trying to gain strength from the few possessions he had of his brothers. What if she didn't want to tell him? His mind whispered to him as he continuously wrung the ends of his coat tighter and tighter. Why couldn't he stop fidgeting? He waited impatiently a few minutes more until the door opened. It revealed a young tan woman with brown and purple hair.

"Alphonse?!" She exclaimed excitedly. Apparently he hadn't visited in a long time.

All he could do was give her a small smile before she grabbed him into a fierce hug. "Rose?" His voice called out weakly. Muffled by the fabrics of her dress. She was strangling him! Can't breathe!

She flung him back smiling a golden smile. She had to see him properly. He'd grown about a foot since the last time she had seen him. And with the red and black assemble she could of swore she was staring at Edward Elric. But the dark brown eyes told her differently.

If she hadn't of had a hold of his shoulders he would of toppled back down the stairs he'd come up. He wasn't sure if he was thankful for that or scared. He was going with thankful at the moment. But he could of swore she was almost as energetic as Winry at the moment! And that was saying something.

"I was wondering when you were going to visit me." She let go of his shoulders and stepped aside. Clearly telling him to come in and see her son, Kain. "Well come in." She urged in excitement. She hadn't seen him forever and she knew her son would be as equally excited about their visitor. But her smile faded a bit as Alphonse shook his head.

"No it's all right." He managed to choke out.

"Is something wrong?" She asked worriedly. She'd seen that look before. She had seen it when Ed had revealed Cornello as a fraud and again when he gave her to Dante.

He bit his lip in thought. How was he supposed to word this? Better yet how was he going to be able to force this out?? He didn't want to make her uncomfortable but it had to be done if he wanted her to help him. It's the only way.

"Please Rose I need your help" Alphonse pleaded to her desperately. "I need to find out what happened to him."

This was his last clue to finding his brother and he needed her help! She couldn't let him down now! He had been traveling for so long and finally the end was in sight.

He could clearly see Rose was stunned. He didn't need to tell her who 'him' was. She knew exactly who that was. It was his elder brother Edward. She was shaking a bit as well. He knew his brother's death still haunted her but he still needed to know. He didn't know what he would do if she couldn't answer.

After she had heard he had started searching for his brother she had known he would come to her one day. She hadn't expected it to be today though! Could she really tell him that she didn't remember as much as he thought she did?

"I don't know the way." Rose choked out helplessly a few minutes later.

What! How could she not know the way? She had dragged him and an unconscious Wrath out to the surface of where ever they had been. How could she not remember that?

"Do you at least know a direction or landmarks?"

She had to have known something! His only lead was falling through again. Disappointment wasn't new to him on his quest. But he had been everywhere in Amestris even Xing, this was his last lead.

"No," she shook her head in disappointment. Why couldn't she be more help to him? "I don't know what they did but I couldn't tell what was going on around me."

"I understand." Dropping his head in defeat. "Thank you for the information you have already given me Rose."

Disappointed again. Back to square one. And back to Dublith to try and retrace their steps from there once more. He turned to leave waving a goodbye toward her.

"It was nice seeing you again." Alphonse called back to her going down the last step.

Walking away from her in the crisp spring air hurt him more than he imagined. His shoulders slumped in defeat. Where to next? Lior? Xenotine? Maybe Ishbal again he would think about it once he talked to Sig. He sighed dejectedly. He was back to square one. Winry wouldn't be happy.

"Alphonse?" Rose called quietly behind him.

She didn't know if this was the right thing to do, but…she couldn't let him just walk away like that. Edward had done the same thing when he sacrificed himself for Al. She wasn't going to allow Al to do the same He stopped as expected, looking imploringly up at her. How could she not tell him?

"Look for," Rose stopped uncertainly.

She turned away slightly her eyes narrowed in concentration. She could do this, she chanted to herself. She just had to remember what happened before she was drugged or whatever. She hadn't talked much about what happened that day with Ed four years ago. And truthfully she really didn't remember much of it and for that, she was thankful. If Al needed to know this she would try. For him, she would try and no one else.

"A church," She finally got out painfully. "In a city where the roads are still and dead. It's somewhere in the old parts of Central that's all I can remember."

Al bowed his thanks. He knew Rose didn't like to talk about what happened that night, but he was very grateful for the information. He was one step closer to his elder brother.

"Thank you Rose." He bowed his thanks once more and left with a determined scowl.

He finally had a solid lead on what happened the last few months he was in the armor. He would find his brother. Even if it was the last thing he did.

--To Be Continued--

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