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--Previous Chapter--

Mustang stopped and stared for a moment in surprise before setting the pen down beside him and nodding with confirmation. "Let him in."

"Sir?" She asked a bit unsurely. Would it be wise to let young Alphonse in to what might be described as the lion's den by other soldiers?

"I said let him in." He said once more leaving no room for argument as she quickly saluted and walked out as quietly as she had come. Mustang turned to his window leaning back in his chair with a small quirk of a smile as his eyes became overly bright. "It's been a long time Alphonse."

Chapter 2: Phonsey and a Couple of Familiar Face?

--Central, Amestris--

Hawkeye gently lead Alphonse in with him shyly trailing along. It almost seemed to be waiting to be scolded she noticed. It was a big change from the excited and determined Al she had met by the station. Then again, no one was looking forward to confronting the General anymore. It seemed when they lost Edward and Maes he lost a part of himself as well and everyone missed that lazy Colonel Bastard who never did his paper work.

She sighed quietly to herself as she motioned for Al to move in front of her towards the desk but he didn't move he seemed to be in shock or something. She nudged him slightly in confusion. She had stopped at the couches to give them both some privacy but Al didn't seem to want to continue to the desk. She knew he was an intimidating man for someone who didn't know he was all bark and no bite.

"Alphonse I'd like you to meet Brigadier-General Roy Mustang." She introduced to him smiling encouragingly nudging him once more for him to move and surprisingly he did if not a bit slowly.

The General just smiled at him in amusement resting against his chair silently marveling at how different the Elric brothers were one walking timidly toward him while the other would stalk up to him and yell. It seemed Edward had done what he had sent out to do and this boy was the result.

"It's good to see you again Alphonse." He greeted comfortingly.

Al snorted and rolled his eyes forgetting his shyness for the moment. He seemed to getting that a lot lately from people he didn't know and he made a point in pointing it out to everyone. "You too?" he asked amusedly but stopped uncertainly before looking up taking both of their breaths away. No one could mistake that determined Elric stare. "I need to use the Central Library."

Mustang didn't answer strait away just sat there staring at him contemplating what he would say what he should do. Hawkeye could almost hear the internal battle in his head should he help on the quest or would he try and talk him out of it while trying to let him get to know the brother that would sacrifice anything for him? She smiled to herself sadly. It was a battle that no one could win. Even she could not have made a decision.

"Edward is presumed dead." Mustang spoke resignedly.

"He isn't." Al replied resolutely.

Mustang just seemed to stare at him uncertainly. "You still think he's alive?" She almost snorted at that remark if it was one thing that they had in common the unshakable loyalty that they would make it out of everything.

"I know he is."

Mustang just smirked not the least bit surprised at the response truthfully she wasn't either. Al tended to be a little too much like his brother when it came to the single minded determination. It seemed Ed wasn't as dead as people thought if they looked at Al enough. "I'd ask what you were doing but it would be a waste of breath."

Al's eyes softened from his hard resolute stare. It seemed he wouldn't have to fight this battle with Mustang for it was already won. "Then you know I won't stop until I get it."

Mustang just sighed hanging his head in defeat. It seemed no one could deny any Elric anything when it came to finding the other. "Come back tomorrow I'll have the pass filled out and everything sorted."

"Sir?" Hawkeye gasped.

"Thank you so much." Al beamed at them both before picking up his suitcase and sprinting out the door with a halfhearted goodbye.

Hawkeye just watched him slam the door disappointedly. What was her superior officer doing? He knew as well as she did that when the military said presumed it actually meant dead. The body just wasn't found. She turned toward him glaring at him. Even he knew she was pissed as he sat up a little straighter before looking at her with a sheepish grin.

"Sir with all due respect," she stated sternly. "don't encourage him."

"He will continue on with his search with or without encouragement from us."

She sighed leaning against the door looking out toward the small hill that the cemetery resided and where Edward Elric's tombstone stuck out as being the largest. She didn't quite believe in god but she had always hoped there was something else out there and Ed was watching over his little brother just as Maes was watching over his family. "Do you really believe Edward is alive?"

"Even if he did die you and I both know that he wouldn't stay that way for long." He turned toward the window with wistful eyes looking at the same hill that she was. They both hadn't known Edward like they had wanted to but they had still considered the boy to be close to them. "That boy could do the impossible I don't think it would stop now."

She shook her head in amusement and opened the door. It looked as if her coworkers had finally comeback from lunch. "If he is dead I can guarantee he will be back just to kill you for corrupting his little brother."

She was pleasantly surprised by the small chuckle that she received. "Then we don't have to worry about finding him and bringing him back then will we." He stated bemusedly as he watched the Riza Hawkeye snort and walk out to get him more paperwork for him to distract himself from the pain. Maybe he wouldn't have to continue this mindless work for very long nor would he have to take that post up to the north if Alphonse was looking for his brother.

--Berlin, Germany--

Hohenheim was currently sitting quietly by his son's side after the long train ride, watching the houses pass by in Germany once again. Alfons had left them at the train station since he was the native and already having a home, he didn't want to be a bother but would make sure to be at their new house to help unpack, or so he informed them. They had been on the first train for days and the second one wasn't as different as the first.

"Where are we again?"

Neither was the car ride according to Edward.

Hohenheim just sighed shaking his head. He was ornery with him just as he was with Alphonse on the train. He was always ornery when he was bored and he knew it if the smirk was any indication. "How many times do I have to tell you? Berlin." He glanced up skillfully watching his son through the glass suspiciously, as Ed just sighed in boredom. "And I expect you to be on your best behavior."

Ed just scoffs at his father. When has he ever been on his best behavior for anyone? Even his own mother couldn't control him much or for very long.

"Yeah yea, whatever you say old man." He waved off dismissively going boredly back to watching the scenery. What was it with these people and Brown? Every house they had went past was a shade of brown.

Hohenheim eyed him slowly while Ed tries to stop himself from doing something immature as sticking his tongue out even if it would be worth it. "You're sure in a grouchy mood today." However, he stops a moment thinking bemusedly if he should have a little fun with his wayward son. "Then again it's no different from any other day now is it?" He asks slyly to himself trying to keep a straight face. It truly was fun to tease him sometimes.

"Hey!" Ed snarls his eyes narrowing in anger.

They had been in a car for hours and Ed was anxious. Luckily for Hohenheim the car had finally come to a stop making Ed forget what he was about to say and do as he jumps out of the car almost before it had come to a complete stop. Hohenheim just chuckles silently in amusement and steps out of the car calmly and more efficient then his son.

"This is it home sweet home." He mumbles to himself contently before seizing his baggage from the trunk. This country was very different from England but they would learn and hopefully they won't' need to get involved. Hohenheim just shakes his head in amusement as he turned toward Ed who was still stretching himself in the sun after the long ride.

"Come on Edward we don't want to be late for the welcome dinner with Hess." was the only thing he said before walking off up the stairs to a tan house with a small lawn out in front. It was two stories but small enough just for the two of them for a while. As long as Edward didn't clutter it with books like he did with their London home.

Ed's eyes glinted dangerously up at his father as he silently toward his own luggage and withdrew a very thick book, his eyes shifting to his father who was walking ignorantly up the stairs of their tan home then to the book. He still hadn't forgot his father's previous comment so this was equivalent exchange. "I'll show you late." Ed mumbled to himself briefly before hiding the book behind his back and walking off quickly after his father.

It was late in the afternoon when Alfons had come to help and by then Edward was ready to fall asleep. Alfons had immediately noticed five large bumps on Hohenheim's head and wouldn't stop laughing until Edward had given him a lump of his own making his father begin to laugh. He had to threaten them both before they would concede defeat and get back to work. They were both lucky he was tired. Apparently, jetlag happened on trains, boats, and cars.

"You could help you know." Alfons glared from the truck unloading another box of books.

"Yeah yeah." Ed yawned sleepily while stretching catlike on one of the steps. It was nice to be finally able to stretch his legs after sharing a car with his father for so long. It wasn't so bad he was just he was so used to trains it was hard to adjust now a days.

"Alvin! Come back here!" A voice from not too far away shouted reached his ears.

Déjà vu suddenly struck Ed as he looked up just in time to see a large white dog come crashing down upon him. "YAHHH!"

A familiar little brunette girl with two long braids ran up to him puffing out her cheeks in dismay. "Alvin you should know better than that," she bowed to him politely. "I'm sorry Mister."

"It's all right." Edward's pained voice came from underneath the giant white dog. He began rolling the dog off his back. "Ohh my back." He whined slightly before looking up angrily as the little girl came closer but froze.

The little girl looked up at him in confusion. "Mister all you all right?"

"Nina?" Ed gasps out in shock. It couldn't be. Nina had died over eight years ago.

She quickly shook her head shyly before blushing sweetly. "Sorry Mister, my name is Nancy."

Ed shook his head to clear it from the memories that were sneaking up on him once more but he managed a small sad smile of memories long forgotten. "Sorry you reminded me of someone I once knew."

Nancy just blinked up at him curiously grabbing at his hand cautiously. "Was she a friend?" she asked him curiously blinking up at him with those adorable eyes.

Ed just smiled at her nodding a bit. "Yes, a very good friend."

"Edward come up here and help unpack you lazy excuse for a son!" Ed's father shouted from inside the house, while Alfons moved things into the house carefully settings things up.

Ed's eyes narrowed as he growled loudly for his father to hear. "Remember the last time you teased me?"

Hohenheim stuck his head out the window and you could distinctly see five rather large bumps on his head, he just laughed nervously at him rubbing the bumps tenderly as they began to throb at the very memory of what his son had done. "Just hurry it up."

Nancy just giggled at the display of a father and son teasing each other, more threatening on Ed's part though. "Your funny do wanna play?" Nancy asked hopefully. "No one ever has time to play with me anymore." she said rather sadly that made Ed's heart go out to her.

"Maybe later, kay?" Ed smiled reassuringly as the Nina look alike smile up at him nodding rather enthusiastically. "But if you ever need me you know you can always come by, all right?"

Nancy just gave him a brilliant smile up before nodding once more enthusiastically. "See ya later big brother." the Nina look alike said smiling before turning and racing off to her own house with Alvin trailing along. Ed smiled fondly at her as he watched her leave, seeing another little girl in her place. He was beginning to miss that name.

"EDWARD!!!" Hohenheim yelled from inside the house.

Good moment was gone. Ed just rolled his eyes. "I'M COMING!"

Alfons had been watching the whole thing in silence except the few snickers here and there but now was a good time to join in. "Come now Ed is that any way to treat your father?" he asked teasingly. They had met in England only a few months back Alfons was just visiting. It was just by chance they had met at all bumping into each other at a rocket convention at Oxford as Ed argued with some fellow students. Apparently they had dared him to take the last test to become a doctor. He had had the highest marks and the professor had began to introduce him as his most revered student even though he had never seen him before the day he took that test. To say the least the students weren't to happy with him. Alfons had thought it a lifetime ago, they got along surprisingly well even though Ed preferred to be a loner and Al a social butterfly but he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Oh shush Phonsy." Ed just waves him off watching his father move a couple boxes out of the way looking for a particular book but wasn't sure what box it was in.

He glared heatedly at Ed for a moment as Ed picked up a box finally and headed inside with Al following right behind. "Why do you always call me Phonsy? You know I hate it!" Al spared a glance to Hohenheim silently telling him not to say a word.

Ed just shruged hiding a smile behind the box as he turns towards the door to get another box that was supposed to go up to his own room. "It just fits."

Hohenheim just smiled to himself watching them walk into the house once more. "It's so good to see you Hohenheim we were afraid you were not going to take the job." A figure from his left said. Hohenheim agreed heartily. He had only taken this research position to get closer to the Thule society and see if they could somehow get his son home. He wasn't a fool he knew nothing would make Edward happy except returning to his little brother and isn't that what every parent wants? Their child to be happy?

Hohenheim didn't want his son getting involved with the Resistance or the Thule Society but he knew Ed would get involved sooner rather than later. He was hoping they would ignore them both since they planned on hiding under their own nose for a while. Hohenheim wasn't an idiot, he was once a scientist but he knew he was nothing compared to his son in his teenage angst days. They would want him to be a part of this war more then they wanted him. Ed was a small part of the chaos that was of Amestris and was now of this world, that's how Al and Ed had met, who Ed enjoyed to torment just like long lost brothers but he knew Al would never take the place of his real brother.

Ed and Al had just returned from getting the rest of the things for their new house, he could see Ed's arm was hurting him they didn't have auto-mail here so they had to build a prosthetic that was skin colored how they came up with it he still doesn't remember. "Ed how about you and Phonsy go out and explore?"

Ed just grins at him as Al groans. "Not you too!?"

Hohenheim just laughs as he shakes his head. "I'm just teasing Al, I have something to discuss with some old friends." Ed looked at him suspiciously but they nodded and walked off to probably play with little Nancy or better yet to go get something to eat.

--To Be Continued--

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