Summary- (Semi-AU, B/Y, S/Y, T/O, M/R) Yugi has always made New Years Resolutions but never kept them, until this year, for he has promised to find himself the right person.

Wishing and Hoping

Prologue- Resolutions

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Disclaimer- I don't own any of the Yu-Gi-Oh characters.

Ryou Takara, had graciously accepted the offer to hold the gang's annual New Years bash. Currently curled up in his boyfriend, Malik's lap and covered in a fleece blanket, he looked around at the room.

His brother, Bakura Takara was dueling his boyfriend, Yami and cursing as Yami brought out the Dark Magician, by sacrificing his two kuribohs. Ryou knew that despite their constant fights they still had a great relationship. Both of them bad boys by nature had really found love in each other and Ryou was happy for both of them.

Beside them was Tristan and Duke. Nobody had suspected that they had been going out. Tristian was trying to get Duke to play a card game with him but Duke was playing with his hair. Ryou laughed to himself, Duke was obsessed with his hair and often could be seen brushing through it.

In a corner, sat Yugi alone, writing in a hard-backed book. Yugi has in Ryou's grade and Yami's little brother, Bakura was also rumored to be very protective of Yugi as well, just as protective as he was as Yami. Yugi loved to write and wanted to become a writer. He could be found quite often sitting on the steps in school writing, he was so lost in his own little world he didn't even noticing the people around him.

Yugi looked up, from his writing and smiled at Ryou. Ryou, was his closest friend but lately he wanted something else, everyone had someone except him. Pushing it off as a desire to fit in and jealousy, Yugi really didn't think much about it. That had been six months ago. The last two months, he had thought about it constantly, wishing someone was there to hold him, to talk to him when he had a nightmare, and basically just to be there. Sure, Yami was there when he had nightmares but his brother wouldn't be there forever, this year he would gradate and take off to university, or whatever his brother was planning on doing.

"Everyone gather around," Ryou said softly, finally getting of Malik's lap. Malik mewled at the loss but one look from Ryou got him standing up. In no time everyone had taken a seat next to the coffee table, either holding a loved one, or like Yugi sitting by their selves.

"Where's Joey? He said he would come." Ryou asked Malik.

"He had to work the midnight shift again, he says he's sorry."

Lately Joey, was working the midnight shift at the factory to get enough money to pay for his sister's costly eye operation. Joey had a paper route that supplied him with enough money to buy items for school but the operation was so expensive that he had taken a back-breaking job at the factory that paid quite well, especially for the midnight shift. Joey didn't see the gang often know, as he was exhausted all the time.

"Okay since it's close to midnight," Bakura said, "everyone will say their resolution."

"I'll start," Yami said, "in the New Year I'll make sure I pass English." English, was Yami's worst class, the reason was that when Yugi's and Yami's parents split up all those years ago, Yami went with his Mother to her home town of Cairo, where he was taught strictly in Egyptian with the occasional English thrown in. So when she had died it had been hard to adjust to English, having not spoken it a lot. Yugi had helped a lot through the way and it was due to his help that Yami was keeping his head above in that class.

"In the New Year, I'm going to make sure not to have so many make-out sessions in school with Ryou." Malik said, noticing Ryou's cheeks going red.

"So that's where you two were at lunchtime that time," Yami said amused.

"I promise to try to send in those application forms for college." Bakura said more to himself but Ryou heard him.

"Bakura! I thought you had sent those in already."

"I'm working on it; I've just been... busy." Bakura smiled at Yami, who smiled back.

"So what are you going to do, Ryou?" Bakura asked.

"I'm going to try not to be worried about being on time all the time."

"That's going to be hard for you," Malik muttered, knowing that Ryou got worried if he was just a minute late.

"I'm going to be spending more time on doing homework then my hair." Duke stated.

"I'm going to pay more attention in class then getting in trouble." Tristan said.

Noticing that he was the last one left, Yugi said, "I'm really going to work to pass gym."

'My real resolution is to find that someone.' Yugi thought to himself.


As the two brothers, Yugi and Yam were getting for bed; Yami after brushing his teeth asked Yugi something that he had been thinking about.

"Yugi, I know that wasn't your real resolution."

A bit taken off that Yami knew but then Yami had lived with him for a long time, "yeah I know."

"So what is your real one then," Yami leaned up against the door, preventing any escape.

Knowing that Yami wouldn't laugh he told him, "I want to find someone like how you have Bakura."

"I hope you find your knight in shining armor," Yami said leaving the bathroom.

A bit perplexed on how Yami knew he was gay, Yugi called out, "how did you know?"

Stopping and turning around, Yami with a smirk said, "I've known for awhile."

Authors Notes- Well this whole plot bunny came to me on New Years Eve when I was thinking about New Year Resolution and suddenly I put the Yu-Gi-Oh cast into that situation. I really really really want to continue this and it has pairings that I really like Bakura/Yami, Seto/Yugi, and Malik/Ryou.

I should really post the ages of the characters:

Bakura- 18 (in last year)

Seto- 18 1/2 (in last year)

Yami- 18 (in last year)

Yugi- 17 (in second last year)

Ryou- 17 (in second last year)

Joey- 17 (in second last year)

Malik- 17 ( in second last year)

Mokuba-10 ( in grade 5)