Summary- (Semi-AU, B/Y, S/Y, T/O, M/R) Yugi has always made New Years Resolutions but never kept them, until this year, for he has promised to find himself the right person.

Wishing and Hoping

Chapter One- Meetings

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Winter holidays passed quickly for Yugi, who spent the majority of his time out with his friends or playing games. Monday morning found Yugi very quickly, who was half-covered by the blankets, having kicked them off in the night. Yami smirked as he watched his little brother sleep, generally he would let him sleep a little longer but they were on the verge of being late.

Already dressed in his ever so tight fitting uniform, Yami in one swoop across the room and with arm grabbed the blanket off the bed.

Yugi opened his amethyst eyes slightly, noticing his brother, "Yami it's cold."

"Yugi it's time to get up," Yami stated firmly.

"No." Yugi said childishly, turning back over onto his side. Yami and him often played this game in the morning; the one trying to get the person out of bed had to use their imagination to get the person out of bed.

Yami strode over to Yugi's dresser and noticed Yugi's deck, it just happened that this was Yugi's most prized possession on the whole earth. Smirking, Yami picked up the deck, flipped through it, he stopped at one card and took that particular card out. Setting the deck back down in it's original place, he walked back to the bed, "so Yugi," Yami waved around the card, "I think I'll take this if you don't get up."

Upon noticing it was his most favorite card in the whole world, Yugi bolted up, grabbed the card from Yami's grip, and taking with him his clothing, he ran to the bathroom.

"Yugi, five minutes!" Yami called out, throwing the blanket onto Yugi's un-made bed.


"Seto," An ebony haired boy tugged on an older brunette's sleeve. The one named Seto smiled down at the younger with azure eyes that sparkled with seriousness, the younger continued, "do you think there will be any people that like me?"

"I'm sure there will be Mokuba." Seto smiled down at his little brother with a slightly worried gaze, their parent's death had happened so fast and Mokuba missed all his friends. Their childhood home had been sold and the two had moved into Gozaburo's home as their uncle had been named the guardian of the two brothers. If it wasn't what his parents would of wanted, Seto would of run away, taking Mokuba with him but it said in his parents will that is what they wanted. Gozaburo was cruel and his own nephews weren't the exception when it came to his wrath. Upon arriving at his home, he complained about everything about the brothers directly in front of the two. For the most part, Seto had ignored him but one time at supper something really irked Seto, when Gozaburo insulted his parents.

Gozaburo's son, Noa had always held a dislike for Seto and now that he lived in the same house, that dislike had escalated. Noa sat with his back to the leather seat of the limo and glared at Seto from underneath his blue-ish green bangs. All ready dressed in his expensive private school uniform with gold lining and buttons, Noa picked up his school bag and left the limo when the chauffer opened the door.

Half way to the drive to Domino Elementary, Gozaburo decided to drill his stepsons on the schedule, "Hobbs will be picking you up at exactly, three, you better be there on time, he will not be driving back to pick you two up if you are late."

Upon pulling up to the Elementary school, with the high school nearby, Seto and Mokuba got out of the limo, not followed by their uncle. Gozaburo had insisted that they had everything taken care of and that there would be no problems. Seto decided that he would take Mokuba to least he knew Mokuba was in the right place. Ever since their parent's death, Seto had become protective of Mokuba for he was the only true family Seto had left.

Seto quickly located the office, made sure that Mokuba was taken care of, gave Mokuba a hug goodbye and walked over to the hug school.

A couple of girls were standing outside; their unbelievably short skirts were flapping slightly in the wind. One of the girls turned around then turned back, giggling to her friends at the newcomer. Seto ignored them and asked, "could one of you tell me where to find the office?"

Seto was met by giggles, one of the girls, a blonde-haired one stepped forward, "Come on, I'll show you."

Seto followed her to the office, when they got there, the girl said, "see you around, for future reference my name's Mai."

"I see that your finally here," A male said from behind him, "I'm Mr. Hiroshi, the principal of Domino high."


"I hear we are getting a new student today," Ryou said excitedly grabbing his chemistry textbook from Malik who stuck out his tongue.

"I hope he doesn't try to take my Yami away," Bakura said wrapping his arms possessively around Yami.

"I'm sure he won't when he sees your death glare," Malik teased, getting off Ryou's desk and going back to his seat upon the reproachful eye of their teacher that just walked in. There was someone walking behind her, she stopped in front of the class and so did the boy.

"Class this is Seto Kaiba."


"I didn't think that Kaiba dude had other kids other then that blue haired freak." Joey muttered to Ryou at lunch.

"I heard that he took in his nephews as their parents died." Ryou responded matter of factly.

"Where did you learn that?" Joey asked between mouthfuls of his bologna sandwich.

"The Newspaper." Ryou relied quickly, smiling as a pair of tan arms wrapped around his waist. Not, usual a one for public affection but wanting Malik's touch at the moment Ryou leaned into the touch.

"I won!" Bakura said triumphantly, dragging a devastated looking Yami behind him, who was holding his dueling deck.

Bakura sat down with Yami beside him, "I never excepted to win as Yami is unbeatable but today I beat him."

Yami looked like he was going to kill Bakura, noticing Yami's avoidance of the subject Ryou asked, "so what's new with everyone?"

"Marik's coming home from college," Malik stated, as he began to play with Ryou's hair.

"Serenity is going in for her operation soon." Joey said happily.

"Hey does anyone know where Yugi is?" Yami asked, looking around for his near twin that always seemed to be here at lunch hour.

"I haven't seen him since last period."


'I'm glad the library is open at lunch time,' Yugi thought to himself, as he pulled a book down from one of the shelves, looking through it quickly and then sliding it back into place. 'How could I do something as stupid as to forget to do my report?' Yugi asked himself as he sat down at an empty table with a book that looked to have lot of promising information.

Thirty minutes later, Yugi had finished the last line on his report, with a successful smile, he wrote his name on the top of the page. Setting the report down, he put the book back into it's proper spot and gathered up all his belongings. Already, he began to leave to go to his next class, as the buzzer was going to ring very soon signifying the end of lunch hour.

Yugi was just out of the library when he bumped into someone, a rather tall brunette, whose papers went flying.

Immediately Yugi helped the boy pick up the fallen papers. While picking them up Yugi noticed something about these papers, they each contained a picture of a Duel Monster card, their stats, like defense and attack power and what they could do.

Wordlessly, Yugi handed the papers to the silent brunette and watched him leave the library.

Suddenly, Yugi ran out of the library having the urge to have to find out some information, "why those cards? Those are only powerful monsters they won't get you far without magic and trap cards."

The brunette stopped walking, "cause of a promise I made long ago," Seto continued his walking this time faster.

"Wait!" Yugi cried out, trying to catch up with the much longer legged brunette.

"Yes?" He asked with a sneer.

"What's your name?" Yugi inquired.

"Seto." Seto simply stated not wanting to say his last name, a last name he know despised, "now if you're done bothering me I have class to get to."

Author Notes: Well that ends the second chapter of Wishing and Hoping. I hope Seto didn't seem to cold and stuck-up, it's just of his current situation, he has been forced to change his life and possibly put the one person he cares about in danger. Seto also doesn't strike me as the person who would want a lot of friends, maybe fearing that they would hurt him. I'd also like to add that Yugi wasn't in that particular when Seto was introduced. Also the game between Yugi and Yami, it's just fun and games. Anyways school starts up again for me on Monday and after that I have my English provincial exam, which is a four day exam, so wish me luck!