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All right, so contrary to popular belief I didn't always hate Alicia Spinnet. Way back in the days of first year, I actually thought she was kind of…well, pretty. And that's sort of taboo especially coming from ½ of the infamous Weasley duo. Fred was always the one that didn't realize girls even EXISTED until last year. I guess you could label me the "sensible" one while my brother is the "irrational, spur-of-the-moment" one. He's the kind of guy that has no use for highly detailed and organized plans while I live by them. Just because we're identical doesn't mean we share the same brain.

So back to this whole dilemma with Spinnet. Back in first year, I didn't think she was that bad. Fred was the one that didn't care too much for both Alicia and Angelina. It was like he'd been transferred to Mars or something and they were aliens. The only girls we really had been exposed to were our little sister, Ginny and our Mum. That's not saying too much, right there.

We met the girls on the Hogwarts Express. We were the last ones on the train; in account of we were late arriving to the station. Just as we had stepped out the door, Fred remembered this entire bag of Dungbombs he'd stashed away in his closet. So we spent ten minutes waiting for him to scurry back inside and get the things. Thus, we were forced to sit with Alicia and Angelina, two girls.

They were polite to us and introduced themselves. We made small talk. Then there was a lull in the conversation, so the girls started talking to each other once more and vice versa. I could tell Fred sensed this as an opportunity for a practical joke or two.

I didn't really mind the girls, like I've said before. I remember vaguely thinking that they were both equally pretty, but there was something about Alicia that had me kind of captivated. She looked slightly tall for a girl. Her pin-straight hair was golden; the color of straw and pulled back in a high pony tail. She possessed an ivory complexion, but with an adequate tan.

Her eyes were hazel, resting underneath thick lashes. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a red T-shirt. A very ordinary attire, indeed. So why was I acting like she some big phenomenon? I was about to try talking to her again, but then Fred put a fake spider in Angelina's hair and all hell broke loose.

Ever since then, there's been this sort of mutual animosity between us. I never disliked the two in the first place, but as the months went by, Alicia began acting more hostile towards me. My fondness for her quickly disintegrated and I mirrored my brother's disfavor for them. It's kind of funny, because despite the fact we all don't care too much for each other, we always end up hanging out. This is mainly due to our best friend, Lee Jordan and the girl's other best friend, Katie Bell.

Katie is a year below us but on the House Qudditch team. The girls easily bonded with her, due to the fact they're the only females on the team. Lee Jordan is actually our roommate. We hadn't predicted that the three of us would end up such close friends. But once we discovered his love for reeking havoc and mischief, it was as though we'd met our long lost brother or something.

So maybe now you're asking how do Lee and Katie fit into this odd puzzle? Well, due to the fact Lee and Katie have had an "off again, on again thing" since last summer, Alicia, Angelina, Fred and I can't seem to escape one another for too long.

In addition, we're all on the House team so we see each other more than we'd like. Actually, Alicia and Angelina don't seem to mind Lee at all. In fact, Angelina and Lee used to live next door to each other when they were younger. So I guess they put up with us two blokes because Lee is always around us. But, just because they put up with us doesn't mean they like us any better.

But I can tell something will be different this year. I mean, it's fifth year. We're all fifteen. That's nearly sixteen. We're all teenagers. And teenage boys are infamous for their raging hormones. It's also a known fact that fifteen year old girls in general, aren't lining up for "cootie shots" anymore. It's funny to think that things can change so quickly. Well, actually concerning my brother and me, our nose for trouble hasn't changed. If you mean it's only gone to a bigger and stronger scale, then yes, there's been a drastic increase. Other than that, it's still the same.

I've always had this theory that the only reason why Fred consequently put that spider on Angelina's head is because he was attracted to her. Weird, I know, but it makes sense in its own way. My brother's not too good with relationships. He's not one of those guys that have new arm candy every week, but he's never had a serious girlfriend.

Myself, on the other hand, so far I've only had three girlfriends but the relationships all lasted for more than three months. I'm not looking for my soul mate or anything ridiculously sappy like that, but I don't believe in the whole, "love em and leave em" philosophy.

But back to the main point. So, for the past five years, there's been this sort of prank war going on between Alicia, Angelina, Fred and myself. It's not a huge war, per say, because no one else knows about it, excluding Katie and Lee. But it looks like there's no stopping it anytime soon. For example, last year, Fred thought it would be funny to slip this kooky potion he'd concocted during the summer, in Angie's soup. It was dinnertime and for reasons unknown, the six of us were sitting together. I tell you, it's like there's a damn magnetic force drawing us all together.

Anyway, Angelina and Alicia were giving us the cold shoulder. Katie was bedridden, having caught some weird 24-Hour stomach virus. Lee had just come back from visiting her in the hospital and said she'd be better in the morning. Fred kept trying to ask Angie about notes for History of Magic, because he'd fallen asleep. Seeing as how I always copy my notes from Lee, who gets them from Katie, who had been sick that day, we were all void of notes. Angie was glaring at Fred and wouldn't answer him. Fred, having the worse temper of the two of us, started rummaging around in his robes. I knew he always carried around practical joke stuff. He poked me in the leg and flashed the flask under the table, grinning like a mad man.

The bright, lime green liquid was this potion that would turn the drinker's hair a vomit green for two weeks. Of course, as the days passed, the color would weaken, but it remained in the person's hair. I wasn't sure if it was the right idea, seeing as how Angelina's temper almost matches Fred's. But I only nodded, braced myself for the worst and went back to my roasted chicken.

Two minutes later, Fred was clutching his sides, hysterically laughing, Lee's eyes were wide with shock though roaring with laughter just the same. Angelina was gazing at her reflection in a spoon, fiercely mumbling incoherent death threats against Fred and Alicia was shooting me the dirtiest look I'd ever seen. And living with my Mum, I've seen some VERY dirty looks before.

After that incident, Angelina and Alicia, but more so Angelina, were out for sweet revenge. They got it three weeks later. During Qudditch practice, they told Wood they were going to the bathroom. But on the way there, they located Fred and my water bottles. And unfortunately for us, they mixed in an entire package of laxatives into the water.

You can only imagine how embarrassed I was, when the next day, I was out on a date with my girlfriend Audrey, and my stomach started conducting its own symphony in the middle of a heated make-out session. She didn't break up with me, fortunately. But after that, she never liked to make dates right before or right after breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

Lee thought it was one of the funniest things he'd ever witnessed. Angelina, Katie and Alicia did too. My brother and I, on the other hand, were boiling with rage. So, in conclusion, the pranks continued at rapid fire. There was no mercy and neither side cut the other a little slack. This was a full-blown war. So now, fast forward in time and it was the first day of our fifth year. To most normal students, this meant worrying about OWLS, getting a significant other, getting good grades and possibly thinking about careers after Hogwarts. To students such as Fred and myself this meant brain storming new pranks to use on Alicia and Angelina.

We found a compartment and much to my relief, without the three girls. We asked Lee about his summer and he told us about his trip to Chicago, which is in the States. I guess he had to go to some family reunion. Fred and I mostly stayed home. Occasionally, we'd go frolicking around Central London with Percy but it wasn't too often. I mean, if you met our brother, you'd talk to him for about two seconds then run away screaming, due to absolute BOREDEM.

He reminds me of one of those preppy khaki-wearers, who spends the afternoons sailing on company yachts and talking about banking investments. I don't know what happened to him. He used to be, dare I say it, cool. I mean, obviously not cool in the way Fred and myself, but he wasn't so uptight. Then once he became a Prefect and got a decent looking girlfriend, his ego swelled to the size of Asia.

So, instead of forcing ourselves to the pure torture that is Percy Weasley, the two of us stayed up in our rooms. We were conducting experiments and making things. We had almost perfected all these nifty practical joke sweets.

It was a shame that they weren't completely finished, because we could have used them on the girls.

"So, Lee, how are things with you and Katie?" I wondered.

Despite the fact I highly disliked Alicia and Angelina, I could tolerate Katie. She was quite nice and was easier going than her two friends. Despite the fact she always stuck by their sides, she wasn't hostile to Fred and me. I didn't mind hanging out with her in fact, because she could take a joke. Maybe this was the reason why that prank war didn't want to cease between the other two girls and my brother and me. They just couldn't sit back and have a laugh.

Fred, who was sitting next to me, groaned in response.

"Aw, don't get him started on that, Gred. We'll be sixty by the time he shuts up again," Fred teased.

Lee, who was sitting on the seat across from us, gave him a mock-glare.

"Hey Fred, at least I have a girlfriend!" he reminded.

Fred rolled his eyes, smirking.

"Yes but who needs a serious relationship, anyway? We're nearly sixteen! I say live it up while you can, because you're only young once," he firmly proclaimed.

Lee chuckled and turned to me.

"It's sometimes amazing to thinkthatyou two are twins. Fred thinks that commitment means remembering Valentine's Day," he dramatically whispered.

I chuckled; knowing it was completely true.

"Yeah, just like he thinks a long-term relationship is five weeks," I snickered.

Fred crossed his arms over his chest.

"Hey! I heard that!"

That was another reason why Lee was my best friend, along with Fred's. He could actually tell us apart. And he didn't treat us like one person. I really appreciated the fact that Lee knew I was a totally different person than Fred and just because something was in Fred's interest, didn't necessarily mean it was in mine.

"Anyway, Katie and I are just fine. We're not exclusive or anything, but I won't complain.. I got her this really nice necklace and-"

"All right, enough of that. I think I can feel my youth slipping away from me already. Have you heard from Angelina or Alicia this summer?" Fred interrupted, long forgetting our discussion about him.

Lee shrugged.

"Not really. Just a few random letters here and there. I think Angie spent most of her summer in France with her family. I guess her Aunt owns a place out there. Alicia stayed home. Besides, why do you care? I thought you hated those two."

Fred snorted.

"Believe me, I do. The day I actually miss those two is the day Malfoy wears a tutu. I was only wondering because I wanted to know if they mentioned anything about George and me. You know, plans for upcoming pranks."

Fred had a good point. We had to be on our guard. You see, in addition to being the irrational one, Fred was also the schemer. He was the one that mostly thought out all these elaborate ideas. I was the one that actually made them happen. We made a great team, Fred and I.

Lee thought for a moment, scratching his chin.

"Nope, no mention about you, George or the prank war. Anyway, I doubt they would ever tell me. They know if they let anything slip, I'd go tell you two loons," he reasoned, slyly grinning.

We all laughed.

"Lee my boy, you won't believe some of the stuff Fred and I have come up with. They won't know what hit them," I enthusiastically predicted.

Fred nodded.

"For example, we-"

Just then, the compartment door whisked open. Standing in the narrow doorway was Katie, Alicia and Angelina. Katie had gotten blonder, Angelina taller and Alicia…well, I don't know how to explain it. Maybe I was hallucinating from a lack of sugar. Whatever it was, dare I say it; she looked prettier than last year?

In the back of my mind, Alicia had always been pretty. But this was the sort of pretty that you would use to make generic comments, like if you viewed a daisy and were like, "Oh, that's a pretty flower." There's no emotional attachment or deeper, hidden meaning behind it.

But when I gazed at her, I couldn't help but notice all the little things I'd ignored before. Like the fact her hair looked as soft as a pillow of feathers, or the fact her eyes were buzzing with this wild electricity I had never seen on anyone. She looked like she'd gotten a nice tan, her complexion browned to a very light cinnamon color.

She must have curled her hair for the day, because it was down and in a bouquet of bouncy, spiral, frizzles ringlets. And then I realized what I was doing. I had been checking her out! What was wrong with me? I had been giving the old eye to one of my sworn enemies! I locked eyes with her and her cheeks instantly flashed with a strawberry hue. Her cherry lips twisted into a smug smirk at the sight of me, which I returned.

"Hello boys. Enjoying the train ride?" Angelina caustically questioned, directed more so at Fred and myself than Lee.

Fred coolly gazed at Angelina, his lips pressed into a tight line.

"Well, we were until you lumbered in," he icily admitted.

Angelina rolled her eyes. She flipped her wavy, mocha locks over her shoulder and leaned up against the doorframe.

"Aw, do I sense some hostility between us? Don't worry, we won't be too cruel to you children this year," Alicia vowed, with false compassion.

"You know Spinnet, I think everyone would be a lot less tense if we didn't have to look at your face," I sneered.

Lee choked on a laugh, due to the fact Katie instantly glared at him. Fred let out a sharp but genuine string of laughter. The girls were not amused, however. Angelina visually shot daggers at Fred and Alicia gave off the impression that she wanted to punch him in the nose. Katie looked utterly bored and frustrated with the whole ordeal, as though we were a bunch of toddlers drawing on the walls with crayon.

"And I'm sure I'd be a lot less annoyed if I didn't have to hear your voice. But I guess we all can't get what we want, now can we? I was hoping that maybe you would blow yourself up while conducting some sort of experiment in your room. I'm not at all sorry to say that I'm very disappointed," she snapped.

Ah, feisty this morning, are we? I just love a challenging argument in the morning.

I threw her a wicked smile.

"I was wishing that you'd choke on all of your toxic perfume vapors. I'm also not at all regretful to say it's truly heartbreaking to see you standing there and blocking out all the sunlight."

Alicia's eyes widened in rage and she started to advance towards me.

"Why you little, arrogant, smart-ass, insensitive-"

Katie held her back.

"Now, now Alicia, let's all play nicely," she crisply scolded.

Fred nodded, his eyes darting from Alicia, to Angelina.

"Speaking of playing, have you rampaged over here to discuss the terms of this year? If not, I highly suggest you leave," he snottily advised.

Despite the fact we're willing to do just about anything to each other for a laugh, we did make some agreements on what violations would be. Hey, even in war, there are rules!

"You think I actually like to waste my time by speaking to you? Dream on, Weasley," Angelina fiercely defended.

I rolled my eyes.

"All right, all right. You hate us, we hate you. Now, what are the terms? Same as last year?"

Last year, we had decided that we wouldn't pull anything that involved ruining, damaging or changing a person's grades/schoolwork. Like for example, it would have broken the accord between all of us, if anyone stole the other person's homework and drew all over it. We also agreed that we wouldn't conduct anything that endangered a person's life. Pretty basic and common knowledge type things, if we you ask me.

"Yes, that is, if you have anything you want to add," Alicia answered.

I looked at Fred and he looked at me. We both shrugged.

"No, there's nothing I can think of. What about you two?" Fred demanded.

The girls didn't even need a full minute to ponder it over. Alicia faced Angelina and they both grinned at each other, as though they were hiding some big secret. They turned to us again.

"No," they cheerfully chorused in unison.

I clasped my hands together.

"Fine, it's all settled then. Now, would you please do us all a favor and leave? All the horrid odor of your hairspray is a hazard to my health and the ozone layer," I sarcastically suggested.

Alicia smirked at me.

"The pleasure is all mine."

Katie quickly ran over and gave Lee a peck on the cheek, then a quick wave to Fred and myself. We waved back and I offered her a small smile. She smiled back. You see, it wasn't Katie that was the problem. It was those two bloody loons, Alicia and Angelina. Katie was just an innocent bystander. Angelina and Alicia both glowered at us, then narcissistically tossed their noses up in the air and stalked away. Katie shook her head and laughed, then followed them.

The compartment door shut with a tumultuous bang.

"They seemed even more hostile than usual, don't you think so?" I asked Lee and my brother.

Fred scowled.

"I didn't like those smart-assed looks on their faces. You think they're already up to something?"

Lee shrugged. He was always the peacemaker between us. Kind of like the muggle United Nations or something. He was the one that always seemed to calm Fred down, as well.

"I have no clue. But most likely, yes. I'd watch your back if I were you two. They're a lot more clever than you give them credit for," he wisely inferred.

I nodded.

"He's right, you know. You can never be two cautious," I added.

Pretty soon, the conversation steered away from our recent close encounter of the third kind. We discussed old memories and Qudditch, made fun of Professor Snape and told Lee all about our newest inventions. Lee is the Qudditich commentator for all the games, so despite the fact he didn't play, he had a love for the game nearly as much as we did.

The witch came around with the snack cart and I bought a few Chocolate Frogs. Fred didn't feel like eating anything and Lee bought some Pumpkin Pastries. After quite some time, the train came to a stop and we knew we had arrived at Hogwarts. The three of us shoved on our robes in record time.

And that's when I started to notice a very familiar, yet very rancid smell.

"Oh God, what the hell is that smell?" I demanded.

Lee sniffed the air and then wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"It smells like a Dungbomb," he replied.

Fred gazed around the room.

"George, you didn't try to throw any at the girls or something, did you?" he questioned.

I shook my head.

"No, you saw me. I was sitting here the whole time. Did you?"

He instantly shook his head.

"No. But then where the bleeding hell is it coming from?"

I looked at Lee, whose eyes were trained on our robes, grinning all the while.

"It's coming from you two!"

"What?" How?" I proclaimed.

Fred put his pocket in his robes and immediately, his face turned into a grimace.

"George, if I were you, don't stick your hand in the pocket of your robes."

I was confused.

"What, why?"

And I did exactly what he told me not to do. Unfortunately, I was met with a large lump that could only be a fresh Dungbomb. I quickly pulled my hand out and wiped it furiously on the side of my black robes.

"AHHH!" I roared.

All of a sudden, there was a loud fit of giggling at the door. Fred stormed over and flung it open. We were met with the absolutely tickled faces of Angelina and Alicia. Katie was standing back, observing the entire scene as though she were watching a play. Both of them were laughing so hard and so much, that large, oval droplets were streaming down their cheeks and creating wet spots on the front of their robes.

"You bloody wanker!" Fred roared at Angelina.

She stopped laughing for a moment, looked at his extremely red face, then burst out laughing again.

"We figured that since you can't stand the smell of perfume, you'd appreciate this!" Alicia wheezed.

Angelina laughed even harder, if that was at all possible.

"Well, we don't want to be late for the feast! Smell you boys later!" she departed.

They three girls all linked arms and merrily skipped down the hallway of the train, still unable to cease their cackling. Fred stormed out after them. In all his Dungbomb covered glory, he stood in the middle of the hallway and glared viciously at their retreating backs with spiteful rage. A few students lingering in the corridor or trying to get off the train began to gag on the stench but Fred ignored them.

Shaking his first in the air, he shouted, "Mark my words, we'll get you for this! And we'll see who has the last laugh!"

But the girls continued their activity of hysterical laughing, rounded the corner, and then had vanished.

It was hard to believe that this had only been the first day. Unknown to all of this, the year would fly by and the prank war would be taken to a whole new extreme.