Here And Gone

Terra was gone. But Gar was still here. And he missed her.

Terra was gone. And all that was left of her was a stone statue that Gar couldn't bring himself to look at.

Terra was gone. Gar hadn't cried at her funeral; he'd been too numb inside, still denying that she wasn't there. Raven had been completely silent throughout the ceremony; afterwards, she'd brooded in her room, making things accidentally explode when she got too upset. Starfire had glared through her tears, silently raging at the unfairness of life…and death. Afterwards, she'd collapsed, sobbing, in Robin's arms and let him console her.

Terra was gone. And Gar locked himself in his room for twenty-four hours, trying to avoid the world. Then he spent the rest of the week trying out new tofu recipes to take his mind off of the fact that she wasn't there. It didn't work; she'd been the only other Titan who'd liked tofu.

Terra was gone. And Vic spent that week eating all of Gar's cooking, following him around, and basically pestering him, trying to get him to open up. Vic listened as Gar talked about Terra, chuckled as Gar retold Terra's really bad jokes…and held him as he cried over losing her.

Terra was gone. And Gar couldn't bring himself to stop loving her, even after everything she'd done. But…Vic said that you didn't stop loving people, just because they were gone.

Terra was gone. But his friends were still here with him. And Gar…thought he'd be okay.