Prom. Ah yes, the biggest night of Highschool life... right? Isn't that what I said? Was I not the one going on about who to come with? The food chain and all? That was me, and look at me now. Sure everything was beautiful, of course. I had been head of the decorating committee and it had to be perfect. After all, it was Prom. The last notes of music were coming from the speakers as the few people left danced away. A slow song no doubt, romantic and sappy as can be. Perfect music...yet as perfect as the night was supposed to be... it wasn't.

I'd dreamed about this night for what had to have been years. I saw myself dancing the night away with my Prince Charming, becoming Prom Queen, and return home floating on a cloud. Yes, that was the plan.

But no, I had spent most this Prom night persuading the school to get up and dance. Although I will admit my eyes were a bit attached to the mini tv screen that someone appeared to have pulled out of no where. Why was I so interested any ways? I'd seen it all before. Giant toy robots, super suits, evil boyfriends, all normal for the famous Kim Possible. Of course Kim had to have all the attention for the night, once again going out to save the world and still managing to return and have the night of her life. She and Stoppable had returned to the auditorium as heroes. Holding hands and arriving in a mass of applaud.

Did life always have to turn out so perfect for Kim Possible?

My Prince Charming... more like Frog Prince. Oh joy, the jock, Brick Flagg, the guy any girl in the school would want. That I wanted. Cheerleader dating the football player, isn't that the perfect teenage match? Sure the boy looks good when he 'glistens', but does he really know anything? So there he was, in all his football glory, dancing what was last of the night away... without me. Tell me, exactly what dose a skinny little black girl with frizzy hair have that I don't? So here I stand, pathetically waiting around. Watching. Kim in Stoppable's arms, dancing away. So it had finally happened. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were dating. Hooray for Kim. Brick and Monique... Prom Queen Tara and her new boyfriend. Everyone perfectly content. Their perfect Prom night.

Why did I care so much about Kim Possible? We'd never been friends in the least bit. Always at each others throats, competing over one thing or the other. Was I jealous? Of what? The fact that she'd ended up with Stoppable? That she was able to save the world on Prom night and still manage good hair? I watched them dance from across the room. Sure. Maybe was Ron was alright in a dorky, annoying type of way... maybe even... No! Not Stoppable. I wasn't jealous of him and Kim. Maybe being left to go home alone on Prom was messing with my head. I laughed and shook the thought away. I left the room alone.