Not Fade Away

This is really weird. I made it OOC on purpose, so don't flame me for that. I wrote it for school and got a 95! Don't ask how that happened, I really have no clue. People actually failed...

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"Today a friend did something that made me very sad. It is my birthday party and everyone else is downstairs celebrating.
I'm not. Instead I am all by myself writing in my diary. Teal'c didn't come and the party would be no fun without him.
So, I am all by myself." As Jack O'Neill wrote these words he cried like a waterfall.

"Why isn't he here?" he sobbed, chucking the diary at the door. It made a dent in the wall, and O'Neill cried harder.

"O'Neill!" said a voice.It was Teal'c. Jack was happy to see Teal'c, but at the same time was angry at him. Why was he late for such an important event in O'Neill's life?

"Why did you only come now? The party is almost over!" exclaimed Jack.

Teal'c sighed. "It is a long story."

"Tell me Teal'c! This is important to me! If it isn't important to you just say so, but don't lead me on with false hope!" said O'Neill.

"Very well. I will tell you. My car broke down. I had to ride here on a camel!"

They both laughed and went to the party. They boogied and cha-cha-ed.