Angel's Tale

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Chapter One
It's raining…men?!

"That'd be $2.50 in late fees."

"What? But I told you; I was on my way to return it when a car hit my mother! We had to rush to the hospital!" The woman exclaimed.

Leon sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. It was going to be one of those days again. "You had a responsibility to return that video back here at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. You didn't so you pay."

"My mother was in the hospital!"

"But you weren't. This is the real world Ms., Not your favorite day time soap opera."

The woman glared at him before slamming the money on the counter and storming out mumbling something about never coming here again.

"Way to go Squallie boy." Yuffie said from her place sitting on the back counter. "Another lost customer who hates you."

Leon rolled his eyes grabbing the DVD and leaving the counter to restock it. "That's Leon."

"I understand that she had to pay the money, but…her mother was in the hospital Leon…you could've been a little nicer."

Leon looked down to see Sora sitting on the ground restocking a box of DVD's. He glared at the boy before turning to return to his spot.

Is it going to be like this forever? Leon thought resting his elbow on the counter and his hand in his chin. Working 9 to 5 in the same tiny video store with the same people doing the same things for the rest of his dragging life? Not if I can help it.

"And how would you have handled it Mr. Compassion?" Riku asked emerging from the stock room carrying two more large boxes.

"I would have explained to her how sorry I was that her mother was in the hospital and calmly explain that she did need to pay the late fee no matter the circumstances." The brunette said tossing the now empty box into the stock room.

"Ha! Yea right! You probably would've started sobbing and paid it for her." Yuffie said swinging her feet back and forth.

"I would not!" Sora exclaimed pouting.

"You would've caved in babe." Riku said giving Sora a kiss on the cheek, laughing at the pout on his boyfriends face. "Yuffie and Sora, can you guys restock these movies…No…wait. I actually want customers so Leon and Sora switch places." He disappeared behind the curtain leading into the stock room.

Leon scowled, grabbing a box and leaving the counter.

"Wait wait wait!" Riku exclaimed returning from the stock room quickly. "I actually want to make money so Sora take Yuffie's box, Yuffie, you deal with the customers."

"Aye Aye Captain!" Yuffie exclaimed happily thrusting her box into a protesting Sora's hands and jumping back on the counter to continue her swinging.

Leon sighed contently as he slowly walked along each row, putting the movies where they belonged. It was a small video store, out of the way on a flat boulevard running for about 3 miles with two big name video stores a few shops away. Business was always slow, giving the employees much more time to socialize than Leon really cared for, but on the rare occasion that Sora and Yuffie were silent Leon could honestly say he liked it here.


The brunette's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. 'Spoke too soon.' He thought to himself. "For the millionth time, it's Leon. What do you want?"

"How do you work this thingy?" Yuffie asked pointing to the TV mounted on the wall with a DVD player underneath it.

"How should I know?" He said annoyed, stocking the last movie and moving to another aisle.

"You're always at the register."

"Dealing with customers, not watching movies Yuffie."

"You mean to tell me, you stand here, for four to six hours, doing nothing." Yuffie cried in disbelief. "You mean to tell me, that when you're not dealing with customers you're just…standing here?"

"You're not getting paid to watch movies!" Riku cried from the back.

"Right! I'm getting paid to deal with customers, there are no customers, and therefore I have nothing to do. You can't expect me to just stand here like Mr. Ice cube over there."

"You're sitting down Yuffie." Squall said, placing the last box on the shelf and moving behind the counter.

She stuck her tongue out at him. "You're so…responsible." Yuffie said scrunching up her nose.

"You say that like it's a bad thing." He said snatching the DVD from her and putting it in the player.

"It's not necessarily a bad thing. But, I don't know, you always go right by the book. Live a little Leon!" Yuffie said spreading her arms out for emphasis.

Leon merely grunted tossing Yuffie the remote and leaning against the counter.

"You know what I think." Sora said emerging from the six long aisles that made up the store. "You need a bright spot in your life. Something new and different to shake you from this boring routine." He jumped so that he was sitting on the counter.

"Yea! You're not ugly, not even close. Fix up your attitude and you'd have no problem getting a girlfriend." Yuffie said happily.

"Or a boyfriend!" Sora said just as happy and he noticed them exchange a look.

"Oh, no no no you are not interfering in my life." Leon said, recognizing the look in their eyes. "I'm perfectly happy with my life just the way it is."

"AW! Come ON Leon! I have plenty of desperate single female friends that would be perfect! A bunch of desperate single males too!" Yuffie exclaimed bringing out the puppy eyes.

"Yea!" Sora said following suit. "Plus, you meddled in Riku and my relationship."

"I gave him a note you wrote! I'd hardly call that meddling!" Leon exclaimed. "And only because you got on your knees and begged!"

"Nyaa you're no fun." Sora and Yuffie said in unison.

"I don't need a 'bright spot'. I don't need a change. I love everything just as it is." Leon said sitting down on the floor behind the counter.

Yuffie scowled at him before pressing play. "Yea sure."

"Is that the last one?" A man asked, long silver hair flowing behind him and one large black wing sticking out gracefully from his back.

"No Sir, a late edition." A soldier said.

The mans bright green eyes rested on the blonde angel the two white winged soldiers were bringing out. He was young and handsome with bright blue eyes and a nice build. He was bruised, obviously emerging from a beating to face his punishment. The general took out his clipboard, finding the angels picture and profile. His lips curled into a sinister looking smile as he approached the blonde, who seemed to have trouble keeping his head up.

"What a shame, such a pretty face." He said running a hand along the blonde's cheek.

Glaring at him the blonde moved his face away, only causing the silver haired man to laugh. He dismissed the two soldiers, grabbing both of the blonde's shoulders to steady him as his support left.

The man lent in closer till he was so close his breath caused the hair on the boy's neck to stand up. "All of this could've been avoided. If you would have just done what I wanted."

His hands found their way to the blondes back, curling around the soft feathers that made up his two wings. He could feel the blonde flinch with pain and he smiled before pulling as hard as he could.

The blonde cried out before dropping to the ground.

"I hereby expel you from the sky, may your human life be plagued with the curses you bestowed upon us." He said before, with a sharp kick to the side, the blonde fell from the sky.

"Hiya! Welcome to Hollow Bastion Films how may I help you?" Yuffie said as the bell on the door rung and a young man a little older than her entered.

"Yea…uh, I'd like to get a card with you guys…"

"Really? Awesome! What's your name?" She asked pulling out the papers.

"Tony M-"

"T-Tony?" Yuffie said quietly eyes filling up with tears. "TONY!" she screamed beginning to sob.

"Oh for Christ's sake get a hold of yourself woman." Leon mumbled grabbing the pen and papers out of her hand, shoving her towards the stock room. 'This is what I get for being nice…I am never letting Yuffie watch West Side Story again.'

"Your name sir?" Leon looked up just in time to see the door closing as the man left. "Greaaat." He mumbled crumpling up the paper and throwing it in the garbage can.

His watched beeped twice signaling the change of the hour and he sighed in relief when he realized it was 5'o clock at last.

Riku pulled the drawer out of the register, counting up the money. "We have fifty six dollars and no new customers, no returning customers either." He looked at Leon and Yuffie when he said this.

The three employees were gathered behind the counter, Yuffie sitting on the back counter, Leon leaning next to her and Sora sitting cross-legged beside the cash register. All three exchanged a worried look at their manager's sudden change in demeanor.

Riku sighed running a hand through his hair. "If business doesn't improve…this shop will have to close."

"What?!" All three exclaimed together.

"You can't close! We need this job Riku! This is more than a job, we're practically family!" Yuffie exclaimed.

"It's either that or bankruptcy!" The silver haired boy exclaimed slamming his fist into the counter in frustration. He took a deep breath, calming down. "Believe me. Closing down is the last thing I want to do. But the bank has its eye on us. If the loans don't get paid back, or we don't actually look like we're making something by the end of the month I'll have to sell the store."

"Don't worry Riku!" Sora exclaimed, putting a supportive arm around his boyfriend. "I'm sure we can come up with something."

"Well, in the meantime, don't bother coming in tomorrow. It'll save on the bills. Just…stay at home, see if you can think of any ways to attract customers." Riku said before retreating back into the stock room.

Sora smiled apologetically to his friends. "See ya Monday." He said before retreating into the stockroom as well.

Leon sighed as his umbrella turned inside out. Mumbling curses under his breath he tried to get it back into position but only succeeded in breaking the top part off. He dropped it onto the ground and the wind blew it away before he could pick it up again.

He growled, throwing the now useless stick onto the ground and continued walking.

He heard sirens and a police car stopped right in front of him. "Littering. Sixty dollar fine." An officer said, handing him a slip before getting back in her car and driving away.

Leon took a deep breath, counting to ten and continued on his way. 'It's pouring rain, my job may not be there next month, I got a sixty dollar ticket because of a stupid umbrella, Yuffie made me sit through West Side Story for the eighteenth time this week, Can this day get any worse?'

Just then a speeding car passed through a puddle, a giant wave of water coming right towards him. 'Apparently yes.' He thought hopelessly.

"Whoa! Watch it!" a familiar voice said, grabbing his arm and pulling him out of the way of the puddle. "Sheesh Squall wake up." Yuffie exclaimed punching him on the arm.

"Thank you." He said flatly before turning to continue his walk.

"Yo Leon!" Yuffie called after him. He turned and looked at her expectantly. "Don't look so grumpy! See ya Monday." And she was gone.

"Weird girl…" he mumbled

A shower, dinner, and thirty-minute nap later Leon was relaxed and calm. The house was silent except for the rain and occasional clap of thunder. He sighed, lying back onto the couch so that his gaze was forced towards the window. It was a good neighbor hood, filled with large houses, respectable families and friendly neighbors.

In other words, families on the verge of counseling, wars over who had the best lawn, back stabbing, and gossip. The only reason he stayed here was because his mother had left him the house when she died, and he really didn't have the money to go somewhere else. Things were convenient and familiar here, just how he liked it.

"You always go right by the book. Live a little Leon!"

He closed his eyes scowling. I am living…aren't I?

Leon wasn't aware he had fallen asleep until the unmistakable sound of glass shattering startled him awake. He rubbed his eyes, glancing at the clock.


He stood, grabbing the poker from the fireplace and heading upstairs. He peaked into the guest room, empty. The bookroom and bathroom, empty. He paused in front of his room and took a deep breath. He raised the poker, resting it on his shoulder, wrapped his hand around the doorknob and pushed.

Sure enough the large window was shattered and the rain poured in, soaking the black carpet. 'That's going to cost a shitload to fix…' He thought turning the light on and entering the room. He walked around the bed to where the window was, eyes widening in shock as he saw what exactly had destroyed his window.

Lying, soaking wet, on the carpet amidst the broken glass was the most beautiful man Leon had ever seen. He was slightly smaller than Leon, well built but with a sort of femininity about him. The rain had plastered his blonde hair to his face and his skin was flawless, save the various bruises adorning his body. His white shirt was soaked red with blood.

Leon dropped the fire poker, rushing to kneel at the mans side. "Are you alright?" he asked shaking him.

This was the second floor, in order to come crashing through the window he'd have to have come from above.

'Nonsense' Leon thought, looking out the window, 'People don't fall from the sky.'

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