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Megumi sighed as she finally finished off the last patient for the day. She had a unbelievable amount of people today come in, as there had apparently been some kind of fist fight near the akabeko restaurant.

No matter how many times she asked, she did not find out what the fight was about. Every time she asked, the questioned man would just stutter something about saying the wrong thing to a man.

Her natural curiosity had been aroused. ONE man had beaten up about eight or nine men so badly that she was out of bandages?

'Oh, well.' Picking up a light, she yawned her way towards the mat in the back room. She had just gotten ready to lie down when she heard a knock on the door.

"WHAT? What baka would-" She stopped as she opened the door to a sculpted chest and long, handsome face. She gasped as his bruised thin body tottered into the doorway.

"How you doing… Kitsune…"

"Rooster…. Oh!" She panicked and caught him just as he started to topple. She moved him to a bed in the doctor room.

"Oh… Oh, no…." She paled as she hesitantly peeled back his chest and torso wraps to reveal a bruised and bloody patch covering his abs and shoulders. After treating him, she sat back on her heels to look at him.

"Oh, Rooster… what have you been doing?" She extended a slim finger to gently press the mangled mess. It convulsed under her touch. She tentatively placed her whole hand on his stomach. His body was so warm…

She sucked in her breath as she felt his defined muscles running underneath her fingertips. She ran a hand up his torso and to his face. She held one hand to his cheek, and another to his hair. Slowly she leaned down….

"Hello… Kitsune."

She snapped open her eyes to see warm dark brown eyes looking back at her not a foot away. She started back.

"I- I- I'm sorry… I didn't mean to…"

He laughed, which quickly changed to a tickling cough.

"No Kitsune… It's ok, I should be saying sorry. From what I've seen, I accidentally gave you a lot of patients today."

"You? Rooster…" her voice softened as she stroked his spiky dark hair. "What happened?"

"What? No baka… or anything? Wow. Anyway… uh…" he wheezed slightly.

"What happened?"

He looked up at her. Her long raven hair fell in his face, and her perfect features were set in a concerned and hesitantly happy expression. How could he not explain?

"Well… at Akabeko… these guys were… well… calling you a slut… and betting to see who could sleep with you first. I'm sorry. I… just flipped…I-"

And though completely cliché, he was stopped by the colored lips of his fox. As she slowly moved away, eyes half-closed, leaving a confused rooster wide-eyed.


Megumi giggled. "Fox caught your tongue, rooster?

"You… you… uh…you…"

"…are the most perfect being in the history of the world? Pretty? A goddess?"

In answer, her lips were caught in his.

But that's just fine with her… cause her Rooster finally stopped being such a chicken.

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