Wandering Thoughts

Chapter 1

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The rain crashed down hard and the windows seemed as if they were going to shatter from the harshness of the rain. Yumi pressed her hand to the window of her room leaving a foggy print as she picked up her cell phone to see a message from Jeremie. 'Come to the factory. –J' Why are we always wasting our time fighting Xana? Why cane we have normal lives like everyone else? It was 4:00 on a dreary Saturday afternoon. Yumi's parents weren't home so she could escape to the factory. As Yumi left her house, the print on her window died away.

Dashing through the heavy falls of rain, Yumi got to the factory soaked. Her Umbrella did her no justice. Yumi's face was straight and Odd noticed her as she stepped up to the supercomputer.

"Usually it's Ulrich who's grumpy." Yumi gave him a shut-up-or-I'll-punch-your-brains-in kind of look. Odd's lips sealed in an instant.

Once they were in lyoko they fought in the polar region. Yumi's enthusiasm was cut short the whole time. Ulrich imagined that Yumi's face cracked a hint of a grin but was wrong.

"Yumi, calm down!" Ulrich grew worried as Yumi thrust her fans into the air at the tarantula will more rage than she has ever shown. Aelita ran to the tower.

Back on earth, the glum expression on Yumi's face remained.

"Yumi, What's wrong?" Aelita asked affectionately.

"I—I've been having a lot of trouble lately. Because I come home late too often, my parents have gotten real strict with me. I—I don't think I'll be able to see you guys much anymore, or for that fact come to Lyoko.

"WHAT?" Ulrich's eyes grew wide.

"Yeah. My parents don't want me coming home too late after school and since I'm not in any of your classes, I cant really spent much time with you anymore.

"So your saying you cant come to Lyoko?" Odd said.

"For the most part…" Yumi's voice trailed off. "I have to get home before my parents arrive. Bye." Yumi left her friends in an awkward silence.

"What are we going to do?" Jeremie looked puzzled.

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