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Forever is a long time

Chapter one: prologue

"Saaaasuke-kun stop it!" squeals a five-year old, pink-haired girl. She was currently being tickled by her best friend.

"Not 'till you gwive up and say 'uncle'" replied a raven-haired boy with an evil grin, "say 'uncle' or I won't stop."

"Eww! My uncle wis way nicer than you!"

"Then, you asked for it!" Sasuke kept tickling her even more furiously.


The boy immediately released his pink-haired friend from his tickling rampage.

Having had their fun, the two friends rolled over on the grassy hill, watching the clouds.

"Saku-chan?" asked the boy with a pout, "are you really moving away foreverrrrrr?"

"Not forever. I'll come back as sooooooon as I can..." Replied the girl,

"and suck that lip back in!"

"Yes, mother." (still pouting) "I'll miss you forehead-chan. I won't have anyone to torture or play tag (I always used to play tag) with anymore."

"I'll miss you too Sasu-teme!" (Naruto makes a 'whoooping' sound here)

"Where'd you learn that 'teme' word?"

"I heard my Kaa-san call Tou-san that so it probably means something good!"

The two kids had walked back to the Haruno estate where a big moving van was parked in the driveway ready to go.

At that moment, she leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. At this, he blushed as bright red as the tomatoes he loved almost as much as the little girl in front of him.

"Don't worry, I'll come back," she promised, giggling at his still red face.

"Fwends forever?" said the boy.

"Forever and ever!"

"Pinky-swear?" asked the dark haired kid, sticking his pinky out towards his friend.

"Pinky-swear," she assured him, locking their pinky fingers together.

Little did he know, that was the last he was going to see of that electric pink hair in a long while...


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