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Chapter 3:


two teens walked slowly down the cold marble of the quiet halls, budging heavy trolleys of geography textbooks inch by inch towards the elevator. These two must care about school so much and be so hardworking to stay all alone in a creepy echoey deserted school hauling heavy books around for sake of a sturdy education for their fellow students, right?

Tch! No.

"this is SO your fault," grumbled a girl with pink hair who was seriously pissed.

"how is it MY fault?" replied her 'companion'.

"you're the one who started the 'episode' in science class! How is it NOT your fault?"

"o yeaaaah….." smirked a certain uchiha.

"I thought asuma-sensei said he was going to be more creative with the punishment than just making us his lackey," said sakura.


Asuma came back with kakashi and a gigantic grin on his face. You couldn't tell with kakashi because of the mask, but his eyes were slitted in a happy way.

"since I'm no good with interesting punishments, I've consulted with kakashi-san here on your punishment. Well we both agreed on something."

Kakashi nodded and said, "your punishment will be to load all the geography books into room 344 upstairs. Since you will be have no help and have only one trip for all 80 new textbooks, you will have to load the trolley with 40 each. So rest up in history class."

Sakura was stuttering while sasuke leaned against the wall trying to remain cool at the uncool prospect of actually helping a teacher.

"b-but kakashi-sensei, one geo book weighs about a kilo! We are talking about a book that has the world in it. How are we supposed to carry 40 at a time?"

kakashi just kept on showing the happy slitted eye to sakura's distraught expression and patted her on the head. "You. Just. Do."


"I know a way we can make it interesting on our own…." Said sasuke with a sly (and perverse) look on his face.

Sakura scowled. "oh, shut up."

"what? Usually, a girl would be all over me by now. You no likee?"

sasuke quirked an eyebrow.

"no, me no likee. What I would likee is to make your face concave with my fist." Sakura growled with a twitch. Then she let out a long sigh. "can we just get this over with so I can go home and you can make out with one of your little groupies?"

"yeah… sorry." He apologized.

By then, they were already at the elevator with their collapsing trolleys. They wheeled their way into the elevator which was already pretty cramped already without the 80 textbooks, so it was pretty awkward how sakura and sasuke had to kind of stand face to face, VERY closely.

Sasuke took it like a guy and pretended like he did this everyday and sakura was feeling a bit out of breath, but she managed to blame it on the bad circulation in the elevator. I admire her so much for denying the truth so well.

All of a sudden, the lights went out and the elevator stopped!

Surprisingly, sasuke was the one freaking his pants off.


of course, you don't see the uchiha prodigy almost wet his pants everyday, so sakura started hyperventilate.

"omigod, huff are we huff seriously huff going to die? huff Omigod huff where's my huff paper bag?"

together, sakura, with her hyperventilation, and sasuke, with his clausterphobic-ness, joined forces to scream and bang on the elevator walls. Buuuuuuuuut I'm happy to say that there was absolutely no one in the building to hear them cry like little wailing babies who needed changing.

after about 2 hours of screaming and banging they finally got tired (A/N: this sounds like my sister when she was 3 ) and calmed down long enough to look at the actual situation.

"that was a load of fun," said sasuke sarcastically with a shaky smile.

Sakura ignored him, found her paper bag and calmed down. "the janitor must have left and turned off the school electricity," she reasoned, "now how do we get out of here?!"

Sasuke put a still shaky hand on her shoulder and tried to comfort both of them.

"d-don't wor-worry, I'm-I'm sure kakashi-sensei and asuma-sensei will remember us. Heck—they're probably coming for us right now!"

With kakashi and asuma

kakashi and asuma were at a bar downing a few shots of tequila.

"hey, kakashi, I have a feeling that we forgot something," said a tipsy asuma.

"hmm, I'm sure its nothing important. Wouldn't it be so funny if we got fired for leaving someone at school without any power or lights?" replied kakashi.

"hahaha yeah, not just that, but in an elevator too! That would be hilarious."

Asuma and kakashi were so far gone with tiquila so they just kept laughing.

Back at the cramped black elevator

"hey, sasuke, why are you being so nice? You're usually so perverted or quiet" said sakura.

Having a reputation to save, sasuke quickly reverted back to his normal act,

"i feel like being nice, especially in a cramped dark elevator with a pretty girl."

Sakura 'hmph-ed' and turned her back on him, but she could feel herself getting drowsy at the lack of air in the elevator. Sasuke just smirked and sat down just to find sakura dropping into his lap.

Hmm. Her hair smells so good.

He started playing with some of her cherry tresses

how does she get it so soft? I need some tips on shampoo and conditioner.

Wait! What the hell am I thinking at a time like this? We're in a serious crisis here and all I can think about is her hair? Better check if she's okay.

"sakura. Sakura? Sakura! FOREHEAD WAKE UP!! Are you okay???!!!"

but sakura was sleeping the sleep of the dead and didn't even wake up to the forehead thing.

Sasuke just gave up and sat there for about an hour staring at the girl leaning against him. You'd think that he'd get some kind of 'idea' but, apparently I don't give him enough credit.

After a while, it was pretty obvious that nobody was coming for them, so sasuke just slept against the wall with sakura still in his lap.




Sakura woke up the next morning to complete darkness.

That's kinda weird she thought my shades are usually up in the morning. O well, at least my bed couldn't be better. That was the best sleep I've had in ages,

She snuggled deeper into her mattress

but I don't remember falling asleep sitting up.

Sasuke groaned shifted at the movement.

Since when did my bed start moving? Did dad order the massage bed he was talking about mailing me from europe?

A/N: I kinda feel really mean about making her seem like a stupid ditz at the moment. Its just that Im kinda distracted right now listening to billy talent (SO HOT) and doing homework at the same time as writing a story.

Whatever, not like I don't like the bed, might as well make the most of it before I have to go to school.

She snuggled even deeper into her "bed" with a satisfied sigh. Sasuke, being a normal teenage boy had the usual morning 'stiffy'. And let's just say sakura wriggling on his lap wasn't exactly helping to ease it. His eyes snapped open and narrowed as he let out a hiss of breath. Still half asleep, sakura tried to find a comfortable position for herself and burried her nose into the crook in his neck, letting her hand go slack and drop slowly down sasuke's chest, past his waist, onto his thigh near his "eh-hem".

A/N: as much as I hate to interrupt their little session, I want to explain my terminology and word substitutions. I'm just trying to keep this as innocent as possible since I'm not really trying to do M right now. If you wanna start something about it, go ahead with the reviews.

Still searching for her comfortable spot, she started to squirm and ended up rubbing her thigh against his 'special spot'. Of course, being half conscious, sakura had absolutely no idea what she was doing to the poor boy. Sasuke was trying to stay calm about this, but that's really hard considering how alarming the situation really was. Sasuke may act all perverted and experienced, but its all part of a way to mask his real personality from the world. This was actually the most intimate thing he had experienced so far:

Being felt up by a semi-conscious girl who he had only met yesterday.

Sakura just kept on going mercilessly, still being unsatisfied at the confortability of her spot. She began to rub her right hand along his thigh , moving towards his 'lower horn' GO FUTURAMA!!! as her left hand ran through his hair in a soothing gesture.

Her pitiful victim was far from suffering, though. Sasuke just couldn't take it anymore. He closed his eyes and tried to suppress a moan, if he woke her up, she would most definitely stop, but of course, teenage boys are so stuffed with hormones, it almost comes spilling out the back of them, so he wouldn't want to do that. The rushes of pleasure surged through 15 billion nerves in sasuke, almost enough to make him lose his cool and go crazy. Scratch that, she was already driving him crazy. It took all the restraint in his being to stop himself from knocking her onto her back and pumping into her like mad. She was pushing her over the edge here, and she didn't even know it. She wasn't even TRYING!

Sasuke couldn't think properly, but he knew that he couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed her hips and turned her around. He started to ravage her mouth and grind into her. STILL in a daze, sakura semi-consciously responded to the bruising kiss. Sasuke started to slide his hand off her waist. His left went to her neck to pull her closer as his right slid down her waist, crawling down the back of her thigh, sending a tingling sensation up her leg.

im sorry that I had to make her too dense to wake up properly until now

Sakura, FINALLY, woke up completely, due to the fact that sasuke had left her mouth and started trailing his lips down her neck. She remained speechless from the shock of waking up in the middle of a make out session. He kissed her shoulder and burried his nose into the base of her neck. Then he started to nuzzle and lick her ear sensually as his hands went through the hair and around her waist, pulling her even closer. Losing herself in the moment, sakura let out an appreciative moan and began to grind her hips into his once again. They really had no idea of what they were doing, but they were so turned on that they just went with the flow.

Little did they know, a certain Kakashi-sensei was outside, leaning against the elevator door, reading his little orange book, waiting to get to his class upstairs 2hours late. When he noticed a blur of pink and black behind the opening doors of the elevator, his jaw went slack. Not that you could tell with the stupid mask on. It was pretty awkward to look up and see two of his students in the same position as the characters were in the picture of his book.

Sasuke and sakura, who were making out like there was no tomorrow, noticed the doors open, revealing a burst of light into the dark, steamy, cramped room. Seeing their teacher drop his book and widen his eyes made them spring apart as far as possible, which wasn't actually that far considering that they still had all the textbooks crammed in with them. Sakura bumped into the stack as sasuke backed into the fire alarm, causing books to fall on their heads, sprinklers to set off and worst of all:

Kakashi just stood there, shoulders shaking and his favourite book still on the floor, trying not to laugh at the hilarious predicament.


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