Author's Note: Today, I have found the original planned version of Yoshi Kart I did. Seeing how popular Yoshi Kart is, I decided to post this version as well to see what it would be like if it was here instead of the current Yoshi Kart. And way, this is known as the original version, just to clear confusion. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: We own nothing official and the plot is also not owned by us because it gives credit to Diddy Kong Racing. Yoshi, Birdo, and Boshi belong to Nintendo, while Yoshizilla owns Peppy, Heppy, Zirdo, Bronto, and Shelia. Moshi is just a random character used to help the plot.

Yoshi Kart: The Original Version

Yoshi sat on the porch outside of his house and curiously tore open the letter he has got in the mail. It wasn't often that messages arrived from so far away as to be brought in by carrier pterodactyl, and he was eager to find out what it contained.

Hopefully something to liven things up, Yoshi thought to himself. Things had been all too quiet since Yoshi's best friends, Peppy Ankylosaurus and Birdo Birdosaurus, had arrived on their summer break, distracting the Yoshisauruses from their usual wanderlust as the peaceful villagers did its best to keep the guests entertained. Yoshi tugged out the note impatiently and started to read. "Dear Yoshi," It began. "Help!"

Yoshi made a weird face, but then he smiled. Now this sounds promising, he decided. It turned out that the message was actually from Peppy Ankylosaurus's younger brother, Heppy 'Heppermoneytonic' Ankylosaurus- and the young, purple Ankylosaurus had found himself in quite a bit of trouble which, for once, wasn't even his fault. Yoshi frowned. Then, once he'd carefully read the note through a couple of times, he sat back and gnawed thoughtfully on a finger as he gazed out through the early morning tropical island mist. He'd been asked for his help, so his intentions to zip off as soon as possible were never in doubt. The question that preoccupied him now was whether or not he should draft in some extra help, just in case...

After all, this giant gorilla, presumably named 'King Kong', that Heppy had mentioned didn't sound like a monster to be taken lightly. Eventually, Yoshi decided that his friends Peppy and Birdo would still enjoy the adventure even if it turned out that their services weren't needed, so the young green Yoshisaurus dug out a pencil stub from the mess of his house and hopped back into his seat, whistling for Yoshidactyles - his own makeshift carrier Pterodactyls - as Yoshi began to scribble out a couple of messages of his own.

A few short hours later and Yoshi was on the first leg of his journey, running off at high speed toward the fringes of the tropical jungles that lie ahead of the Yoshi Village. A couple of Yoshisaurus lurking behind a boulder watched him go suspiciously. "Hey - where you think he going?" Asked Boshi, a blue, cool, sunglass-wearing Yoshisaurus that had a strong attitude and a knack for running. His buddy, Moshi, who was Boshi's younger, orange brother who wore no sunglasses and had a much more calmer attitude but the same knack for running, frowned.

"Why?" Moshi asked.

"What if he is going to fetch Tyrannoyoshies to chase after us?" Boshi said to his younger brother. Moshi thought about this, and suddenly realised what Boshi was about to suggest.

"No way. I not going," Moshi said, and turned and bolted back towards the Yoshi Village.

Boshi scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Hopeless," Boshi snorted to himself. "I go after him, then," Boshi bellowed after his cowardly younger brother. "You go tell the other Yoshisauruses - see what they think of that, huh?"

And with that, Boshi lumbered off through the trees in the wake of the distant speck that was Yoshi, grumpily swatting aside vines and vicious Piranha Plants as he went.

Author's Note: There's the introduction! Now, just to let you know, only the eight original Yoshi Kart racers will be in this story. That means that Yoshi, Peppy, Birdo, Boshi, Bronto, Heppy, Zirdo, and Shelia will be in it. Now that we've got that covered, enjoy and wait for the next chapter!