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Back in the Yoshi Village racecourse, the race itself was getting more hectic as the 8 Yoshi Kart racers were trying to obtain 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Master Hand cleared his throat, and started to announce the race status loud and clear so that the pedestrians could hear. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Heppy Ankylosaurus is still in 1st place! But Boshi and Birdo are right behind the purple Ankylosaurus, as well as Shelia the Stegosaurus, Bronto the Brontosaurus, and Zirdo the Birdosaurus. Ironically, Yoshi the First and Peppy Ankylosaurus are behind the other racers, and they better pick up the slack if they want to win."

"Move over, Heppy!" Boshi shouts, ramming into Heppy, "1st place is mine!"

"Heh! No way!" Heppy retorted, pushing his kart back into Boshi. "If anyone's going to get 1st place, it's gonna be me!"

"That's what you think!" Shouted Birdo as she used a rocket booster to pass by Boshi and Heppy. Birdo drove carefully around the hot springs, but sadly, a mine leftover from the last lap was ahead of her, and Birdo collided into it, and fell into a hot spring that was right in front of her.

Boshi and Heppy zoomed off, leaving the soaked Birdo waiting to be rescued by Lakitu.

Shelia and Bronto are having their own war, as they fire items at each other and leave items behind as they navigate through the hot springs. Shelia fires 2 rocket missiles at Bronto, but the blue Brontosaurus counters by throwing 2 mines behind him. Shelia dodges, and the yellow Stegosaurus then grabs a pack of bubbles. Saving it for later, Shelia attempts to overcome Bronto by pushing him on the right side, toward the hot spring. Bronto, however, being the stronger of the two dinosaurs, manages to push Shelia off of him, and he veers to the left, allowing Shelia to fall into the upcoming hot spring.

Zirdo watches this, and she uses a rocket booster to zoom by Shelia and approach Bronto. Bronto, however, turns around and releases oil behind his blue, heavy kart. Zirdo screams as her light, green kart goes spinning, and she crashes into the side of the mountain wall.

Yoshi the First sees this, and he zooms by Zirdo, as well as Peppy Ankylosaurus and a recently rescued Shelia.

Zirdo starts to slam her foot on the brake, but isn't having very good luck. "C'mon, c'mon!" She says to herself, trying to back-up out of the mountain.

Shelia starts to approach Yoshi and Peppy, ready to zoom right past them. She uses another rocket booster, and then, after passing both Yoshi and Peppy, she makes a sharp powerslide onto the straight dirt-paved path, and releases the bubbles she was previously holding.

Yoshi sighed, as he and Peppy made right turns on the straight dirt-paved path. "Great. We're never going to catch up to the leaders if we keep going at this pace!"

Peppy chuckled. "Problem solved." He grabbed a blue, winged spiny shell from an item box. "Just throw this baby, and you're garunteed to make it to the top!"

Yoshi titled his head. "How?" The green Yoshisaurus curiously asked.

Peppy smirked. "Watch and learn, Yoshi boy," The yellow Ankylosaurus said. He turned around and released the blue, winged spiny shell in front of him, passing several of the racers in front and heading straight for the leader - Heppy Ankylosaurus.

Heppy Ankylosaurus turns on the other curve, seeing the rocks he and the others had encountered in the previous lap. However, he doesn't know that a blue, winged spiny shell is about to ruin his chance to succeeding.

"So, you want some of this huh?" Boshi taunts, as he releases several missiles at Birdo.

Birdo only laughed as she swerved her pink kart to avoid the missiles. "You're going to have to do better than that, Boshi!"

Boshi gritted his teeth. "Very well, then!" The blue Yoshisaurus shouted back, adjusting his sunglasses. He grabbed a mine and threw it behind his blue kart, ahead of Birdo's path.

Birdo screamed, and she made a sharp left turn to avoid the mine, scraping the left side of her pink kart completely in the progress.

Heppy watched this occur as he passed the finish line once more, and has made it into the 3rd and final lap. Boshi immediately followed.

"And both Heppy Ankylosaurus and Boshi the Yoshisaurus have made it into the 3rd and final lap of the Yoshi Village race, ladies and gentlemen!" Master Hand announced, the pedestrians on the sidelines cheering as the magical, floating glove continued, "Birdo the Birdosaurus is right behind the leaders, with Shelia the Stegosaurus, Bronto the Brontosaurus, Yoshi the First, and Peppy Ankylosaurus behind her! And it seems that poor Zirdo is behind." He cleared his throat once more. "Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's been a great race, and things are starting to loo-"

Before he could finish, the blue, winged spiny shell Peppy had thrown earlier zoomed right past the hand and the pedestrians, heading straight for Heppy and exploding into him, sending the purple Ankylosaurus and his purple kart into the air, and crashing back down, now behind Boshi and Birdo.

"OH!" Master Hand shouted in surprise, "Seems as if Heppy was knocked into the air by the infamous spiny shell! He better shape up if he wants to retain his lead!"

As Master Hand had announced, Heppy got his purple kart back in action, and he grabbed a third rocket booster, which he combined with the 2 rocket boosters he already had, to zoom off at a TREMENDOUS speed, passing even Birdo and Boshi as he approached the hot springs again.

Zirdo was still stuck on the left side of the mountain, the grass cutting down her green kart's acceleration speed. "C'mon...c'mon! Why isn't it STILL working!?" Zirdo exclaimed, as Heppy zoomed right past her.

Master Hand watched in excitement, and he then announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Heppy Ankylosaurus has retained his lead! But still, he has the obstacles to worry about. What will happen on the racecourse as the racers start becoming more and more competive? Find out!" He said, as the Yoshi Village racecourse panned into the background.

Yoshizilla: So, pretty wild, huh? It looks as though Heppy Ankylosaurus is going to win, and it looks as if poor Zirdo the Birdosaurus is going to lose, but wait! There still lies the matters for the other racers, too - will they succeed, or utterly fail, in the first race in the grand prix to save Dinosaur Land? All these questions and more you folks will be asking, but until then, I'll see you again some time later - where the final part of the race will be revealed!