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chapter 1.

As I walk to the car I begin planning out my summer. I figure the order is going to give me some space due to Sirius' death and all. they probably think I'll blame myself for that mutt's death. Just thinking about that bastard brings waves of anger to me. He got exactly what he deserved, that bastard. My only regrets are he didn't suffer and die slowly like I would have wanted him too. He had my trust and my fathers trust too! Damn him, I'll have to thank Bella the next time I see her.


Harry just got back from the Dumbledore's office and he was extremely pissed. His only father figure in his life had been murdered by his own flesh and blood! On top of that he had a damn prophecy looming over his head that says he has to kill the most powerful dark lord ever! Damn Dumbledore that bastard knew the prophecy too, ever since I was born! He didn't even tell me about it until it was too late and I had already heard it myself. I hate that manipulative goat rapping bastard! He should die slowly and in the most painful manner. Maybe I could torture him with the cruciatus curse until he goes completely insane! Yes that would be hilarious, the leader of the light an insane old coot with lemon drop fetish! Chuckling darkly Harry was brought out of his musings by looking around at the unfamiliar corridor. It was dark so he couldn't make out the details. Harry cast a quick lumos and he could see in the distance a banner of some sorts. He couldn't see from this distance so he went closer to get a better look. As he got closer he could see that the banner was about 10 meters tall and about 3 meters wide. It was attached to a wall at the end of the corridor making it a dead end. Harry crept closer until he could see the forlorn mauraders sign only a little different. The black dog representing Sirius was torn off. Anger boiled in Harry veins. Whoever the hell did this I will make them pay! How dare they dishonour my godfather like that! Mark my words they will pay! Harry was about to stalk off when an idea came to mind. What is this banner with the marauders insignia doing here? Maybe there is something special about it. so Harry crept closer to the banner to examine it. after finding nothing out of place except for the missing piece of cloth he stopped to think. maybe there's some kind of password or something...

" I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

As soon as he finished the sentence the banner turned into a big wooden door. Cautiously Harry opened the door and peeked in. Finding nothing but darkness he stepped into the room. as soon as he was completely inside the door slammed shut and disappeared. All the sudden torches lit the square room. Looking around Harry found some tables littered the room. the room was roughly the size of the gryffindor common room. On the tables were various pieces of parchment that were all blank. On the back wall of the room there was another wooden door. On it there was a carving of a lily flower. Curiously Harry walked through it to come to a similar sized room but without the many tables and blank pieces of parchment. There was however a single table with what Harry could recognize as a pensieve. Harry knew that the pensieve would hold something related to the marauders so he looked in. Immediately he was sucked into it. He emerged to find himself in a familiar place that he recognized from his dreams, Godric's Hollow. He suddenly heard a woman scream. He ran to were source of the scream. It was coming from a room down the hall that he was currently in. Running past the various pictures of people that were probably related to him or friends of his parents he came to a stop at the end of the hall. He walked through the door ( he cant touch it of course he was in the pensieve). What he saw next shattered him and made his blood boil. In the room he found his mother cowering from a smirking Sirius black. But what made his blood boil was that his mother's shirt was ripped off and in Sirius' hand.

"Please Sirius don't do this!" his mother pleaded.

"Shut the fuck up bitch! I've been waiting to do this ever since third year, so be a nice little whore and take of the rest of your fucking clothes!"

"James! James! Help me please help me! Anyone please!" lily yelled at the top of her lungs.

"That bitch ass husband of yours wont come to rescue you this time bitch. Now take of your damn clothes or else!"

"Never! How could you do this Sirius we trusted you! How could you! We made you Harry's godfather! Your never going to be welcomed in this house again!"

Sirius laughed a cruel and cold laugh that made Harry seeth in anger. He didn't notice the way his eyes turned red and his pupils changed to that of a snake.

"Bitch! Imperio!"

Lily jumped out of the way of the mind control curse to snatch her wand which was only a few meter away from her. she grabbed it then pointed it at Sirius.


"Protego! Stupefy!"

"Protego maximus!"

They continued to duel for about half an hour shouting spells that Harry had never heard of. Meanwhile Harry's eyes were exact replica's of Voldemort. He was watching the memory with so much anger it would make Voldemort piss himself and cower in fear. Harry's back all of a sudden exploded in pain in unison with his mother. That was the last he saw of the memory because he passed out in pain.

When Harry woke he found himself lying on the floor were the pensieve was sitting on the table just in front of him. Groggily Harry sat up and his back was exploding with pain. He looked around and in the torch light he could see a mirror behind the door he came in. He sat up and gasped in surprise. What he saw looking back was himself, except on his back he had wings with pure black feathers on them. The feathers color seemed to suck in the light surrounding it. Harry's first though was wicked! Then the memory's from the pensieve flowed back to him in a rush. His anger returned and once again his eyes turned to blood red snake eyes. Harry tried his hardest to calm down, and eventually he decided he needed to see the rest of the memory. This involved Harry's dad bursting in the room and was too caught up with seeing the state his wife was in that he didn't see the stupefy that Sirius sent his way. Sirius then continued to duel his mother. After what seemed like ages Sirius fired the stupefy curse five times. It was too much for his mother's shield and it broke on the fourth. The fifth hit her and she was knocked out.

"Damn that was too close I need to be more smooth when I do this again in the future." Sirius said to himself.

"Obliviate! Obliviate! Nothing happened here when you came home it was the same routine that you guys always do." with that Sirius apparated away and the memory ended.

The last week of school for Harry was spent in what Harry discovered as the mauraders base. He found similar memories of Sirius trying to seduce his mom in her younger years in school but all failing miserably. He also found how to merge his wings back into his back, although whenever he got extremely angry they would flare out again. The black parchments he found out were failed marauders maps. He didn't find anything else interesting in that room but the room with his pensive was his mother's room. He found this out from the memory of when they first invited her to become a marauder in their sixth year. He found many books and also a ring. When he put on the ring the ring glowed for a little while and a note popped out of nowhere. It was written in loopy old english looking writing.

This ring is the ring of Ravenclaw. Only the heir shall be able to see and use it. While wearing it you shall remember anything and everything you ever read or see.

Harry spent the last of the days at Hogwarts reading all the books he could get his hands on. In one book that showed the four founders blood lines he discovered that his mother was adopted and that she was a pureblooded witch who descended from the Slytherin and Ravenclaw lines. Holy crap I am the heir of Slytherin! He had been avoiding Ron and Hermione at all costs. He had a strange feeling about them since he put on the ring.


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