Don't be sad

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Chapter 1


Sakura was waiting outside at Naruto's house. "Naruto- kun! Are you going with me to school? If you will come with me… please be hurry!" Naruto heard Sakura so he looked at the window and replied "Wait Sakura! I'm coming with you!" Naruto turn out to be silent because he wondered why Sakura was here to come with him. Sakura broke the silence "Naruto- kun! Are you there?! I'm waiting!" "Sakura-chan please wait I'm coming..!" When he came down he saw her sitting on the bench. Naruto was surprised and shocked when he saw her cry. "Sakura, why are you crying…" He was shocked when Sakura hugged him and then she said "Naruto…I missed Sasuke- Kun…I want to see him…" Naruto replied," Sakura, please don't be so sad…I'm sure this time Sasuke will come back for you..." Naruto said as he calmed her.

End of Flashbacks

Questions came to his mind like 'How can I make Sakura feel happy again?' Sasuke where are you now. She's waiting for you I don't know how to make her feel happy again…

Naruto rose up to his bed and go searched for Sasuke. After 5 days of searching, he found Sasuke in the Sound Village with Orochimaru. He was thinking a plan of how to contact Sasuke without even seeing by Orochimaru. His plan was to follow Sasuke. He came in the room of Sasuke. Sasuke asked him "What are you doing here, Dobe?" he asked him in a frustrating voice. "I am...just looking if you are fine…" Naruto said in a hesitant voice. "Answer me the truth..! I think that is not the real reason…is there something happen..." Sasuke said in a lower voice. Naruto remained silent for a while and said, "Are you happy? While Sakura was suffering because of you…Are you happy…? Do you forget about your promise 5 years ago?! That you will come back for her after 2 years…" Naruto started to cry. Sasuke was staring at the ground…Flashbacks came to his mind…

He was there together with the pink- haired girl at the place where they meet up with their Sensei Kakashi. "Naruto was late again even our Sensei..!" Sakura said in a tired voice. "Sakura?" he stared at her eyes. "Ahmm….what is it?" Sakura replied. "I want to tell you that…I was planning to go to the Sound Village for training…" He said in a sad voice. "Can I come with you?" Sakura begged him for it but he replied, "Sakura…I don't want my friends to get hurt. So I don't want you to come with me." "But…Sasuke- kun…I don't mind if I get hurt…I just want to protect you…" Sakura cried after she said that. He avoided the tears falling down on her cheek "Sakura… I want to say that…I love you and that is the reason why I am leaving to train myself to know that I can protect you to any person that could hurt you…" He held her. Sakura was speechless of what he told her. She whispered to his ears, "I still love you… Sasuke –kun. Can you promise to come back for me?" He replied, " I will…After 2 years I will come back…please wait for me…don't be sad…even if I'm not at your side…I'm sure Naruto will protect you…". Sasuke forget about his promise.

To be continue…

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