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The Legend of Zelda: The Prince of Ny-Potho

Started on 1/1/06

Staring up into the heavens

In this hell that binds your hands

Will you sacrifice your comfort?

Make your way in a foreign land?

Wrestle with your darkness

Angels call your name

Can you hear what they are saying?

Will you ever be the same?

("Isaac" by Madonna)

Chapter 1 -- Black Magic Mask

Not so long ago, an evil wind spread across the land of Hyrule, casting shadows. Princess Zelda, ruler of the land, sensed what felt to be the evil presence of a long-sealed sorcerer named Vaati Gufuu fast approaching, and summoned her good friend Link. The darkness kidnapped the princess, leaving Link with no other choice than to draw the guarded treasure of Hyrule: the Four Sword. The young boy's body split into four, and as four, he conquered many trials to rescue the beloved princess of his land.

The Links completed their quest and rescued Zelda. The time came to place the Four Sword back in its pedestal, but when they tried, something went horribly wrong. Link remained four people, four people with different lives, hopes, and ambitions...

The prologue is over, bitches. Now...our story begins in a dark forest where none dare to go... Are you ready? Let's begin.

"How stupid could I get? I should have just glanced up at the sky to see that it would storm. I'm soaked clear to my panties," grumbled a young girl. She rode through the woods slowly on a pure white horse as the rain poured down so hard and fast it was unbelievable. Thunder and lightning clashed over her head.

The girl's name was Missy Dek, who admittedly was not very fond of water and storms. Missy was about thirteen years old, thin, average height... She had tan skin and blonde hair that was so light in color it appeared just a few shades off of white. Her pretty brown eyes were the windows to her soul and feelings, and right now, that soul and those feelings were pretty pissed. I mean, of course she was pissed. Missy wasn't exactly dressed for the weather in a peach-pink-colored bodysuit that just barely went high enough to cover her breasts, leaving her shoulders and the vast majority of her chest quite bare. There were also golden vines embroidered on the outfit along with peach-pink elbow-high gloves. Lastly, there were cape-like flaps on the hips of the garb.

Missy shivered against the rain and squinted ahead. It was really hard to see what with the cloud-darkened sky and thick trees. Despite the fact that she was desperate to return home, Missy kept her pace slow to ensure the safety of both herself and her horse Cwen.

Besides,she thought, my tribe ain't gonna miss me anytime soon...

Missy lived in the forest she was riding in. Her journey would lead her to the heart of the forest, where hidden from the rest of the world thrived a tribe...a SECRET tribe by the name of Ny-Potho.

Ny-Potho's culture, people, and life somewhat resembled those of the Native American tribes we know. The Ny-Pothons lived in small groups in tents and hunted with bows and arrows and crap. Their main focus was dark magic -- they did rituals nearly every day. All the people looked Native American, too...all except for Missy, that is.

Missy actually had no Ny-Potho blood in her. Her mother was a human warrior named Cassandra (Yes, Soul Calibur II Cassandra!) who came from a land called Turkey, which was further away than any Hylian, Ny-Pothon, or whoever else knew. That was all Missy really knew about her mother. Both her parents had died when she was a baby, and the Ny-Pothons reluctantly took her in. As for Missy's father, he was a Hylian man named Tereeseus (Tair-REE-see-us) who had fallen in love with Cassandra. Then Missy was born...of course, I'm sure you know how THAT happened.

Missy was raised in the tribe and was given a few of their rights, but not enough for it to truly be considered fair treatment. She was permitted to join the tribe's dark magic rituals, was allowed a horse, and was also given training to be a Ny-Pothon warrior. For this training she was gifted double daggers. These rights were hestitantly given, however. Missy was a misfit to the entire tribe and was constantly picked on and teased because of her "tainted blood".

Ny-Potho was ruled by a queen/chief, whatever you want to call her. This queen's name was Daray, and she was a good leader. Missy had respect for her, for although Daray didn't seem very fond of her, she still treated Missy with respect too.

However, Daray had spawned something awful -- Prince Braeden, who was Missy's age. Queen Daray loved her son very much, and so did the tribe. At times he was referred to as "The Great Prince". Missy referred to him as "The Great Dick".

Braeden was a jerk, but he could pull off the whole innocence crap so easily it was amazing, and was also quite a talented liar. He was Missy's enemy, and the two had despised eachother ever since they were little. Braeden had a sick obsession with power, wealth, and dark magic. Daray was wise in the subject of black magic, but Missy secretly knew that Braeden was more so. Missy always had her eye on him, because she suspected that one day he might just turn around and use that knowledge to do something horrible...

Missy continued along though the forest, and noted that Cwen seemed to be tiring. Missy's body was aching with cold, but she knew that it must feel much more awful for her steed, who was simply exhausted.

After about another hour, Missy and her drenched horse arrived at the dark camp. Missy dismounted and lead Cwen to their tent. Since it was late, every Ny-Pothon was asleep in their shelters, and Missy was alone...or so she thought until a voice nearly made her shit her pants.

"Where where you?" asked Prince Braeden in a mocking tone as he stepped out of the shadows. Missy turned to glare at him.

"Bet you planned that, didn't you?" she asked angrily.

"Sure I did. But you didn't answer my question: where were you?" Braeden repeated with a sneer.

Braeden was, as previously stated, Missy's age. He was a bit taller, but was also thin. Braeden was very handsome, sporting fine Ny-Pothon featurs: short black hair, deeply tanned skin, and brown eyes. He wore a brown Native American outfit with matching moccasins.

"I was at the clearing," Missy replied stiffly. That was truth -- Missy really had gone to a clearing. Her favorite clearing, to be exact. She always went there to relax and think. The clearing was not tainted by the dark, eerie forest around it. The grass was always healthy and green, the sky shone a brighter blue, and a large, clean lake glittered under the sun. It was a mysterious and magical place...

"Tch...maybe you should get your head out of the clouds, bitch," Braeden snorted with a chuckle. "Dreaming away in a pathetic little clearing when you should be doing things that benefit our tribe, like participating in more of a rituals..."

"Of course, Braeden," Missy said sarcastically, rolling her eyes, "I would love to join you and all them other weirdos in choppin' off bat heads and eatin' newborn babies or whatever the hell it is you do in these rituals..."

"I'm sure my mother would not be pleased to hear you taking such a tone with me, Missy Dek... She has been busy creating what will most likely be the great black magic object in the history of the world, and I don't think she would want to be interrupted to hear about another sin you have committed."

"Giving you what you deserve ain't no sin, Braeden. Trust me. Well, good-night dick wad," Missy said, turning her back on Braeden and continuing to her tent with Cwen.

Missy woke up bright and early the next day, just as she usually did. She got dressed and washed up, and after tending to Cwen's needs, she went about doing her daily chores which included making her own breakfast, washing her clothes, and taking care of the elderly folk. After all that was done, Missy decided to head for the training grounds. On her way there, she bumped into Braeden, who pushed her to the ground and continued on his way. He seemed to be in a hurry...

Braeden quickly walked along to the large shelter he and his mother shared, so totally lost in his own little world that he completely ignored the Ny-Pothons that greeted him as he passed.

Braeden had to see it again, had to glimpse it again...the object that his mother had been so busy creating for the past month that she hardly ate or slept. But Daray remained determind. She told Braeden that it would be able to do some amazing things in the tribe's daily rituals.

Braeden had seen it many times. It was taking shape quickly, and seemed to be a mask. The prince could feel its dark was postively oozing with dark energy.

Braeden loved dark magic. He read every book he could on it, his favorite being his own personal spellbook. Braeden knew that book by heart, he had read it so many times. But one spell always stood out to him... It was a spell for total power and immortality, and had the ability to destroy all angels and fairies, and block out light. It was called Puissance Immortelle. It went:

Combined flesh and blood of the Light Princess and caster

Bones of a sinner from the North Church

Blood of the Six

Sacrifice the first requirement; let it boil and simmer with the other two on the full moon.

Braeden didn't understand all of it, but most of it he did. The "combined flesh and blood of the Light Princess and caster" meant a child born from the Light Princess and himself. He knew who the Light Princess was: Princess Zelda. Every Ny-Pothon knew about every race, area, and legend outside their hidden forest, so naturally, they knew of every noble and what they were known for. Princess Zelda was probably the most well-known person that Ny-Potho knew about. The tribe often used their magic to spy on her. Braeden had seen her, and thought she was quite pretty. He decided it would probably be a hell of a lot of fun to knock her up.

The "bones of a sinner from the North Church" was extremely self-explanatory. The North Church was a grand church that was close to Hyrule, but far away from Ny-Potho. The bones could be from anyone, for everyone sinned.

But "blood of the Six" was the thing that stumped Braeden. He had no idea what "the Six" were, but it was one of his goals to find out.

To complete the spell, Braeden would have to sacrifice his child and then stick it in a pot and boil it with the other two ingredients during a full moon. Simple enough, right?

But Braeden would need more strength in order to accomplish the completion of Puissance Immortelle, and he was hoping that his mother's invention would give him the power he desired. True, Braeden was an incredibly strong fighter for a boy his age, but it just wasn't enough...

At last Braeden reached his home, and entered to find his mother still busy with the mask. She didn't even need to turn her head to know her son was there.

Daray definately had that "royal air" about her. She had a deep yet feminine voice, and shared her son's skin, hair and eye color. Daray was a beautiful woman, though she rarely showed much emotion.

"You've come to see it again, haven't you my son?" Daray asked.

"Well, yeah, pretty much," said Braeden, stepping forward to catch a glimpse of the object. It was a heart-shaped mask framed on the outside with yellow spikes. Two scary, orblike eyes sat upon the face.

"When will it be done?" he asked.

"Tonight, I believe," replied Daray.

Braeden lingered for a little while, watching her work.

"You're getting on my nerves now, you know," said Daray, still without looking at Braeden. "I don't like it when you look over my shoulder like that. I love you, but you really should get a life. Go wank or something."

"Sorry, mom...I guess I'll leave now then..." Braeden grumbled. He stalked out of the tent.

After overcoming the annoyance of being kicked out, Braeden celebrated in his mind. The mask would be done that night!

Missy headed back for her tent early after a long day of training. Sleep sounded pretty good. But suddenly, Daray's voice rang out from the middle of the camp.


Missy changed course and plodded along towards the center of the camp. An older girl rushed passed her, shoving her. The teenager looked over her shoulder, sneered at Missy and said, "You shouldn't go, mutt. You're not a REAL Ny-Pothon!"

"Wanna say that again, nipple-brain?" Missy snarled, picking up a rock and raising it up threateningly. The girl turned and hurried away. Missy had a way with threats...

At last, the whole tribe was gathered before their leader, who stood atop a large tree stump, the mask in her hands. Daray appeared as calm as she always did, but she looked exhausted and noticeably thinner. Making the mask had consumed her entire life for the past month. Braeden stood beside the tree trunk looking pleased.

Seeing that everyone had arrived, Daray spoke.

"As you all know, I have been extremely busy for the past month working on a private experiment. I present to you this experiment." Daray held the mask high in the air above her head. "The Majora's Mask...the name came to me in a dream."

Everyone except Missy cheered and applauded. Braeden was the loudest. Missy thought the mask was a bit freaky...she could sense its power. That was another thing that made Missy very different from the Ny-Pothons: she hated dark magic of any kind. To her, it was a one-way ticket to hell.

"From now on, we will use the Majora's Mask to conduct our rituals. I am quite confident that it will prove useful. Our first ritual using it will begin at 12 A.M. tomorrow. Attendance is mandatory. We will meet here to do it; be ready." With those words, Daray turned and went back into her tent, Braeden following at her heels like some dog after bacon.

The next day went by quickly. Missy dreaded the oncoming ritual. She had a bad feeling about it... Yet everyone else was practically shittin' their pants with excitement.

12 A.M. came too soon. Missy reluctantly headed for the stump, and was among the last people there. It didn't take long for the ritual to begin.

Half of the tribe danced and did ritualistic crap like that while the other half merely watched eagerly. Missy found these rituals somewhat amusing. People made themselves look like total dumbasses when they danced around in circles and chanted and stuff. Although Missy did not like the rituals, she was still able to identify which ritual did what. It appeared that today's ritual was one meant to pray to the dark spirits...

The idiotic chanting, dancing, drumming and jingling went on for two boring hours, and it would have gone on longer had something totally unexpected and frightening not happened.

Everyone stopped what they were doing as the Majora's Mask floated up into the air from its place on the stump. It glowed, and beneath it a dark, black cloud formed. The air grew cold, and a noise that sounded like an electrical current filled everyone's ears. The people screamed and panicked as everything went pitch black! But then the darkness faded...the cloud dissolved away...and all that was left on the stump was a scrawny boy, shaking, dripping in and coughing up black liquid. The Ny-Pothons stared in horror. Even Daray looked frightened.

The boy on the stump slowly became aware of his surroundings. He turned his head to look at the tribe with confusion-glazed red eyes that were partially obscured by black hair that was soaked in the odd black liquid.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH, AN ABOMINAAAAAATION!" screamed a man who then randomly spontaneously combusted. People began screaming and running around in circles. The "abomination" looked even more confused.

Missy remained still and stared at the pitiful looking thing on the stump. He met her eyes, and Missy felt sympathetic. He looked pretty freaked out.

Braeden didn't really seem scared, just overwhelmingly surprised. He turned to his shocked mother.

"Mom, what is that thing and where did it come from?"

Daray shuddered and looked even more frightened.

Loudly yet shakily, she said to her tribe, "T-the dark spirits have...told me that this being has b-been ressurected because of...the Majora's Mask... This is not human. I-it is the shadow of a hero..."

Someone called from the crowd, "We did not mean to ressurect anything!"

"The mask has too much power!" shouted another.

Daray shut her eyes mournfully.

"It must be destroyed..." she said. "The same goes for the abomination." She pointed a shaking finger to the creature on the stump. His red eyes widened in fear.

Braeden couldn't care less if the creature was killed, but he would NOT let the Majora's Mask be destroyed...

Words of agreement towards Daray's order rippled through the crowd, but were silenced by the bold words of Missy Dek.

"LET THIS SO-CALLED 'ABOMINATION' SPEAK IN ITS DEFENSE!" she shouted. Shocked silence fell over the camp.

"Leave it to a half-breed to speak out of turn," Braeden sneered.

Like the tribe, the boy on the stump looked surprised, but then greatful. Everyone stared at him expectantly.

"Look people, I've died once, can't you cut me some slack or something? I mean, I committed a good deed before I died. I killed Gufuu! Doesen't that mean ANYTHING to you? It'd be really nice if I didn't have to die again, you know!" said the shadow.

Braeden chuckled. "That is a puny defense. We could care less of your feats," he said. The creature looked furious as it turned its head quickly to look at Braeden.

"Oh, so you're a pretty-boy, aren't ya?" he snapped at him. Braeden looked taken aback.

"Excuse me, but are you talking to ME?"

"Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, bitch! I mean, what ARE you and your people? Indians?"

"We're Ny-Pothons!" replied Braeden.

"Yeah, well --"

"Take him to The Tree for imprisonment! We shall execute him tomorrow, and we shall destroy the Majora's Mask at the same time," said Daray.

A couple of the tribe's men roughly grabbed the pitifully weak shadow creature and dragged it away to The Tree kicking and screaming.

The Tree was where prisoners were kept to await trial or execution. They were chained to it, and while they were there, the prisoner would not be given anything to eat or drink. Occasionally they were beaten.

Missy could not let something so defenseless be killed. It wasn't even evil -- it had said so, and Missy could tell by the look in its eyes. He was so sickly, too... It was apparent that the mask had not brought him back to full health when it had brought him to life.

At 4 A.M., Missy snuck out of her tent, mounted Cwen, and quietly snuck out to The Tree. She carried a small pouch of things that could pick the locks on the chains.

The Tree was about two miles from the Ny-Potho tribal grounds so the journey didn't take long. The Tree was not hard to spot, as it was the largest tree in the forest. The shadow was chained to its trunk, as she had expected. Missy got off Cwen and headed over to him. It seemed he was asleep, though it couldn't be a very comfortable sleep what with having to sit on the grass with heavy chains around his wrists, ankles, and neck...

Missy jabbed him on the shoulder with her fingers. Luckily, the weird liquid that had soaked the shadow had dried up.

"Hey, you! Wake up if ya wanna live!" hissed Missy. The creature awoke with an alarmed jolt, but relaxed when he recognized Missy.

"'s you. That girl from before. Well...thanks for earlier, but...why are you here?"

Missy opened the pouch and began picking locks.

"I'm settin' you free, dumbass!"

The shadow blinked.

"Woah dude, really?"

"Yes, really!"

"How am I gonna escape your tribe? I don't have a horse like all the rest of you, I don't have my powers at the moment, and I'm not exactly in good health right now..." said the creature.

"I'm leaving with you. I gave it some deep thought, and I decided to ditch this place to become a wanderer. I'll drop you off at wherever it is you want to go when we leave here," said Missy.

"Are you always this nice?"

"No, ya just got lucky, kid. Ah, here we go...the locks are done." Missy removed the shadow's chains. He sighed with relief and shakily rose to his feet.

"Thanks again," he said.

Missy got to study him once more. He was pretty good looking; light skin, messy black hair, red eyes. He wore a black tunic with an undershirt and tights or something. He also had a long, pointed elf hat. Like Braeden, he too looked her age.

"Got a name?" Missy asked.

"Shadow Link. Call me Shadow."

"I'm Missy." They shook hands.

Missy roughly grabbed Shadow by the wrist and jerked him toward Cwen. She got on the horse, then extended a hand to help him.

"Get yer ass on the horse! Hurry up!" snapped Missy. Shadow hastily obeyed, but had some difficulty due to his poor condition.

"Stop bein' so slow! Move it! Wraps your arms around my waist and tightly! Step on it, dammit!"

"Jeez, alright bitch!" grumbled Shadow. Soon they headed off in the direction of camp.

"Why are we going back to the camp?" Shadow asked.

"This forest is like a maze. I know only one exit, and we need to slip through the camp to get to it, but then we'll be free. I've already put my things in Cwen's saddle bags."

"What kind of name is Cwen?"

"Don't make me punch you in the face..." Missy warned. Shadow shut up for a little while.

"You know," he finally said, "You remind me a lot of someone I know..."

Braeden finished stowing away the Majora's Mask in a saddle bag and attaching it to his horse Drake. He heard a sound, and turned around to see Missy riding through the camp on Cwen, the ressurected abomination with her. Braeden grinned. Missy was part of his plan to escape, for Braeden had decided to flee Ny-Potho to begin casting Puissance Immortelle. At the moment it was time to execute his exit-plan...

Braeden hurried into his tent and woke his mother.

"What do you want now, Braeden..." she mumbled, rolling over.

"Mom, Missy is running away with the Majora's Mask and the abomination!" Braeden said excitedly. These words sent Daray bolt upright. She and Braeden fled the tent and ran to the stump.

"MISSY IS ESCAPING WITH THE CREATURE! KILL HER!" Daray screamed to the camp.

"SHE'S GOT THE MASK!" Braeden added.

Missy's heart nearly stopped when she heard her queen's words and watched in horror as every tribe member dashed out of their tents with assortments of weaponry. She felt Shadow's arms tighten around her waist fearfully. Missy urged Cwen into a swift run as her attackers lunged, firing arrows and chasing them. Shadow began to scream.

"WOULD YA SHUT UP?" Missy yelled at him as she tried to get Cwen to go faster. Several arrows whizzed past her head. She and Shadow broke away from the camp and were pursued on through the forest.

Unnoticed amongst the action, Braeden quickly mounted Drake and headed in the opposite direction that Missy and Shadow went in. He knew an exit that most didn't. It was time for him to begin his spell... Prince Braeden set his sights for Hyrule, for he had a princess to impregnate!

The race through the forest was a blur of fear for Missy and Shadow. At last, she and Shadow burst free from it and raced on, not looking back as the last of the arrows were fired and missed. Their pursuers would not dare leave the forest.

Missy and Shadow rode on for miles in silence until Missy was sure they were safe. She halted the exhausted Cwen, dismounted, and helped the feeble Shadow.

"That asshole prince guy started that, didn't he?" Shadow asked, looking furious. Missy felt the same.

"Of course he did. He hates me. But we didn't steal no mask...THAT was Braeden's doin' for sure. He was obsessed, ya know. I'll kill him for his lies! Ya with me?"


Shadow and Missy shared a thirst for revenge. Neither of them was willing to let Braeden get away with what he had done...

But little did they know, they were in for something much, much bigger...