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Summary: This takes place between season 5 and 6. Luke and Lorelai are broken up. They have not talked since Emily and Richard's vow renewal. Instead of the renewal taking place in the middle of the year like it did on the show, I am going to say that it took place in May. A few weeks after the vow renewal, Rory told Lorelai that she was not going back to Yale, and the whole Rory/Lorelai fight began. Feeling all alone, Lorelai takes the job offer from Mike Armstrong. He sends her to Europe and after two weeks of being there Lorelai learns that she is pregnant. Lorelai does not want to lose out on the money so she decides to stay in Europe until she reaches the end of her second trimester, so she can fly home and giver birth to her baby in Stars Hollow.

"Lorelai, are you sure you have to go? I'll hire a nanny for you! You can leave the baby with her everyday! I will pay for her. I'll find the best nanny out there." Mike begged as he struggled to keep up with the six month pregnant woman. He had taken her to the airport. She was going to leave and go back to 'The Hollow' as Mike called it.

"I'm sorry Mike, but this is something that I have to do." Lorelai kept walked at her fast pace. For a woman as pregnant as she was, she was in very good shape.

"You can bring both the baby and the nanny to work with you, everyday!" Mike was down to whining now. Lorelai was his best worker and to see her go, well he just couldn't have it!

"Mike, you have been nothing but kind to me while I was here, and I appreciate that so, so much, but having his baby in Stars Hollow is something that I have to do. This baby can not be born and raised here, I'm sorry." Lorelai sighed.

Lorelai and Mike stopped walking and faced each other. Lorelai began to say something else, but she was interrupted by an announcement on the speakers.

"Flight 120 to JFK, last call for flight 120 to JFK."

"Thank you for everything. We'll visit, I promise." Lorelai hugged Mike and then kissed his cheek before walking through the gate.

Over the last five months Mike and her had grown very close. Lorelai couldn't help but think that she might call him her best friend. Mike had been there when she found out about Caiden.

Lorelai laughed. "Okay, so about the Inn..."

"You know, I know this great place a few streets away. They have the best dessert. We should go there sometime." Mike took a bite of his muffin and smiled at Lorelai.

"Mike, you know that I just got out of a relationship. I'm not very comfortable dating so soon."

"Oh, Lorelai." Mike laughed. "I meant we should go there as friends." Mike took another bite of his muffin and smiled.

"Um...yeah, that would be nice. It would give me a chance to see the town as well." Lorelai could feel her cheeks turning redder by the minute. Mike wanting to date her? How could she have been so stupid? She took a bite of her muffin and then turned her attention back to the paperwork.

"So Lorelai, tell me about this 'relationship'. You never really told me much about this Luke guy."

Lorelai smiled. "Yeah, well. It's Luke, there's not much to tell about Luke." Lorelai sighed. "I mean he's Luke, he's my Luke. He's always been there for me and my kid, always. It took me nine whole years to notice him as a man and not just a friend. Luke took good care of me and Rory. I only wish I hadn't screwed this relationship up. We couldn't have gotten so far...he was the one you know. Me and Luke were meant to be, but I screwed it up and now I am here. Luke would have done anything for me...and now its all gone." Lorelai stared down at her coffee as she began to daydream about Luke's coffee. "He made the best coffee in the world." Lorelai looked up at Mike as she felt a wave of nausea rush over her body.

She stood up and made a quick dash towards the bathroom. Mike got up and followed her. As he reached the door he could hear her throwing up. He stayed outside the door until he heard the toilet flush. When he saw her exit the bathroom he extended his arms to her and she gratefully accepted them. He held her as she let everything out, everything that had been boiling up inside her since the breakup. When she was done she looked up at him and whispered "I think I'm pregnant, again."

Lorelai feared that Mike would get mad and fire her, but instead he took her hand and led her to the nearest pharmacy. He translated what every pregnancy test box said to her and then he paid for the one that she picked. Mike walked Lorelai back to her apartment and said good bye. Just as Mike approached the far end of the hallway, he heard Lorelai call after him.

"Would you like to stay?" She asked.

"Sure, if you want me to."

"Yeah, maybe after I pee on this stick that I've got here, we could watch a couple of movies or something? I bet you've never seen Casablanca."

"No, I haven't."

"Good, get your butt in here!"

As Mike came closer and closer to the door Lorelai's eyes began to fill with fear. Maybe she wasn't ready to have a man in her apartment yet? Maybe she was still in love with Luke? No, not maybe, she was still in love with Luke. She knew it, Mike knew it, this little baby that was probably inside of her knew it.

Lorelai let Mike in and then locked herself in the bathroom. She did everything that the box said to do, and then waited. After the five minutes were up, she checked the stick and it was positive. Wow, she was going to be a Mommy again. Wow! She made her way over to Mike and smiled. "Apparently I'm pregnant."

"This is a good think?" Mike asked.

"I don't know yet, but for now, I just want to be happy.

I'm going to be a mommy."

"Yes you are. You know, you don't have to go back to 'the hollow'. You can stay here, I'm baby friendly." Mike joked.

"I never said that I was going back to Stars Hollow, but...I do have to tell Luke. Man, I have to tell Luke." Lorelai sat down next to Mike and put her head in her hands. "Luke, I just can't not tell Luke."

"Well, you really don't have to tell him."

"Yes I do."

"You're not going to leave now, are you? I really need your help at the Inn."

"No, I won't leave now. Let me think...I can't raise a baby in Paris. I just can't. This baby has to know its father and its sister. I'm going to have to go home eventually, sometime before my third trimester."

"Why not go the week before? Go during the last week of your second trimester?"

"Do you even know what a trimester is?"

"No, but I can learn."

Lorelai laughed. "Yeah, I guess that would be my best bet." Lorelai sighed. "Wow, a baby."

As Lorelai buckled her seatbelt, she rubbed her belly. She felt Caiden kick and she smiled at that. The women sitting besides her looked at her.

"How far along are you?" The women asked.

"Six months. I'm actually 27 weeks, any later and I wouldn't be able to fly."

"Boy or girl?"


"I bet his Daddy must be very happy."

Hearing this Lorelai's smiled faded away. She looked at the women and she wanted to be mad at her and to tell her that his father didn't know, but that wasn't this woman's fault. It was nobody's fault but her own. "Yeah, he can't wait." Lorelai smiled and then began to study her shoes.

Once the plane landed, Lorelai gathered all of her bags at the baggage claim and then waddled her way over to the rent-a-car area. The lady at the desk must have felt bad for her, because she offered for one of the men to carry her bags to the car. Not that Lorelai wasn't grateful, because she was, she was more then grateful, she just wasn't used to somebody feeling bad for her. She didn't have a horrible life like some people did, her life was actually pretty good. Well except for the fact that she was six months pregnant and she was carrying a duffle bag and two suitcases through the airport. Lorelai thanked the lady and then followed the boys to her rental car.

After about driving for about and hour or two, and making many many pit stops, Lorelai pulled up to the old Stars Hollow sign. She was really home. Home sweet home. She rubbed her belly as she drove my Luke's and then headed over to the Inn. "Caiden, we're home."

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