Takes place at the end of Asylum, but will not have the phone call. This is not the story with the siren. That's gonna be one of my "Hunter" stories. Story deals with cutting, so if this is a touchy subject with you, bow out now. The only thing I know about cutting is from watching Higher Ground and a movie called "Secret Cutting". Hopefully, I can do this tastefully. If I fail to do so, tell me, and I'll do my best to correct it. Had to resubmit due to a mistake, so here's the review that I've received so far just as I received it.

Supernaturalfan0718: I like what you have so far. It's an interesting "illness" for to suffer from. There is only one thing I believe that Sam is right handed after watching "hookman" again and "home" he used the right when writing, but not a big deal I'm a lefty and would love to include him in the "lefty community". again I really like the story and hope you update soon:).


Supernaturalfan0718 (ch 2): Thanks. Yes it is. Thanks for the correction. Sorry, I'm changin' it. Hope you like the corrected version.


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Sam Winchester sighed and looked over at his brother.

"Dean," he said. No answer. Well, that was to be expected. Dean was physically and mentally exhausted. But Sam really needed to talk.

"Dean," he repeated just a bit louder. Dean made a muttering noise.

"What?" he asked.

"We gotta talk," came the response.

"Man, I'm not gonna do a girly moment. Let me sleep," his brother snapped. Then, he turned over and went back to sleep. Sam sighed.

"Okay, Dean," he said in resignation. He got out of the bed and walked over to his duffel, where he took out a knife and walked into the bathroom. I can't believe it! I shot my own brother! he thought to himself. Sam raised the shotgun and pulled the trigger. Dean flew back, breaking a door. Sam rolled his left shirt-sleeve to reveal numerous scars going up his arm. His throat muscles constricted. Sam raised the shotgun and pulled the trigger. Dean flew back, breaking a door. Sam gripped the knife and lowered it to his wrist. He grunted as made a small cut in his skin.


I was actually told that Sam's right-handed and I want to make sure this is as close to the series as possible. So, to Supernaturalfan0718, sorry. He's gonna be a righty.