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Supernatural belongs to the WB. Nordstrom is mine, though I got the idea of him being able to burn people just by touching them from a Smallville episode.

Almost immediately after their declaration, the Winchester brothers headed out. Dean started the car and they drove through town.

"Dean?" Sam queried suddenly.

"Yeah?" Deam responded.

"Do we even know where we're going?" Sam wondered. Dean rolled his eyes.

"Aw, man," he grumbled.

"That's okay. We can just ask somebody," Sam stated.

"Provided that they're not all scared spitless," Dean reminded him. "I mean, from what you told me, this guy is bad news," he continued.

"Especially since he can read minds," Sam added.

"Yeah. Wonderful," Dean said sarcastically. They continued on, until a car pulled them over.

"You fellows look lost," a female said. Dean grinned.

"Carrie," he said.

"Dean," Carrie smiled.

"So this is Carrie," Sam noted.

"So, you fellows lost?" Carrie asked.

"Yeah," Dean answered. "We're tryin' to find Doc Nordstrom's house," he continued. She gave them the directions, was thanked, and the brothers went on. Finally, they were at the house. Dean cut the engine.

"Okay. Here we go," he stated. He looked over at his brother who seemed to be trying to compose himself.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Just give me a sec," was the answer.

"I can do this alone," he offered.

"No. No, I'm good. Let's go," came the reply. They grabbed their rifles, went to the trunk where they got some pistols and knives which were put into the back of their pants and boots respectively as well as some salt, gasoline, and a lighter which were put in his jacket pocket, and then headed in. They searched the house.

"Dean?" Sam whispered after awhile.

"Yeah?" Dean responded in the same tone.

"It's been way too quiet," Sam stressed.

"Yeah, I know," Dean agreed. Almost as soon as he had said that, they heard a growl.

"He's here," Sam realized.

"Yessssss. And I thought you were the smart one," a voice hissed. They turned around to see Dr. Nordstrom. But he wasn't Dr. Nordstrom anymore. Instead, he was some kind of black creature with red eyes, and yellow claws.

"What the---" Dean's question died away as the creature lunged at them. The brothers began firing, but a swipe of the monster's claws threw the weapons onto the floor. Dean and Sam grabbed their pistols from the back of their jeans and pressed the trigger. The creature snarled in pain. The thing lumbered towards them. Sam and Dean kept firing. Suddenly, the creature, which had been Nordstrom grabbed Sam's arm. He cried out painfully as fire leaped onto his skin.

"Pathetic," the creature jeered. Meanwhile, Dean had stopped firing as soon as Sam had been grabbed. There was no way he could get in a shot without hitting his brother. "You call yourself a hunter, but you're not," it stated. Sam looked down. "You're weak. That's all you've ever been," he said.

"I'm weak," Sam repeated.

"No! Sammy, don't listen!" Dean shouted.

"You never wanted to hunt. You wanted to be normal, have the apple-pie life," Nordstrom taunted. Sam looked down.

"I just---I wanted to forget," he whispered.

"Yeah, don't deserve to live," Nordstrom jeered.

"I don't deserve to live," Sam echoed. This thing was right. He had never fit in with his family. It'd be better if he was gone.

"Sammy! Snap out of it!" Dean cried. He shifted the pistol in his hands, but he was still in a position where if he fired, he'd hit Sam.

"That's right. Take the knife out of your boot," Nordstrom instructed calmly. Dully, Sam did so. Immediately, Dean understood the thing's plan.

"No! Sammy, don't!" he yelled. Jess, where are you? Your boyfriend's in danger, he thought to himself. Then, he silently snorted at the irony of him calling to a ghost for help.

"Weak, pathetic. Your father was glad to see you go. That way you were out of his sight," Nordstrom continued.

"Out of his sight," came Sam's soft response. He placed the knife on his wrist.

"Yes. That's right. End it all. You were never a soldier," the thing smirked. All of a sudden, it was if a light had switched back on.

"Soldier. I'm a soldier," Sam repeated, gripping the knife. Nordstrom didn't appear to realize what happened.

"That's right. Just take the knife and---" the creature continued.

"Save it, charcol freak," Sam interrupted snappishly. He yanked out of the thing's grasp. "You think you're hot stuff, invading my mind, trying to use my own emotions against me? Well, I have news for you. I'm not some wimpy little frat boy. I'm a hunter trained by the best that there ever was," he continued. Dean watched as Sam flashed a cocky grin, not unlike his own. "And you know what? The soldier's back." With that, he stabbed the thing in the heart. Then, he shot him. And stabbed him. And shot him. This went on for several minutes until Dean realized something.

"Sammy, Sammy!" he cried, holding his brother back.

"What?" came the irritated question.

"It's dead," he answered.

"Oh," Sam said. The older Winchester took the salt, gasoline, and lighter out of his jacket pocket.

"You want the honors?" Dean offered.

"Heck, yeah," Sam replied. He threw the salt on the body, followed by the gasoline. Then, he flicked the lighter on. "Time to burn, baby," he quipped. With that, he set the creature on fire. The two brothers grabbed their things and hightailed it. Dean threw the Impala in gear and sped away.

"Sam," Dean said out of the blue.

"What?" Sam wondered.

"Good job," Dean stated.

"What are you talking about? I choked," Sam protested.

"Dude, he went psychological on you. That's a dang hard thing to fight," Dean reminded him.

"Yeah, I know, but---" Sam trailed off.

"Do we need to talk about this?" Dean queried.

"What he was saying...there was a lot of times that I actually felt like that. I was weak, pathetic, I didn't fit in," Sam

"Sam, you fit in. Just 'cuz you didn't like to hunt---" Dean began.

"That's just it. I hated hunting, you loved it. I knew Dad always resented me for it," Sam interrupted.

"Stop right there. He may not of always understood why you'd rather play soccer than learn a new hunting skill, but he never resented you," Dean corrected.

"Never?" Sam asked.

"Never," Dean comfirmed.

"Throw in some Motorhead...jerk," Sam said.

"Okay...geek," Dean grinned. He grabbed a tape and slipped it in. Immediately, Ace of Spades was heard as they whizzed down the road.



Okay, yes. Techinally, the dad's a marine. But Sam called Dean "a good little soldier" when he was under Doc Ellicott's influence. Yes, I know the whole thing between Sam and the creature was like the part of the Angel episode Rm\W\A\Vu, but that's what it was based off. Okay, it's a little weird that Jess didn't show up to help, but I wanted Sam to get strong by himself. No, Ace of Spades isn't a different band, it's a Motorhead song. And I've never heard any of their songs, I just remember Sam listing them in the pilot.