A/N: I don't own CSI. Great disclaimer, huh? This is a post-Grave Danger story, basically taking place during season six. Enjoy!

After his shift ended, Nick changed and headed out to a nearby park for his daily jog. Jogging usually kept his mind clear, but he kept coming back to what Grissom had said as he was leaving.

"You need to have someone or something to confide in, whether it be a therapist, a girlfriend, or a dog. You have to talk about what happened in that box, Nicky. For your own good, you have to talk about it." Nick decided he should get a dog; a girlfriend would probably be too much for his shaky emotional state right now.

Continuing on, Nick soon noticed a lone figure heading his way. He couldn't tell much about it, but as it drew closer, he realized the person was a woman, and she was being followed. The woman came closer, unaware that her follower slunk along behind her, close enough to keep her in sight, but too far for Nick to see it clearly. As the woman came close enough to hear, Nick had to warn her. "Miss, you're being followed."

The woman stopped cold, her curly auburn ponytail swinging. "Excuse me?"

Nick stopped too, his eyes focused on the figure in the shadows. "Something has been following you. I noticed it when you came down the path." Glancing at her, he saw her green eyes were dark with suspicion. Reaching for his crime lab ID, he passed it to her. "Nick Stokes, Las Vegas Crime Lab. I want to help you, not harm you. The guy's in the shadows over there; I can't see him very well." The woman, satisfied that he was who he said he was, handed his ID back to him and focused her gaze at the spot Nick has pointed out. Then a grin broke out over her face.

"I know who my stalker is, Mr. Stokes," she said. Puckering her lips, she let out a shrill whistle. "Amigo, come!" The figure burst out of the shadows and bolted in their direction. Nick realized the "stalker" was a young black and tan dog. He raced over to the woman and sat at her feet, his tail thumping the ground. "Meet Amigo."

Nick smiled. "I take it he's yours?"

She nodded. "Yes. He must have gotten out of the house when I left." She reached down to scratch behind his ears. "I should get him back to the house. Thanks for…thanks for 'saving' me."

As she turned to leave, Nick stopped her. "Wait a minute. You know my name. Can I ask yours?"

The woman turned back to him. "Johanna. Johanna Andrews. I just moved here a few months ago, and still getting used to the 'glitz and glamour' of Viva Las Vegas."

Nick nodded. "I know how that goes. It took me a while to get used to it, myself." Maybe a girlfriend wouldn't be such a bad idea after all, he thought. He was about to say more when a phone page went off. Both of them reached to their belt.

"It's mine," Johanna said. "I have to go. It was nice meeting you, Nick. Maybe we'll see each other again. Come on, Amigo." Before Nick could get her phone number, Johanna and her dog disappeared. With a slight sigh he resumed his jog.


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