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Anyway this story is inspired from the movie Little Black Book and for those who've seen it…then I already think you know who gets the guy in the end. There are some big changes but the plot is the same. This story was suppose to come out after Student Affair

But the anonymous darer emailed me…said some stuff that got my blood boiling and well here it is…Damn, now I have a LOT of stories to do.

Well on the plus side this story will only be 5-6 chapters. THANK GOD!

Summary: Meyrin thought she was the happiest girl in the world. She had the perfect boyfriend, Athrun Zala. But one day her gal pal pushes her into digging up his history, or in other words, finds out more about his ex. Athrun has always told her she'd never want to know about his past. And he'd be right.

Raison d'etre


>Digging up the Past

She slumped in her car seat with a box of Kleenex by the passenger's seat for easy reach. Pearly tears glided down her cheeks and her lips twitched and twitched downwards. Her hands loosely held the steering wheel.

Her car was parked in an empty parking lot by the city park. The view in front of her was the mirror smooth lake with geese flying over it.She had been crying for half an hour now.

She could feel her heart like it was breaking to pieces over and over again…

How did all of this happen exactly?

It all started short weeks ago.

Meyrin hummed a little, as she climbed the steps of Athrun's doorstep.

She brushed some red hair off her face before pressing the doorbell. A blue-haired man answered it shortly with a smile on his face.

"Morning, Meyrin." He said pulling the door wider for her to enter.

Meyrin smiled at her boyfriend. "That's me alright, Morning Meyrin."

Athrun softly chuckled at his girlfriend's cheerful attitude.

"Why the smiles?"

Meyrin pecked him on the cheek. "I'm always happy to see you, much more when I come to have breakfast with you."

She strolled to the kitchen and smelled the delicious aroma.

"You're making pancakes aren't ya?"

Athrun chuckled once more and tapped her nose lightly.

"Your sense of smell never fails, does it? Take a seat and then breakfast will be served shortly."

"Okay, Sweetheart." Meyrin chirped. Athrun's face suddenly fell a bit.



"You know how uncomfortable I am with pet names, right?"

Meyrin gasped. "Oh! Right, I'm sorry, Athrun. It slipped." Athrun smiled once more and placed the stack of pancakes down. They ate happily and talked about what they'd be doing and sharing a bunch of jokes.

"I'm hanging out with Fllay later." She told him after swallowing a bite of his flapjacks.

Athrun simply smiled. "That's nice."

"What about you?"

"Coaching the soccer team as usual on Wednesday."

"Today is Wednesday." Meyrin informed. Athrun shrugged. "Yup. I'll be off after breakfast. Do you mind?"

"No, of course not."

After breakfast, Meyrin helped clean up the table while Athrun did the dishes. When everything was spotless, Meyrin kissed Athrun on the lips. "I'll see you later."

"Have a great day, Meyrin." Athrun said as he hugged her. "Oh, and can you water my plants for me while I'm gone?"

Meyrin smiled. "No problem. Now have a good day at work."

Athrun sighed. "I just hope we'll do well in our soccer practice in time for the competition."

"You will!" Meyrin urged. Athrun, her boyfriend, was a soccer coach and there's always times actually lots of times when he'd only talk about soccer. Meyrin would pretend to be interested in soccer so as to make Athrun feel supported.

"I'll clean up around your house while you're gone." Meyrin stated.

"Meyirn, you're my girlfriend not my maid."

"Oh Athrun just go." She giggled. Athrun placed his duffel bag over his shoulder.

"Call me if you need anything." He said as he went out the door.

Meyrin sighed happily as she closed the door. Athrun would always let her stay in his house while he was gone for the day. Usually while he'd be gone, she'd watch some DVD's or pig out and most of the time; clean. She just liked seeing the happy expression on Athrun's face when he sees how spotless his house is.

She looked around his place for anything to do.

Meyrin noticed the messy papers and boxes by the hallway closet.

"Right. I'll start here."

She gathered some of the scattered papers and then placed them in an empty box. She did that for at least five minutes. After sealing the box with some duct tape, she opened the closet and pushed it in to the wall.

The closet was as big as two refrigerators and it kept a few boxes in it. One box however caught Meyrin's eye. Unlike the other boxes that were old, dusty and musty, this one was sturdy and maintained clean.

"It must keep something precious for Athrun." She assumed. Out of curiosity, the redhead took the box out. Under the light, she saw that the box was made of wood where the lid had a beautiful design of roses and such.

Meyrin carried it to Athrun's bed where she sat and opened the lid.

There were photos, letters and other small nice things.

She took a photo and was able to read the back first.

"My true love." She read aloud. She looked at the front and her eyes widened.

Staring back at her was a picture of a beautiful blonde haired woman with aurora eyes smiling, as Athrun hugged her.

Meyrin couldn't believe it. She placed it back in the box and took out another photo.

This one had Athrun and the blonde laughing, as they held one ice cream to share.

She placed it down again and this time took out a letter from the box.

It was actually a poem.

Dear Cagalli,

They say love comes knocking in the front door But you, my dear, landed gently from above

Never have I seen radiance till my gaze found you

I was stabbed by cupid's sword of love

Rather than by a mere arrow

My love for you in my veins do flow

You and I were destined to be

If I can't deny this feeling so true

Then neither can you

Say I love you

For I have said too much to you



The small paper slipped through her fingers. Meyrin was stunned to read it, it was like every word she read, she heard Athrun's voice read it. And there was also one thing too…she never knew Athrun did poetry.

He once told her that he never was fond of poems and literature but the poem she just read proved it otherwise.

This woman…Cagalli? Who was she really? She rummaged once more into the box and found more and more poems dedicated to her and more and more photos of her.

Athrun never wrote Meyrin anything aside for notes indicating he'd be out and such. They never rented a cabin in the mountains (she saw a picture of him and the blonde girl by a log cabin).

She felt like this was all unfair. Athrun never told her he had an ex-girlfriend. Well…now that she remembered it, she did remember him mentioning about having one and she just told him not to bring the past back.

Well she wished she hadn't so that she'd be prepared for this.

"You mean he kept pictures and poems about her?" Fllay said as she and Meyrin had coffee in their favorite café.

Meyrin nodded. "And he had more pictures of her than of me!"

Fllay looked at her friend who was twisting the straw of her cold mocha frost in knots.

"And get this! Athrun wrote poetry for her! POETRY! Athrun never wrote me anything as beautiful as what he wrote for this blonde!"

She gave Fllay a photo of her. Fllay held it with her manicured hands and examined it.

"Do you know her name?"

"Her name's Cagalli."

"Surname?" Fllay pressed.

"No information." Meyrin slumped to her seat.

Suddenly she noticed the serious and creepily evil expression on Fllay's face.

"Well, my dear Meyrin, I think its time for you to do some detective work."

She flipped her flossy red hair. Fllay was a host in a popular talk show That's Fllay!

The only reason why the show was a hit was because of the hot babe hosting it and Fllay took a lot of pride off of it.

"Detective work?"

Fllay nodded. "Find out more about this so called ex of his. Make sure that he's really over her. Who knows Meyrin, your Athrun may still love this babe."

Meyrin gulped. "You think?"

"That's what we're going to find out." Fllay stated.


"Well…as your gorgeous friend, I'll help you!"

Meyrin was silent. Fllay gave a demanding look. "What?"

Meyrin scratched her cheek and laughed nervously.

"I dunno, Fllay. But usually when you help me there's always a price to pay."

"Don't worry! I've changed. I won't ask for fees this time. I just love meddling with other people's affairs especially if they're people I know."

Meyrin sighed. "Okay."

Fllay smirked. "Good. Now let's go over to your boyfriend's house."

"Nice place." Fllay noted sarcastically, as they entered inside Athrun's house.

Fllay went to the living room and sat on the soft red couch.

Meyrin came in shortly with the box.

They studied it together.

"Boy, Meyrin. You're boyfriend went everywhere with her. I mean look—The Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower…damn. Even the Great Wall of China.

Meyrin did her best to purse her jealousy.

Fllay yawned of boredom and threw the pictures back in the box.

"Mey-Mey, this is all in the past. We need some current stuff!" Fllay told her.

Meyrin looked thoughtful. "Maybe he has something in his computer?"

Fllay beamed. "Wonderful! Now you're finally learning how to think."

They rushed to Athrun's personal computer. After plugging it in and turning it on, the login box appeared.

"Quick. What's Athrun's password to his username?"

Meyrin looked reluctant. "Fllay… I don't know… Maybe we're just overreacting. I mean, who knows? He probably doesn't remember her anymore. They did break up, right?"

Fllay rolled her eyes skyward. "You're telling me that Athrun would forget about a girl whom he traveled with around the world. I don't think so! Men are fascinating creatures, Meyrin."

"Well…I don't know his password." Meyrin admitted.

Fllay sighed in annoyance and flicked the back of Meyrin's head.

"Some girlfriend you are!"


"Try typing your name, Meyrin. Maybe that's his password."

Meyrin typed in her name. But then a dialog box appeared saying


Meyrin exhaled deeply. "I don't think we'll ever find anything."

Fllay, once again, rolled her eyes and took over the keyboard and typed something in.

Then instantly they were logged in to Athrun's username.

"Hey!" Meyrin squeaked. "How did you know the password?"

Fllay grinned. "I was just guessing around."

"So what was the password then?"

Fllay nodded. "Cagalli."

Something uneasy came to Meyrin's stomach.

"His password…is his ex-girlfriend's name?"

Fllay nodded. "Sorry to break it to you, Mey. But if that doesn't have anything to do with something going on then I don't know what is!"

"Maybe he's too lazy to change his password." Meyrin tried to have a logical explanation.

"Right. Keep dreaming, Mey."

Then Fllay noticed something in Athrun's desktop. A heart-shaped icon. She took the mouse and double-clicked it. The program opened and she and Meyrin were utterly speechless.

It was a gallery… a gallery full of pictures of the blonde-haired girl.

What's worse for Meyrin…was that the computer's speaker played out a seductive song. Meyrin hadn't noticed that Fllay enlarged a particular picture, it was only then she noticed when Fllay tapped her shoulder. Meyrin felt like screaming.

The blonde girl or Cagalli was wearing a two-piece bikini. Her company was Athrun…and Athrun's parents!

"Athrun told me he never brings girls to meet his family!" Meyrin shrieked. Disgusted with what she saw.

"Well, well." Fllay shook her head. "It looks like your boyfriend has been keeping secrets from you."

"Stop it! Athrun loves me!" Tears started to form in Meyrin's eyes.

"Then explain this gallery, Meyrin. I don't see a single picture of you in here."

Meyrin kept silent, as Fllay continued.

"Face it, Meyrin! Your boyfriend still has feelings for his ex…"

"Then what am I suppose to do? I love Athrun."

"Here's what," Fllay placed "we find his girlfriend and end what they still have between them."

"H-how are we suppose to find her then?" Fllay flipped her hair. "My secretary will sniff for her whereabouts. Meanwhile you pretend to Athrun that nothing happened today."

"Is this right, Fllay?"

"If you love Athrun then it is."

The next day, Meyrin tried to pretend nothing happened, as she took a walk in the park with Athrun. But she was doing a bad job.

Athrun noticed his girlfriend's silence.

"Meyrin, what's wrong. You've been awfully silent."

Meyrin waved her hand hastily. "No, Athrun. I'm fine."

Athrun surveyed her face before she sighed. "If you say so."

"Say Athrun…"

"Yes, Meyrin?"

"What's that?" Meyrin pointed to a pinkish-red stone hanging around Athrun's neck with its string.

"Oh this?" Athrun touched it. "It's the most important thing I have."

Meyrin lit to a small smile.


"Well… This stone is called haumea. It protects me and it hasn't failed me yet. I'd be lost without it."

"It must be VERY important if you say you'd be lost without it."

Athrun nodded. "It has a deeper meaning in it, too…" He mumbled.

"What?" Meyrin didn't miss what he said.

"Err… Nothing. Are you hungry?" Athrun asked her. Meyrin felt that he was trying to change the subject.

Meyrin shook her head. "No, you?"

Athrun shrugged. "I'm fine." He wrapped his arm around Meyrin. Meyrin relaxed into his touch wishing this moment could last forever.

The next day, Meyrin decided to have coffee at her usual café.

She arrived at the counter.

"One dark coffee please." Meyrin placed her order.

The man seemed to probably be a new employee because he eyed her weirdly.

"I'm sorry, kid but we refuse service to minors." Meyrin's eyes were widened at what he said.

"Me? A minor?"

He pointed at her pigtails. "Your hairstyle is kiddy. Your clothes are the same size as my kid's and you have the face of a thirteen year old. Plus you're short."

Meyrin turned red at what he said to her.

"I am not a kid!" She yelled. "I'm a mature adult!"

"Wow…" The man noted sarcastically. "You sure act like it."

Once again, Meyrin blushed.

She was about to give him another piece of her mind when somebody placed a hand on her shoulder and then whispered in a low voice.

"Don't worry, I'll get your order for you. You can pay me when we're sitting down."

The storm inside Meyrin's heart faded.

She turned around to thank the person only to stare at her dumbfounded.

It was the blonde girl…her boyfriend's ex…Cagalli.

The blonde woman smiled. "Are you okay?"

"Umm…err, yeah and thanks…"

Meyrin stride away and sat on a table for two. She quickly got her cellphone and punched in Fllay's number.


"Hello, Fllay, it's me, Meyrin."

"Gees, I think I can recognize your voice, Mey-Mey. Now what's up?"

"You won't believe this! I'm at our café and guess what?" Meyrin glanced at Cagalli who was still ordering something in the counter.

"Cagalli, my boyfriend's ex is here!"


Fllay must've been lazily lying on a couch or bed or something because next thing Meyrin heard was a THUD.

"Okay, Meyrin!" Fllay said. "Don't tell her your name! And try to strike a conversation with her."

"Is that the full plan?"

"Meyrin, the plan is to befriend her and get dirt on your probably-cheating-boyfriend, get it?"

"Got it."

The dial tone sounded off shortly after that. Meyrin placed her cellphone inside her purse.

Cagalli came to the table and placed their coffee on the table. She took the seat across Meyrin.

"Thank you very much for your help." Meyrin started as she gave her a dollar to pay for the dark coffee.

Cagalli shook her hand. "Nah! Forget about the payment. It's on me."

Meyrin surveyed her. She was beautiful, had a big bust, a great figure and shapely legs.

She wondered how Athrun could've dumped her.

"I'm Cagalli." She offered her hand to Meyrin. Meyrin took it, squeezed and shook.

"I'm…umm…err, Luna."

Okay. It was probably wrong to use her sister's nickname but Fllay told her not to tell her real name and besides…Luna, the real one, was in Fiji with her husband, Rey.

"That's a nice name." Cagalli said with a smile. "My full name's Cagalli Yula Athha. Yours?"

"It's err… Luna Allster."

Cagalli blinked. "Hey, you have the same surname with that host of That's Fllay. Are you two related?"

"No. I don't even watch that show." Meyrin lied.

Cagalli sighed. "Thank God, you don't. That show is stupid. It triggers people to look at the world sexually. I mean look at that hostess's outfits! I've seen showgirls with more modesty."

Meyrin laughed. She had to admit that was funny. If Fllay heard this, she'd kill her but she wasn't so it was okay.

"You must find it strange chatting with a complete stranger." Cagalli said.

Meyrin shook her head. "A person is just a stranger you need to get to know to become your friend. That's what I believe."

Cagalli nodded. "Yes, that's true. So what do you do for a living in the city?"

Meyrin blushed. "Well…you see I'm aiming to work in this media network. But I still need to earn some money to be able to go to Oxford that's where you apply."

"You're quite ambitious."

"Yeah…it must sound so silly."

"No it isn't. It's admirable." Cagalli told her. "So how do you earn the money?"

Meyrin blushed once more. "I…do odd jobs."

"Why don't you get a better job?"

"I've already tried that but other people always get the spot, so I decided to stick to walking dogs, babysitting and whatnot."

"Interesting things must happen then." Cagalli took a sip from her coffee.

"Yeah it sure does." Meyrin admitted.

They conversed more about things like cars, TV shows, actors, actresses and Hollywood stuff. And Meyrin was having a ball talking to her. She even forgot for a while that Cagalli was Athrun's ex-girlfriend.

"Oh, shit!" Cagalli exclaimed. "I was having so much fun talking, I almost forgot about my meeting."

"What's your job?"

"I work for a modeling agency." She sighed as she got up from her seat.

"I really had fun talking to you, Luna. Maybe we can meet up again tomorrow."

Meyrin nodded at the opportunity. "Certainly. Where'd you like to meet?"

"At Lady's Bar in Aprilius street. Let's say 5 o clock?"

"I'll be there." Meyrin said. Cagalli giggled. "And if you think I'm a lesbian, I'm not."

"Bye!" Meyrin waved. Cagalli waved back as she went out. "See you tomorrow, Luna."

"…And she was really friendly and we had fun talking. It was like we were sisters."

Meyrin related to Fllay.

"I'm meeting her tomorrow evening for another girlish chat."

"Wow." Fllay said. "But Meyrin have you forgotten that she's the girl you're boyfriend has a gallery of?"

"I…err…yeah I forgot."

Fllay sighed. "Well tomorrow keep pretending to be her friend. And then try to land a subject on boyfriends and then get the info you need on Athrun."

"Okay, I'll do that." Meyrin said sorrowfully.

"And Meyrin." Fllay decided to add one more thing.


"She's not your friend."

A/n: How do you like or not like it? I had a hard time with the Asumey interaction. Oh well, like I said to those who've seen the movie you probably know how this will end but don't spoil everyone. Ciao!