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Summary: Meyrin thought she was the happiest girl in the world. She had the perfect boyfriend, Athrun Zala. But one day her gal pal pushes her into digging up his history, or in other words, finds out more about his ex. Athrun has always told her she'd never want to know about his past. And he'd be right.

Raison d'etre


>In which Meyrin learns


"Cagalli, please"—

"I said go!"

Athrun stood there totally listless by his supposed girlfriend's doorway. He had just come home from his business trip in Rousseau city. He had come here to surprise his lovely girlfriend. He had expected a hug—a kiss from her when he showed up in front of her with a big smile plastered on his face but he got something else…

…An angry face with streaming tears.

What was worse on Athrun was…he did not know why the hell she was upset. He tried guessing around.

"Cagalli…I'm sorry I didn't call as often as I should've but you see"—

Unfortunately Cagalli interrupted once more.

"Leave, Zala! As if you don't know! You don't know how broken I feel right now!"

Her tears were hot with anger and sadness rolled in one. Athrun just looked shock. He opened his mouth to say something but Cagalli shouted before he could even get a syllable rolling off his tongue.

"I never want to see you again! LEAVE!"

Athrun realized he should just do what she commanded then it would leave time for her to cool off, he'd come back later and then sort things out with her.

"Okay, I'll go."

"Don't ever come back!"

Please let this be PMS…Athrun thought, as he walked away from her house. After two days, when Athrun thought Cagalli was cooled off, he came around to her house…only to find out Cagalli had relocated herself.

That was the most devastating day of his life.

He could not believe it was her. His initial reaction would be to embrace her and never let go but by the look on her face it was clear she still had not 'cooled off'.

Fllay cleared her throat. "Athrun Zala, welcome to That's Fllay, Live!"

Athrun couldn't say anything as his gaze was too focused on his ex-girlfriend. Meyrin watched his expression and could not help but feel so low right now. Athrun snapped back and glared at Fllay for an explanation.

"What's going on here? And why is"—

"Cagalli, Meyrin and Meer here?" Fllay finished for the Zala boy. Athrun nodded with his hands clenching at his sides. Fllay let out a chortle before saying.

"For the explanation, we have Meyrin to fill you in."

Meyrin's eyes soared wide-opened, the audience whistled and roared and everyone's eyes glued at the redhead. Athrun looked at her with no expression, his face just showed he wanted some answers.

Meyrin gulped. She stood up from her seat, feeling the heat of Cagalli and Meer's deadly daggering glares on her back.

She stood stiffly in the center of the stage with the hot stuffy spotlight on her and the cameras zooming in closer to her along with the microphones above.

Beads of sweat formed vividly and she felt woozy.

"Meyrin," Athrun spoke "Tell me what's going on."

"Yes, red witch," Meer prodded nastily "Everyone wants to know what the blubbering hell is going on! I have a photo shoot in an hour! So hurry up!"

Meyrin turned slowly to look at Cagalli, the girl she had betrayed and saw the anger and sadness in those gleaming aurora eyes.

She swallowed hard and turned away and started.

"Okay, I'll tell you what's going on, Athrun." She said, her eyes fixing firmly at the blue-haired man.

"You see…it all started when I was cleaning your house." She shared with everyone in participating ears.

"Guess what I found, Athrun?" She asked him and he just looked at her with mild curiosity.

"I found a box…full of love letters and photos of Cagalli."

The audience made a fuss while Athrun's eyes widened. Damn. He knew he should've hidden it better.

"I felt insecure and worried so I went investigating with Fllay under the alias of Luna and got to know your ex-girlfriend, Cagalli and I found out lots of things."

Athrun looked nervous, maybe it would've been different if this wasn't nationwide and in paper view.

"I learned how you and Cagalli used to call each other with pet names, something you keep telling me we shouldn't do because you felt uncomfortable."

Oohs and noises alike with it sounded around the closed place making feel Athrun awkward.

"I well…I just"—

"Let me go on, Athrun." A strange strength fueled from jealousy, anger, hurt and betrayal urged Meyrin to go on with ease.

"Then I learned that you and her traveled around the world and you made beautiful poems to her while you wrote scratch to me." She forgot about the audience and their annoying reactions, which made it easier to say out loud.

"I found out your password to your username was Cagalli's name, what do you make of that?"

"Meyrin—Listen, I"—

"And here's the most disgusting thing I found out about you!"

Before Meyrin could say it and as if on cue, Fllay gave a signal and the pre-interview she had with Meer Campbell was played on the huge screen. It was fast-forwarded to the good parts.

"Speaking of relationships, tell me more about your previous boyfriends?"

Meer laughed. "Well, I don't know if I should."

"Oh just one boyfriend! One that you…well let's say took from another?"

Meer's face showed confusion. "Is this going to be on the show?"

"Don't worry. This is just out of personal curiosity. I just want to know more intimate details of the most famous supermodels of all times."

Meer seemed to buy the cheap flattery.

"Well I do have one."

Fllay smiled with anxiety. "Shoot."

"Well you see this man happened to belong to my most hated agent in the company"—


"Yes…wait, how did you know?"

"You mentioned that name before we did the interview."

"I did? Hmm…oh well. Anyway I flirted with him all night until we got in bed. He then told me how he only dated Cagalli for benefits"—


"Money, traveling and most especially—sex. He never had true feelings for her. I had the room with a camera and I sent the video of my intimate escapade with Athrun to Cagalli for retribution."

"And then what happened?" Fllay asked.

"Well, she dumped him and I stayed with Athrun for a while. A week or two later Athrun got this voice message from Cagalli begging him to come back."

"Did Athrun call her back or something?"

"No! But he played it for me. We listened to her pathetic message of that blonde wench—begging and sobbing for Athrun to come back. Crying how incomplete her life is without him. She was pathetic! Athrun and I played and laughed at it all night!"

"So…Athrun never loved Cagalli?"

"You got that right!"

To Meer, this was all scandal. But the audience ate every bit of it and licked the flavor from their fingers that was how much they loved it.

Cagalli looked sadly away and Athrun's face was full of shock, Meyrin was indifferent and Fllay was just damn wrong looking maliciously at everything she conquered.

Then it just seemed to get better for the audience when Athrun made an icebreaker.

"Is that why you broke up with me, Cagalli?"

Cagalli looked at Athrun with tears stinging their way out but she held them back.

"Yes." She intoned harshly and coolly, her hands into shaking fists on her lap.

Athrun had a look of disbelief and his voice was raised to the point that was identified as anger.

"You relocated yourself…and never showed yourself to me without properly confirming if this was true!"

"Why wouldn't it be true!" Cagalli barked back. "I saw the video!" She then ended with sarcasm. "I would hate to think Meer was a liar."

To everyone's shock including Meyrin, Cagalli and Fllay….

"Well you should've! Because she is a liar!" Athrun shouted. His green eyes glowered with anger and a snarling wrinkle evident in his nose.

"What if I told you that in the hotel I stayed in Rousseau city was my cousin who happened to look almost identical to me?" Cagalli's mouth hung.

"What if I told you that I never spent time with Meer and that the only time she came to my house was to get my signature for a models' petition and that she must've took the tape from my answering machine?"

Cagalli shrunk back to her seat not uttering anything. Athrun's voice cracked up when he ended.

"What if…I told you how hurt and confused I was when you left me…how I cried and longed for you back till this day? How I missed you and"—

"Sorry to break this up." Fllay cut in, deciding if Athrun continued it would eat up all the show's airtime. Athrun glared at Fllay who evidently didn't like being interrupted.

"Is it true Meer that you lied all along?" Fllay asked.

Meer could only look at the ground and kept silent.

"I'll take that as a yes. Meyrin do you have any say on this?"

Athrun immediately turned to Meyrin whom he almost forgot she was here.

Meyrin sighed sadly at the acknowledgement.

"Yes…Athrun how could you?"

"Meyrin, look I"—

Unfortunately for Athrun it was Interrupt-Athrun-Zala-day.

"You kept secrets from me and isn't relationships based on trusts and security? The thing is Athrun…you couldn't trust me. You lied to me. You never loved me, our relationship was nothing but an empty lie."

Streaks of tears came down from Meyrin's wet eyes.

"You even told me you never bring girls to meet your family…"

"I never did!"

Meyrin motioned her head to Cagalli. "What about her?"

Athrun was almost speechless. "You saw that gallery?"

Meyrin nodded. "Why did Cagalli get to meet your parents while I didn't?"

"Cagalli…" Athrun started, as he gazed at the blonde girl's eyes behind Meyrin and who was seated down.

"Cagalli…was different." He finally let out.

"How so?" Meyrin asked in almost an audible whisper.

Athrun closed his eyes and unclenched his fists that were on his sides.

"Because I love her."

Gasps and hollers were the immediate reaction from the audience and probably from the people who were watching at home.

"Thank you for being honest, Athrun." Meyrin said with no bitterness.

She turned to Fllay with a belittling look.

"Here's your show, Fllay. My boyfriend belongs with his ex…and there's nothing I can do but let them be."

She walked briskly off the set after purposely bumping on Fllay's shoulder, so hard that Fllay stumbled.

She slumped in her car seat with a box of Kleenex by the passenger's seat for easy reach. Pearly tears glided down her cheeks and her lips twitched and twitched downwards. Her hands loosely held the steering wheel.

Her car was parked in an empty parking lot by the city park. The view in front of her was the mirror smooth lake with geese flying over it.

She had been crying for half an hour now.

She could feel her heart like it was breaking to pieces over and over again…

For the next few days, Meyrin stayed and sulked quietly at home.

Pigging on ice cream and watching rerun episodes of Friends. She was still not feeling good about herself.

She erased Fllay, Cagalli and Athrun's contact numbers, turned off her cell and disconnected her phone.

She needed to get away from the world for a while.

Meyrin sat lazily in her easy chair with a bucket of ice cream and the TV in front of her.

Currently it was an infomercial about carrots when the doorbell rang and Meyrin had a feeling who it was.

"Coming." She said.

Slowly, she opened the door and wasn't entirely shock to see who it was.

"Hello…Athrun and Cagalli…"

The said people were standing there by her doorway, wearing nice clothes and holding hands and Meyrin noticed they were wearing identical rings.

"Hello, Meyrin." Cagalli greeted with a smile. She nudged Athrun in the ribs.

Athrun grunted and then cleared his throat.

"Meyrin, I'm here to apologize."

"It's no biggie, Athrun"—

"And I'd like to thank you." Meyrin blinked.

Athrun snaked an arm around Cagalli. "Thank you for bringing us back together."

Meyrin smiled, a genuine one without regrets or bitterness, it was just a smile, a happy smile that showed she care.

"So any great news you got?" Meyrin asked.

Cagalli nodded. "Athrun and I are engaged. We plan to marry as soon as possible, I'd like you to be my maid of honor if that's fine with you."

Meyrin beamed. "Of course! Anything for you after what I did."

"Let's not bring the past back. After all the past is the past and it can never be changed." Athrun said.

"Yes, but just make sure you arranged the past properly." Meyrin pointed out.

Athrun shrugged. "Damn right. We each have a share of the blame."

"But nothing we can't repair…friends?" Meyrin offered her hand to Athrun and he gladly took it.


"So…" Meyrin started after their hands parted. "What have you two have been doing lately aside from inside the bedroom?"

Both couple blushed simultaneously. Meyrin giggled at their red faces.

"I have a surprise for you, Meyrin." Cagalli changed the subject.

The blonde handed the redhead an envelope.

"What's this?"

"Open it and find out."

She did and Meyrin shrieked when she saw what it was inside.

"A ticket to Oxford!"

"I also sent my recommendations to that Media Network you wanted to work, Sun Station right?"

Meyrin nodded excitedly. "How can I ever repay you?"

Athrun chuckled. "Just be there at our wedding." Athrun answered. He and Cagalli looked at each other lovingly. Meyrin watched and realized something.

All of this was meant to happen and was she glad it did.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." The minister said.

Athrun removed the silky veil that covered Cagalli's face and placed it over her head.

He brushed his thumb on her lower lip before he leaned down and kissed her.

They were finally married and in a pretty suite hotel by the beach. They were married at sunset by the ocean. The guests sat in benches that could support in the sand.

Cagalli wore a beautiful simple and elegant white dress and Athrun looked smart and handsome in his white tux that had a unique design, Stellar Louisser did both attires.

It seemed like forever when the two finally let go…but it was only for air because shortly after they parted…they kissed once more in a long deep languid lock.

Meyrin took a glance at someone else's watch to see how long they'd stay like that.

"Meyrin?" The owner of the said watch uttered in disbelief.

Meyrin looked up to see it was Shinn Asuka…her other ex-boyfriend!

"Shinn? What are you doing here?"

Shinn smiled. "I'm Cagalli's lawyer." Meyrin then remembered Shinn took up law after AB English.

"Oh, well that's great." Meyrin remarked.

"Looks like those two won't be done for a while." Shinn thumbed over Athrun and Cagalli who were still not yet done kissing and the minister was ready to throw the bible at them because it would seem they would take the honeymoon here and now.

"What have you been doing?" Shinn asked.

"I'm a broadcaster at Sun Station." Meyrin replied. Shinn kept on smiling.

"That's great, I knew you'd be successful."

"So do you have a significant other, Mr. Asuka?"

Much to Meyrin's surprise, Shinn shook his head. "Been busy to keep up a relationship, you?"

"I'm on the market, not sure if it's a good thing."

She was mildly surprise when Shinn held her hand. "I'd say it is."

She gazed into those ruby eyes that shone brilliantly in the orange glow of the sunset.

"Are you busy tomorrow?"

"Depends," Meyrin smirked "Do you have an ex-girlfriend?"

Shinn grinned. "You were the last girlfriend I had."


"A couple but they weren't serious. Hey! Shouldn't we save this stuff on conversations in a date?"

"Are you asking me out?"

"Well…why not?"

"That's pretty forward of you."

"I'm making a brand new influence on people that involves being forward."

Meyrin lit up to a wider smile. "In that case, I'll see you tomorrow then." Shinn was glad to hear that.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to see you again."

Their eyes locked together like the lips of Athrun and Cagalli. A gentle breeze blew in and the sun finally set leaving the moon to shine like a pearl in the night sky amidst the stars. Everything happens for a reason, in which, Meyrin learns and shares that the end of a relationship only leads to a new direction in life.

They indulged the rest of the night in the reception inside the hotel and had a grand time.

Meyrin caught the bouquet and Shinn caught the bride's garter.

And how exactly did they stop the kissing of Athrun and Cagalli? Let's just say the minister lost it.

>>>The End

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