Chapter 8

Hermione gasped.

"What's a Draconian Katra?" asked Harry.

"Soul magic," said Hermione. "I've read about those."

"What's it do?" asked Harry.

"It's Dark Magic," said Hermione. "I've only seen descriptions of what it can do, never any for how to do it."

"Once again, we are moving into the territory of intent," said Willow. "Switching souls, against their owners' wishes: Dark. Switching them back: Light. Nothing is happening here, unless you and Xander both agree to it."

"Will this work?" asked Harry.

"No reason it shouldn't," said Willow. "I've done this before."

"You have?" asked Remus.

"A friend of mine had her soul switched with…someone else, once before," said Willow. "I switched them back."

"So, what do we do?" asked Harry.

"You and Xander touch the Katra at the same time," said Willow, "and your souls swap. "You become him, and he becomes you."

"That's all there is to it?" asked Harry.

"Yep," said Willow.

Harry looked at Harris, who had seemed to be remarkably calm, and unengaged through this whole discussion. "You're okay with this?" he asked.

"If my Willow says it'll work, it'll work," said Harris, "and I've already seen this one work before." He reached out and picked up the glowing marble. He cradled it in the palm of his hand, reaching out across the table to him.

Harry considered his options for a few seconds. He looked at Ginny, Hermione, and Remus, to see if they were feeling any misgivings abou this. While Ginny looked worried, she gave him a nod to indicate that she thought he should do it. Hermione had the look that she got when she'd found something new and interesting to study. Remus was looking like he thought Harry should proceed with caution, and gave him a nod similar to Ginny's. He took a deep breath, reached out his hand, and placed it in Harris's. He felt a burning as their palms connected, and the world spun around him.

When his vision cleared, he found himself looking at…Xander Harris, wearing an eye patch. He looked around and saw that he was on the other side of the table, with Dawn Summers, and Willow, and Mr. Giles. His wife and friends were looking across the table at him.

"Wow! Head rush!" said Harris, who was now beside his wife at the table.

Ginny looked uncertainly back and forth between him and Harris. "Harry?" she asked.

"That would be him," said Harris, pointing at him, at the same time Harry said "I'm here."

"Um…maybe we should switch places," said Harris.

"Good idea," said Willow. Harry and Harris quickly moved around the table to rejoin their friends.

Harry gave Ginny a quick kiss, and noticed that Harris was doing the same thing with his girlfriend. "Good to have you back," said Ginny.

"Well, it seems that we're done here," said Willow, "unless someone has something else?"

"Well, there is one thing," said Hermione.

Harris had stopped kissing his girlfriend. "What?"

Harry grimaced. "I got a rather nasty letter from Gringotts' this morning. It seems that they've discovered that I'm not the real Harry Potter."

"That's the bank with the goblins, right?" asked Harris.

"Yeah," said Harry, "and they can get really nasty if they think that you owe them money." ("Tell me about it," mumbled Willow, and Harry wondered what that was about.) "I inherited quite a bit of money from my—your—parents, only now it's not mine anymore. They want me to repay everything I've withdrawn from the Potter vault over the years…with interest."

"Hey, man, I don't want your money," said Harris.

"That's just it," said Harry. "It's not *my* money. It's yours. There's magic ensuring that it goes to the right person. The magic was fooled, for a time, but now that people know what happened, the magic is going to make sure that the the money goes back to who it should have."

"What if I just gave it all back to you?" asked Harris.

"You don't have to do that," said Harry. "You won't be leaving me destitute, or anywhere close to it. I haven't really touched my inheritance since I left school. My salary pays for all my needs, plus I own one quarter of one of the most lucrative Wizarding businesses there is, and Ginny owns another quarter of it, and I also inherited the Black family fortune, and while the Potters were well off, the Blacks were *rich!*"

"But won't you lose that inheritance too?" asked Willow.

"We checked," said Hermione. "Since it was Sirius Black who made the switch, and it was through his will—made while the switch was active, so that the magical identification of Harry in the will, points to *our* Harry—that Harry inherited, he still gets to keep that."

"Um… How much money are we talking about?" asked Dawn.

"I've got the latest account statement here," said Harry, pulling a scroll from inside his jacket. He handed it across the table to Harris.

Harris unrolled the scroll, and scanned down it. "Uh… Nine-hundred and eighty-six thousand, three hundred and sixty-seven Galleons, fourteen Sickles, and five Knuts," he read slowly.

"Yep, and once I repay what I've withdrawn from that account, plus interest, it will be a touch over one million," said Harry.

"One million Galleons," said Harris. "What's that in dollars?"

"About eight million," said Willow.

Harris fainted.

A dozen people seemed to materialize out of thin air. Neville, Ron, Tonks, Dean, Fred and George all Apparated to within a few yards of the table, with a series of *cracks* that sounded like a string of Muggle firecrackers going off. They all had their wands drawn. A half dozen young women—Harry's age, or younger—arrived only a few seconds later. They were armed with an assortment of edged weapons: swords, knives, and in one case, what Harry first took for a short, stout, wand, but the way she held it made him think that she was planning to stab someone with it, not cast any spells.

Willow threw up her hands, and suddenly all the weapons, and all the wands, were floating in the air high above their owners. "Whoa!" she said. "Everybody calm down! We're all friends here!"

"So, why is Xander—that is Xander now, isn't it? I saw you do the swap—on the ground?" asked a short blonde.

"It's okay, Buffy," said Dawn. Harry wondered what sort of name 'Buffy' was; it was almost as silly as some of the names wizards gave their kids. "Xander just got a bit of a shock." She knelt on the ground next to him, and gently patted his face.

"Yeah, everything's alright," said Harry, to his friends.

"Harry?" asked Tonks, sounding, and looking, like a little old woman.

Harry sighed. "Advance Guard, you packed my trunk, 'Constant Vigilance.'"

"Okay," said Tonks. "Wotcher, everyone."

Dawn and Willow looked puzzled. "No, he's the Watcher." They pointed at Mr. Giles.

"No," said Giles. "It's a greeting. Means 'What cheer'."


"Watcher?" asked Hermione. "The Council! You're with the Council of Watchers!" She looked around at all the young women who had appeared around them. "Is one of you the Slayer?" she asked breathlessly.